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Gain Parent Participation in Preschool Fundraisers

By Clay Boggess on Feb 25, 2014
Gain Parent Participation in Preschool Fundraisers

Effective ways to improve parent involvement in preschool fundraising

In order for preschool fundraisers to be successful, instead of motivating the students, sponsors need to win over the parents.

Elementary schools have the luxury of their students selling the program to their parents because they understand that sales have to be made in order to win prizes.

But unfortunately preschool programs don’t have this advantage. Ultimately, any successful fundraising campaign has some form of involvement from the parents. But unlike older students, preschoolers are too young to understand the concept of winning prizes for selling, so your promotional approach must be different.

Sell Your Fundraising Purpose

Believe it or not, many groups don’t have a purpose for their fundraiser and that’s a mistake. If you’re raising money, people need to know why; otherwise you’ll be less likely to convince them to participate. It’s not enough to say you’re raising money for the ‘general fund’ and expect people to help. Instead, you need to provide a specific reason, how much money needs to be raised and how much you’re asking each parent to sell.

For example, if you’re raising money for classroom supplies, you need to spell out exactly what you plan to buy, how much it’s going to cost and how the students will benefit.

Provide Advanced Notice

It’s always courteous to let your parents know in advance that you’re planning a sale. Some parents may even want to help behind the scenes, especially if they know their child will benefit. It helps to spell out your fundraising strategy to your parents when they initially enroll their child in your program. You can do this by saying that participation is expected in order to offset additional tuition costs. Provide your parents with an outline of upcoming events and what the cost breakdowns will be. This also shows that your program is organized and credible.

Motivate Your Parents to Sell

There are 2 ways to extrinsically motivate preschool parents to sell:

  1. Provide a prize program geared towards their children
  2. Offer them a cash prize program directly

Some parents may be motivated to sell if their children can get something in return. Others will sell in exchange for a cash incentive. It also helps to offer an additional incentive, like a grand prize drawing, or a prize for the top seller. This should further increase your sales.

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What other suggestions do you have to get parents to participate in preschool fundraisers?

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