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How to Boost Catalog Sales by 300%

Are you achieving mediocre sales using the same prize program each year? People are tired of these boring prizes offered to students for making sales. Most win uninspiring prizes because the better ones require a lot of selling.

The result is increasing seller apathy and disinterest. It’s no wonder so many schools are lucky to get 20 to 25% of their students to fundraise. Low participation is a big reason schools fail to reach their financial goals. Here are some ideas that will help you get the most out of your fundraising incentives

How Ordinary Prize Programs Work

It's a fact. Very few students win the better prizes while most are stuck with inexpensive toys. Once the selling starts students realize how hard it is to win the more desirable prizes. They're just not worth it. The vast majority end up selling little to nothing. Students are tired of these types of prizes, and it shows. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Why Choose a Big Event Fundraiser?

Why settle for winning the typical toy or trinket found in the same old prize program? Reaching an easy goal gets every student into an exciting party or show at their school. In other words, they can trade their toy in for a fun and memorable experience with their friends.

Top School Fundraising Incentive Idea | Big Event Super Party


The Effects of Increased Participation

Increasing student participation is crucial if you want to bring in more money. Let’s say a school with 500 students raises their participation level from 25% to 75%. For simplicity sake, we’ll assume their sellers averaged 5 items each. If the average price in the brochure was $14.00, this would mean an increase of $17,500 in sales! Think this isn’t possible? Think again. These schools actually experienced it firsthand. When they switched to a big event the following year, here's what happened:

SchoolTraditional PrizesBig Event Incentive$ Increase% Increase
Webb Elementary$20,000$43,000$23,000115%
Noonan Elementary$8,000$27,000$19,000238%
Kostoryz Elementary$12,000$31,000$19,000158%
Milton Elementary$24,000$42,000$18,00075%
Meadowbrook Elementary

Why Our Fundraising Events Improve Sales

The key to achieving great results is to increase seller enthusiasm. So how do you do that? Offer them something they’ll really want. And then tell them that getting it is easy. Now you have their attention. Selling just a few items gains them admission into an amazing big event.

Students become interested in catalog fundraising again. They're getting an exciting reward for reaching an easy to achieve sales goal. And selling becomes appealing to everyone, not just your usual sellers. You'll get students on board who've never sold before. The result is more participation, which leads to a big boost in sales.

So what are you waiting for? Make your next school fundraiser special.

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