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Return Policy

We do not accept returns or exchanges, so all orders are final. However, we will correct any item that has been damaged during shipment, is missing from the order, or has wrongly been sent in place of the correct item.

Missing items show up on your reports but have not been sent. If an order cannot be found in the report, we never receive it.

If an item has been backordered, it will be sent out once it’s in stock. If you receive a substituted item, the original item is no longer available, so we’ve replaced it with a comparable item of equal or greater value.

If a buyer orders the wrong item by mistake, we will not be responsible for replacing it. They are welcome to order the correct item online as long as it’s available and pay to have the order shipped directly to them.

Please do not send back any product. Instead, follow these procedures:

Direct Sale Products

For products ordered upfront to be sold directly to consumers:

Damaged Product

To replace an item that is damaged or defective, we need the following information:

  1. Note what has occurred on your delivery paperwork.
  2. Take pictures of the damaged or defective product.
  3. Contact us within two business days of your delivery date and attach a copy of your paperwork and pictures.
  4. We will then notify you of your replacement product shipment.

Missing Product

All customers receive a delivery notice informing them how many boxes have been shipped. If any boxes are missing from your order, contact us within two business days of delivery.

Brochure Products

Depending on the brochure, you will receive a “Short & Damaged” order form by email before your delivery. Each seller will receive an instructions sheet inside their box directing them to call a toll-free customer service number.

If you receive a form by email, it must be returned within 15 business days from your delivery date. Only one submission is allowed per group.

Big Fundraising Ideas is not responsible for any product not stored properly.

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