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Traditional Prize Programs

School Fundraiser Traditional Prize Programs
Traditional Prize Programs
Traditional Prize Program Ideas

Offer a Prize to Every Seller

Students will win the latest and greatest in prizes, toys, and games when they sell out of their brochure.

All prizes are free. Our traditional prize programs are also hassle-free because prizes come prepacked by seller.

Great pick-a-prize program for middle school and high school students. 40 total prizes.
Win up to 11 prizes, like a $50 Amazon card and a Karaoke Machine with 15" Touch Screen.
Win up to 10 prizes, like a Giant Inflatable Human Wheel, 6.5 ft. Air Dome, and a 50" TV.
Sellers win up to 11 prizes, like an LED Drone, Smart Watch, and a Wireless LED Speaker Buddy.

Inspire your participants to raise more money for your…