Preschool Fundraisers

Preschool Fundraisers

Reach your preschool fundraising goals

Family, friends and coworkers alike will love our quality consumer-based products. Daycare fundraising depends on parents to support your vision.

Parents can earn cash rewards for selling. Our preschool fundraisers are easy to implement and are geared towards getting your preschool parents to maximize sales.

Suggested Products

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How Does a Preschool Fundraiser Work?

Your parents may be wondering why they need to do preschool fundraisers since they’re already paying a tuition fee. Getting them to participate can sometimes be a challenge. The goal is to make the process simple for both you and your parents. This why we’ve created preschool fundraising ideas that are fast and easy to run.

You can choose to have your group take orders out of a brochure and collect the money, or order a product and have them sell it. You’ll know which method is best based on your own circumstances and clientele. Regardless of which method you select, there is no upfront cost needed to start raising money for your preschool program.

Why Do We Offer the Best Preschool Fundraisers?

  • Higher Product Quality – We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. If for some reason a customer isn’t satisfied with a product, we’ll refund your money.
  • Huge Selection – You’ll find the perfect product to sell for your preschool. We have over 100 unique products from 14 different categories.
  • Unique prizes – Motivate your parents to sell with our cash prize program, or provide prizes for your students.
  • Raise Additional Money Online – Your parents will also be able to promote our extensive online store to both local and out of town friends and family.
  • Shipping is Free – We offer low minimums for brochure sales and there is no charge to ship products.
  • Responsive Customer Service – We’re here when you need us. Just give us a call.
  • Free to Start – You only pay after your order has been processed.

Questions About Preschool Fundraisers

  1. What are some fundraising ideas for preschools that work? Try one of our unique specialty brochures, like popcorn, flowers, assorted chocolates, or Jelly Belly.
  2. How do we start a preschool fundraiser? It’s easy. We’ll send you enough brochures, order forms and money collection envelopes for each seller.
  3. Do we pay for the prizes? No, the prizes are provided free of charge and come presorted inside each seller’s box
  4. How do we increase preschool fundraising participation? Consider offering additional incentives. For example, offer a tuition discount to the top selling parent.
  5. Why is preschool fundraising important? Raising money is vital in order to enhance the overall learning experience. There is an ongoing need to replace things like rest mats, floor cushions, blocks and puzzles, playground equipment, and art supplies, just to name a few. Learn more

Best Preschool Fundraising Ideas & Tips

  • Use our ‘Calculate Your Fundraiser’ webtool to determine how much you can make based on the size of your group and how much you’re asking them to sell.
  • Have a fundraiser kickoff meeting with your parents to discuss your goals and the process.
  • Make sure your parents know how many items you’re asking them to sell.
  • Have a predefined start and end date.
  • Remind parents that money needs to be turned in with the order forms.

Preschool Fundraising Premise

Preschool fundraisers are all about partnering with your child. To get the most out of your fundraiser, you’ll want to help your child sell by visiting the office or accompanying them when visiting neighbors, family and friends.

Creative Fundraisers for Preschools

Get creative and host a double-whammy fundraiser/garage sale. While you’re de-cluttering the house and make some side cash, your preschooler can help and sell alongside you for their own cause, whether it be for the classroom or a charity.

One of our favorite options for preschool fundraisers are smencils. Smencils are made from 100% recycled newspaper and plastic and come in a variety of scents. A fun way to sell the smencils while also enjoying them with other kids and parents is to host a Smencil party. Start by covering folding tables with large sheets of white paper. Then, with a black marker, design a table-sized coloring book.

When giving out invitations, make sure to tell parents to bring $1-10 (depending on how many pencils they want to purchase) and collect them at the door. Parents will love the idea of helping out a fundraiser, and kids will have a blast filling in the giant coloring pages and smelling them afterwards! You can also add more fun with the smencils by having the kids blindfold one another and guess the scent.

Another idea is to organize a field day for the preschool class. Your child can sell any of the amazing fundraising food products at an event like this, including pretzel rods, popcorn bundles, and lollipops. The pretzel rods come individually wrapped, making it an easy snack on the go, while popcorn is a classic snack for outdoor events.

Our Popcornopolis brochure offers this nostalgic snack in zany flavors like cinnamon toast and jalapeño cheddar. Keep in mind that when organizing a preschool fundraising event for young students, it’s best to communicate directly with the parents to ensure all the details are relayed to the adults. Learn why we need more high-quality preschools

How to Maximize Profits

To maximize your profits, you’ll need an exciting incentive to drive sales. A fun way to engage your child and create incentive to be passionate about the fundraiser is to offer incentive - and we have it. One option is a cash prize, which will require a little extra parent involvement.

Earning cash is a good way to create a sense of accountability with your child and to begin teaching them the value of earning. Do they really wanted that video game? With a cash-based fundraising prize, they can work to save up and pay for it by helping their preschool class meet its fundraising goals.

If cash prizes aren’t practical for your preschool, consider the Locker Full Of Prizes brochure, which offers everything from an LED tumbler to a Bluetooth speaker. Kids will love prizes they can use for entertainment.

Great preschool fundraising ideas create the perfect opportunity for parents to work with their children towards a common goal, while instilling a sense of responsibility in them. They also give parents a great opportunity to involve community in the process by investing in its youngest learners and setting them up for long-term academic success. Learn 10 good reasons your child should attend preschool