Smencils Fundraiser

Smencils Fundraiser

A Fundraiser that makes scents

Our smencils fundraiser products feature a variety of scented pencils and pens made from 100% recycled newspaper and plastic.

2 year scent guarantee. All smencil products come inside their own recyclable freshness tube. Help the environment as you reach your school fundraiser goal.

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How Does a Smencils Fundraiser Work?

Let’s get right to the point, Smencils and Smens make great school fundraisers. They’re fun to sell, and students love the scents.

With so many themes, it’s easy to see why schools sell them around Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. Smencils make the perfect non-candy fundraiser.

First, choose a product to sell. Then use our ‘Calculate Your Profit’ webtool to help you determine the number of cases to order

Once you submit our purchase order form we’ll ship you your Smencils free of charge. You’ll then have 15 days from the date of delivery to pay your invoice and keep the rest as profit.

And speaking of profit, you can make up to 45%.

What Makes Our Smencil Fundraising Programs Better?

  • Best Sellers. We offer the top 12 selling Smencils and Smens in fundraising.
  • Larger Selection. Each product comes with a huge variety of scents.
  • Free Shipping. We deliver all orders at no charge.
  • Low Minimums. Low 1 case minimum order.
  • No Cost to Start. Start a Smencil fundraiser for free.

Questions About Smencil Fundraisers

  1. What is a Smencil?

    A Smencil is a scented pencil made from environmentally-friendly materials.

  2. How much do Smencils cost?

    Smencils sell for $1.00 each ship by the case. Each case contains a certain number of inner buckets.

  3. Is a Smencil a No.2?

    Yes, each Smencil is a No.2 graphite pencil.

  4. How long do Smencils last?

    Scents are guaranteed to last for 2 years. Every Smencil comes inside its own recyclable plastic freshness tube.

  5. How are Smencils made?

    Smencils are made from 100% recycled newspaper and plastic.

  6. How do Smencils get their smell?

    They are soaked with gourmet liquid scents.

  7. Are Smencils toxic?

    The scents are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and are generally regarded as safe. But, the manufacturer does not claim they are 100% harmless.

  8. What’s the difference between a Smencil and a Smen?

    Both are made with recycled newspaper and plastic. A Smencil is considered a scented pencil and a Smen is a scented clickable pen.

Smencil Fundraising Suggestions & Tips

  • Plan to sell around a specific theme, or before a holiday like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or at Halloween.
  • Remind your sellers to only approach family and friends.
  • Make sure no other competing group is selling smencils at the same time.
  • Establish an end date for your fundraiser and remind your sellers how much time they have left.
  • Use a tracking sheet to keep track of how many smencils have been distributed to each student to sell.


Smencil Fundraiser Programs

Smencil fundraisers are one of the most unique products on the market today. They are exactly what they sound like - pencils that smell.

Each one is a unique scent, ranging from grape soda to bubble gum, grape jelly to black cherry… the list goes on! They’ve also recently branched out to include other options like glitter gel grip smens. Smens are pens that—you guessed it –smell.

History of Smencil Products

Smencils got their start in Vancouver. The company brainstormed to produce an eco-friendly alternative to the average pencil. The result was smencils. Scented pencils are made from sheets of recycled and rolled newspaper.

Not only are they eco-friendly, but they’re also lead free. And they’re number 2 pencils, which are important for every student. This makes them ideal school fundraiser items.

Since 2001, the company has partnered with schools to host smencils fundraiser campaigns. This helps generate the money to supply students with needed essentials.

Smencil Fundraiser Ideas

Smencils fundraisers have quickly become one of the more exciting options for kids. There are an array of creative ways students can interact with them. For example, smencils are great for coloring books. The scents might even apply to the things they’re filling in, like apples or candy.

They also are a creative way of personalizing cards for someone. One idea is to organize an event where kids use their smencils to create cards for patients in hospitals.

A fun activity for parents to do with their kids is to create a coloring book! Try creating the pages with the tri-color smens and then fill them in with various smencils.

Consider supplying everyone who buys a smencil with a sheet of paper or a blank card to get started. Complimentary ideas like these are great ways to maximize your smencil fundraiser.

Smencils Fundraising Options

One case of smencils holds 500 individual units. This means $225 in profits. Keep in mind, kids will likely want to buy several because of the vast assortment of designs and scents.

If it’s the holidays, they also come in a peppermint scent! Smencils are perfect for holiday cards paired with mint candies or chocolates.

You might also choose smens. They come in tri-color, glitter and neon gel. Our favorite scent is hot cocoa, but kids are likely to prefer blueberry. Try suggesting scent combos to up-sell!

Consider marketing smens to adults. They can be used for things like grocery lists, lunchbox notes to kids, or even at the office. Sold at the suggested selling price of $2, a case of smens will profit you $288.

Each smencil and smen comes individually packaged in a vented tube to give you a preview of the smell. This makes them the perfect stocking stuffer or gift bag goodie.