Curriculum-Based Magic Programs for Schools

Choose from 8 unique magic show assemblies

Your school can enjoy one of our exciting assemblies just by using our Big Event Magic Show prize program to motivate your students to participate in your brochure fundraiser.

Our programs use magic and comedy to support and enhance the educational message. The primary goal is to provide unique solutions by incorporating active learning and student involvement.

We incorporate topic-relevant illusions into our unique curriculum-based magic programs. Our assemblies are carefully designed to be both entertaining and informative. All programs meet national educational standards.

Select a theme for your school assembly:

1. Character Counts

Character Counts incorporates six techniques that teach children the importance of developing good character.

2. Fantastic Friends

Fantastic Friends is a bully and gang prevention pep talk. This program is intended for students faced with the difficult decision of selecting appropriate friendships.

3. I Love to Read

I Love to Read teaches students that reading can be fun and that adventures are waiting for them within the pages of a book.

4. Internet Safety

Internet Safety uses comedy and magic to explain some of the dangers lurking on the internet.

5. Just Say No

Just Say No teaches children how to say no and that they have the right set appropriate boundaries.

6. Magic of Recycling

Magic of Recycling illustrates the importance of recycling and how everyone can make a difference to save our environment.

7. State Test Magic Pep Talk

State Test Magic Pep Talk uses comedy and magic to teach children valuable exam taking skills and how to be confident when taking tests.

8. Yes I Can

Yes I Can teaches students how to properly set and follow through with their goals, believe in and respect themselves as well as others.

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