Cheerleading Fundraisers

Cheerleading Fundraisers

Enhance your cheerleader fundraiser

Our cheerleading fundraisers offer easy to sell products and motivational tailor-made incentives that help squads raise the most amount of money possible.

Make Up to 90% profit. Set your cheerleader squad apart by offering your community a fundraising product that will generate lots of sales opportunities.

Suggested Products

Suggested Prize Programs

Cheerleader Fundraising Ideas

Cheerleading fundraisers can be an exceptionally fun experience, because they can be as competitive as the sport itself. It starts with a simple product to sell that will appeal to their friends, teachers, and parents like gourmet popcorn, candy or cookies. For students and team members, the real excitement comes with the incentives like cash and clothing prizes.

Unique Cheerleading Cash Incentive Plans

The first prize incentive is cash. Some people give it out for good grades, some people give it out for donations. For your fundraiser, you’ll be giving it out to the cheerleaders who sell items to support your team. And, the more they sell, the more they’ll earn!

There are two options for prize money, neither of which come out of the team’s overall profit on the products: Cash Master and Master Blaster. These cash incentive programs are tiered, meaning more sales help students access higher reward levels. You can decide to reward them directly, or apply the additional cash earnings towards their individual accounts.

Generally, ‘Master Blaster’ yields a slightly lower profit with higher cash prizes, and ‘Cash Master’ offers a higher profit with smaller cash prizes. So, a sponsor looking to motivate students to sell more might choose the Master Blaster to offer higher incentives.

Alternatively, Cash Master is a great fit for those more focused on profit. Each also has a fun feature called the “early bird special” which grants an extra $25 to the highest seller after the first day of fundraising! This helps get your sale off to a fast start. Your students will love incentives like these that can put cash in their pocket, and in their team’s budget. Learn the financial commitment of the typical high school cheerleader

Cheerleading Sportswear Incentives

The second incentive is clothing. Offer various options, from hats to sweatshirts, that can be customized to your group’s name, logo, and colors. Each also features a reward structure similar to the cash incentives. ‘Wear Your Spirit 15’, for example, gives students the chance to win prizes by selling fewer items. This usually means a lower fundraising profit, but it makes prizes more accessible. This has a tendency to encourage more selling.

‘Wear Your Spirit 20’ will require students to sell more to reach prize levels while yielding a higher profit. Not only are these prizes great bragging rights, they can later be taken to competitions to show your squad's team spirit and unity.

Creative Cheerleader Fundraising

A fun way to promote your fundraiser is to partner with other school teams and create some healthy competition. These products aren’t limited to just cheerleaders, they can be applied to any sports team. Ask your cheerleaders to encourage more sales for other teams to get everyone into the school spirit.

You can reveal the results at an annual homecoming week powder-puff football game, or hold a school-wide tournament bracket to funnel money into your overall sports program funding so that all students can get involved.

The fastest way to accomplish these goals is with sales driven at the games themselves. Offer $1 candy bars and pretzel rods that can be sold and consumed on the spot at games and events. People love goodies like these at the concession stand, and they’ll appreciate something individually wrapped.

Products like cookie dough, Cinnabon desserts, and coupon cards have to be thought out beforehand, but are fundraising classics that can raise major money for your cheerleading squad. Consider your audience, timeline and goals when choosing the perfect product.