Sports Fundraising Ideas

Sports Fundraising Ideas

Top sports fundraising ideas

Our unique sports fundraisers will help your team achieve its goals. Get your players excited about raising money.

Exclusive incentives. Boost profits with our ‘Cash Master’ or ‘Wear Your Spirit’ custom sportswear program. Our prize programs are free.

Suggested Products

Suggested Prize Programs

How Do Sports Fundraisers Work?

11 million students nationwide take part in interscholastic sports. But with a lack of funding, many districts have to deal with the dilemma of cutting athletic programs.

High school coaches and booster clubs alike depend on sports fundraising ideas. They use the money to pay for things like travel expenses and equipment.

Product sales are the #1 fundraising source for schools. Roughly 80% of the money raised comes from selling items like wrapping paper and cookie dough. It’s safe to say that product fundraisers work.

We offer 2 ways that sports groups can raise money selling products. They can take orders from a brochure, or order a product and sell it.

If you choose to take orders, each student receives a brochure, order form and money envelope. Once your sale is over, send us the order forms and we’ll process, pack, and ship you your merchandise. You’ll also receive a sales report and invoice.

Selling a product directly to your customers involves submitting a purchase order. Once your product delivers you’ll have 15 days to pay your invoice. This will give you time to collect the money.

What Makes Our Sports Team Fundraisers Better?

  • Higher Quality. We offer a 100% product satisfaction guarantee. This speaks to the desirability of our merchandise.
  • More Selection. You’ll find the perfect product to sell for your sports team. Choose from over 100 unique items.
  • Motivational Incentives. We specialize in motivating sports groups. Bring in more sales with personalized sportswear, cash, or traditional prizes. Our prizes are free and won’t come out of your profit.
  • Online Selling. Create a second revenue stream. Add our online store to your brochure fundraiser. Only want to sell virtually? Learn about sports team fundraising online.
  • Free Shipping. All direct sale products ship at no charge. If selling out of a brochure, we offer free shipping with low order requirements.
  • Start Selling for Free. You only pay after you’ve collected your money.

Questions About Sports Fundraisers

  1. What are some good youth sports fundraising ideas?

    Try a discount card fundraiser. You can promote your youth sports league while saving people money. Consider offering 5 cards at signup and including the cost in the registration fee. Then parents can sell the cards on their own and make back the money.

  2. How do sports teams raise money?

    Many groups sell customized products with their school’s name, colors, and logo. This helps promote school pride and unity.

  3. What are good fundraisers for school sports teams?

    Consider selling scratch cards where your group makes up to 90% profit. Other popular choices include cookie dough and popcorn.

  4. What are some easy fundraising ideas for sports groups?

    Consider products that are easy for students to sell to each other. Lollipops, beef jerky and candy bars are big sellers. Pricing starts at 50¢ each.

  5. How do we get more high school athletes to fundraise?

    Consider offering extra incentives where players can earn special privileges for selling. One idea is no running after practice if they reach a certain goal for that day.

Sports Fundraising Ideas & Tips

  • Use our ‘Calculate Your Profit’ tool to determine how much each player needs to sell and your order size.
  • Schedule a kickoff meeting to explain the process and your sales expectations.
  • Set a start and end date and remind your students daily to sell.
  • Tell your athletes that all checks are payable to your organization.
  • Keep fundraising safe. Remind your group to only talk to family, friends, and neighbors.


Sports Team Fundraisers for Schools

Teams are all about spirit and unity! The fun part about sports fundraising is that many of our products are 100% customizable to your team. We have products and prizes that can show team support and help your players reach their sales goals.

From school tumblers to sportswear prizes, your fundraiser will be a home-run!

Motivating Sports Teams to Sell

Fundraisers for sports groups are all about team spirit. And that starts with getting players and sellers excited for the cause. Usually this isn’t difficult. Your goal might be a district championship or even a state title, which is the ultimate quest.

This common goal shifts the focus toward accountability of your hard-earned quest. Whatever the reason, excitement over a shared cause creates a sense of unity. This is the recipe for a strong sale. See 10 reasons why high school sports benefits students

Fundraising Ideas for Teams

Speaking of recipes, food fundraisers are an easy sell at school sporting events. Try walking the stands with Popcornopolis. Or hit them up near the water fountains with the Premier Cookie Collection. Talk with the school about setting up a concession stand and selling during games.

For the parents and teachers at the game, try selling beef & cheese sticks. It's healthier and can keep them satisfied into the last inning or final quarter. Another great idea for a snack is to plan ahead for traveling games. Options like beef sticks or turkey & cheese will energize your team after a long bus ride. Encourage everyone to stock up on treats like these during the fundraiser.

Customizable Products

Customized school tumblers are easy-sellers to teachers and parents affiliated with your team. Or anyone who's simply supportive of the school’s sports program. Who doesn’t want to show a little school pride?

With your school’s colors and logo printed on the side, you’ll grab attention wherever you take it. Athletes will feel the support from seeing these items throughout the school. They’ll thrive with the encouragement.

Finally, discount card fundraisers are another fun way to customize your sale. You can select local businesses and restaurants that you think people will enjoy. Families and athletes can celebrate at a local restaurant after their big win!

Sports Team Prizes

With sports team fundraising there's a lot of incentive. You want to raise the money so you can hit your goals. If this wasn't enough, we also have prize programs to inspire your athletes to leave it all on the field. Cash or custom sportswear are exceptional prizes to give your sale that extra boost.

Athletes will appreciate the chance to earn sport gear that represents their team. Or perhaps earning some spending money for the trip to the big game.