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Flowers Online offers a large selection of beautiful eco-friendly flower bulbs and plants. Avoid person to person fundraisers and have your students sell online instead.

Remove the hassle of dealing with school deliveries. We deliver orders direct to the customer. Virtual fundraising opens up sales opportunities across the entire country.

7 Online Flower Fundraising Advantages

The goal is to get students to invite friends and family to your store using email, social media, and text. Your group profits when people buy from your personalized web store.

How It Works

Raising money has never been easier. There's no cost to start so book your online flower fundraiser today.

Incentivize Your Group

Brochure Fundraising

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Product Details

Profit: 50%
Average Price: $14
Delivery: Items deliver direct to the buyer with a flat $6 shipping charge on any size order. No minimum order requirements for the organization.

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