Candy Bar Fundraiser

Candy Bar Fundraiser

Candy bar fundraiser products that make a sweet profit

Our gourmet candy bar fundraiser comes in rich and delicious flavors like Creamy Caramel, Milk Chocolate Almond and Crispy Rice.

Most of our candy bars are 100% peanut & gluten-free. Unite with schools everywhere and create your own ‘Peanut Free Zone’.

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Candy Bar Fundraiser Information

What’s a quintessential sales campaign? A candy bar fundraiser! Sometimes they’re on playgrounds, sometimes they’re outside of libraries. Most often, if you’re an adult, they’re in your secret stash. If candy bars feel like they’re everywhere to you, it’s because they are!

 Why Choose Candy Bars?

Consumption of chocolate has been linked to elevated mood as well as lower cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of cardiovascular and stress-related diseases. Worldwide, candy bars generate 101 billion USD. In the USA alone, they account for nearly $23 billion in revenue. And just like a post-Halloween sale aisle, our candy bar products are sure to generate some revenue for your school. These are some of the easiest fundraisers to execute, and they can be carried out right inside the walls of your school.

Fundraising Benefits

Variety and appeal are two of the biggest benefits to candy bar fundraising. We offer everything from dark chocolate and milk chocolate to caramel and almond chocolate, ensuring that everyone can get their sweet, smooth, crunchy fix. The breadth of options means you can potentially have repeat customers trying different flavors, while leveraging the sales benefit of choice.

Three of our candy bar fundraiser lines advertise each chocolate bar as one dollar, which is not only inexpensive, but also very convenient for both the buyer and seller. Keeping track of only single dollar bills makes it much easier to match inventory level with profits. This also makes the fundraiser more appealing to a larger audience, as younger students are more likely to have some quarters on them than a few dollars. They’re also more likely to be able to borrow one dollar from someone than, say, five. Dealing in small bills and having a portable product means you can sell these virtually anywhere!

One of the best selling points is that our candy bars are peanut-free—meaning, they run no chance of having come into contact with peanuts or peanut byproducts. In other words, you won’t risk health restrictions on campus or during school sponsored events, and every kid can enjoy a chocolate bar, unless of course they’re allergic to chocolate. Teachers will be delighted that they don’t have to worry about allergy accidents in the classroom, though they might wish there was a little less sugar. Learn 9 tips that can increase fundraising sales

Creative Candy Bar Fundraiser Ideas

To compliment the concept of dollar chocolate bars, our “America’s Variety Candy Bars” option has candy bars that resemble a dollar bill. This makes the message a little clearer, and visually communicates the idea of how affordable each candy bar is. A fun way to sell these would be in bulk to a teacher who is doing a lesson on currency and counting money, and may want to make the activity a little more exciting than simply generic fake-money.

All orders come with complimentary free-shipping, meaning if you ordered too little then you can absolutely order more. Better safe to start with a manageable amount and increase as the demand increases…which tends to happen when chocolate is involved. One case of 240 bars will profit you about $96, but you can profit upwards of $120 with the purchase of 50 or more cases.