Candy Fundraisers

Candy Fundraising

Candy fundraising that’s simply delicious

Candy fundraisers for schools are tasty and affordable. From our top selling Yummy Lix lollipops to our mouth-watering pretzel rods, our candy products are easy to sell.

Candy bar fundraising that's peanut-free. We offer 3 convenient payment options with a low 1 case minimum order and free shipping.

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How Does a Candy Fundraiser Work?

In the United States, confectionary sales totaled nearly $34.9 billion in 2015, and are expected to reach $38.1 billion by 2020. It’s no wonder that selling candy is the most popular choice as a school fundraiser.

We predominately offer candy products that you can order first and then sell. We don’t require any upfront payment, but you’ll need to send us a purchase order. Once you receive your candy you’ll then have 15 days to pay your bill. This will give you the time you need to make sales and collect the money.

You can also sell candy by having your students collect orders and money first by showing people a brochure. After your sale is over, you would need to send us the order forms for processing. You’ll then receive a sales report and invoice. We would work with you to schedule a delivery date for your order.

With a brochure sale, we’ll send you brochures, order forms and money collection envelopes before your kickoff date free of charge.

What Makes Our Candy Fundraising Products Better?

  • Top Quality – We guarantee 100% product satisfaction. If one of your customers doesn’t want a product we’ll refund your money.
  • Larger Selection – We offer 12 brands of lollipops, 7 candy & chocolate bar products, 3 pretzel rod varieties, and lots of delicious flavors. We also carry Jelly Belly® and boxed chocolates.
  • More Profit – Up to 58% profit.
  • Online Store – If selling Jelly Bellies or boxed chocolate, you can raise even more money online.
  • Free Shipping – We don’t charge for shipping. If selling out of a brochure, we offer low minimum requirements.
  • Best Customer Service – If you have a question, we respond back quickly. Our main goal is your satisfaction.
  • No Cost to Start – Start a candy fundraiser today for free.

Questions About Candy Fundraisers

  1. What are the best candy fundraisers for schools? Candy bars are definitely the most popular, but pretzel rods are unique and gaining in popularity.
  2. What are some easy candy products to sell? The best way to raise money quickly is to offer a product that you know will sell well in your area. Most candy products are affordable.
  3. How many candies come in a case? It depends on the type of candy. Lollipops contain 640 units, while $1 pretzel rods and candy bars have 240 each respectively.
  4. What is your lowest priced candy? Lollipops sell for 50¢ each.
  5. What is the least amount of candy we can order? There is a 1 case minimum order.
  6. What candies are gluten free? Our lollipops, jelly beans and candy bars contain no gluten. Our pretzel rods contain wheat so they are not gluten free.
  7. What candy is allergen free? Our lollipops are 100% allergen free. They have no dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish, shellfish or soy.
  8. Do candy bars have peanuts? All of our candy bars are peanut-free except our Hershey's Milk Chocolate with Almonds bar.

Candy Fundraising Ideas & Tips

  • Use our ‘Calculate Your Profit’ tool to tell you how many cases to order based on your group size and how much you want each student to sell.
  • Meet with your sellers at the beginning of your sale to explain the process and discuss sales goals.
  • Remind students to only approach people that they know.
  • Be sure your students tell people what organization they represent and why they’re selling.
  • Tell your students to set a reasonable daily sales goal.
  • Regardless of the outcome, students should always thank people for their time.
  • Reserve your fundraiser early to ensure that no other competing groups are selling a similar product at the same time.

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Candy Fundraising

Candy fundraisers are about as American as it gets. They’re simple, easy, and efficient and will definitely help you reach your financial goal if executed properly. A few things to keep in mind if you’ve decided on a candy sale: mind your audience, pair it with the right seasons and holidays, and keep it easy and affordable.

The Right Audience for Candy

Audience is the easiest part of a candy sales campaign: kids! Kids have always been and will always remain the biggest consumers of candy. This makes selling candy ideal for younger grades, like elementary school.

Try marketing it during an after school program when kids have split up to work on homework or play outside. Students will be eager to purchase a treat as a personal reward at the end of the day…and a little sugar can help them stay focused to get their homework done.

Our $1 fundraiser candy bars are perfect for kids in need of an after school pick-me-up. Even if your audience is primarily older students, they’ll still want to buy candy. For middle or high schools that have earlier start times, consider selling your candy in the morning before school so everyone can plan ahead with a snack for between classes.

Seasons for a Candy Sale

Holidays are prime-time for candy sales. Americans spend $2 billion annually on Halloween candy and $1.9 billion on Easter, so try to orbit your fundraisers around big holidays like these when people are already planning on consuming more candy anyways.

When customers purchase candy from a student, they can conveniently make their purchases without contending with the craziness of stores. They’ll also feel good, because their purchase will be supporting education.

Our candy programs offer an assortment of options to suit multiple holidays, like heart shaped lollipops for Valentine’s Day or the Yummy Star lollipops around the 4th of July.

Candy Fundraising Ideas and Benefits

The best part about candy is the affordability and simplicity. Aim to fundraise during a time of day when money is accessible to kids, whether it’s around lunchtime or after school when they can borrow from a parent. In fact, after school sales might just tempt parents to buy a little sweet treat for themselves.

Another good idea for a candy sale is during carnivals or book fairs, when kids may have brought money with them to participate in the activities. Notices are key for events like these! You’ll want parents to remember to send a few extra dollars with their kids.

Candy fundraisers are also very volume-friendly. It’s likely that students will buy multiple pieces, given the low price-point and high appeal. On the backend, accounting for items and payment is easy with 50¢ or $1 candy options. Candy sales are the classic and convenient idea to reach your goals.

Some presale candy can be paired with an outstanding price program that rewards students in the form of cash, clothes or toys and gadgets. Selling candy is even sweeter when students see exciting prizes in their future.