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Why Youth Sports Teams do Discount Card Fundraisers

By Clay Boggess on Feb 11, 2014
Why Youth Sports Teams do Discount Card Fundraisers

How you sports leagues leverage discount cards

Youth sports leagues have certain limitations that can make discount card fundraisers an ideal choice. Unlike schools that have a place to store merchandise, sports groups don’t often have this luxury. Since discount cards don’t take up space, this eliminates that concern.

Many leagues have had success issuing discount cards to parents when they register their children prior to the start of the season. The amount that each player would need to raise is included in the registration fee.

Each parent then receives enough discount cards to pay off the fundraising portion should they choose to sell them. They can also choose to keep them for their own use as well.

Here are 2 additional reasons leagues should consider selling discount cards.

1. Discount Cards Offer Free Advertising

The front of the discount cards are personalized with the group’s information. Youth sports leagues can choose to put the following information on the front of their card:

  • League name, logo and colors
  • Contact information including address, phone number and website

As cards are distributed, buyers will see this information and word about the league will spread.

2. Have a Discount Card Fundraiser Drawing

Discount cards can be numbered for tracking purposes. In the event you choose not to charge your registration fee up front, you can issue the cards and ask that the money be turned in by a certain date.

Let’s say you issue 5 cards to each player. As the player registers, you can simply write down the card numbers that were issued. For example, player 'x' was issued cards 1-5 and player 'y' received 6-10. To be eligible to win the drawing, the player must bring back all of the money for their cards by the specified turn-in date. Of course, you can always give people the option to pay for their cards up front as well. You would then have your drawing and announce the winning card number.

This also gives you the option to distribute additional cards to players who want to increase their chances of winning your grand prize. However, we recommend only issuing additional cards once the initial set of cards has been paid for.

How else can discount cards help youth sports leagues raise money?

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