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School Fundraising Ideas

School Fundraising Ideas
School Fundraising Ideas
Top 100 fundraising products for schools.
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Fast and easy school fundraising ideas for kids and adults. Sell seasonal and personalized gifts, cookie dough, popcorn, candy bars, tumblers, and more.

Raise money for free. Take orders from a catalog, sell online, or have the actual product in hand to exchange for money on the spot.

Offer unique fall & holiday gifts

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Feature a variety of spring items

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Promote real & fresh ingredients

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America’s favorite healthy snacks

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Sell your personalized school tumbler

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Sell pies, pizzas, & cheesecakes

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Make product fundraising virtual

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Sweet Candy Fundraising Profits You’ll love our…
Top Food Fundraising Ideas for Schools Offer…
Make Fundraising Personal Make your fundraiser…
A Fundraiser for Every Season People love to…

Sell high protein 100% beef snacks

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Promote peanut-free & great taste

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Choose from several lollipop themes

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Offer quality gourmet popcorn

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Sell pretzel rods dipped in chocolate

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Promote eco-friendly scented pencils

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Offer 1 year local store discounts

Make donating easy & profitable

What Our Customers Say


Some people we disappointed that the brochure had more items than the online store. The store online could also use some work to be a little bit more user friendly.

Melissa Rivera
Cadillac High School

There was a hiccup with the shipping costs which costs us more in the long run. Supply chain issues tried to stop this fundraiser but Clay helped navigate all challenges.

Amber Thompson
Fundraising Coordinator
Coyote Valley Elementary

Overall, our experience with big fundraising was great. Our questions and concerns were answered quickly and our order was perfect. Nothing was damaged or missing.

Edwards-Knox Central School
Class Advisor
Edwards-Knox Central School

Any questions are always answered promptly and it was easy to deal with the administrative end of things. The website makes it easy to track everything you need to know with just a few clicks. We will definitely be using Big Fundraising Ideas again.

Janet Cervenka
Class of 2023 Head Sponsor
La Grange ISD

The setup of the fundraiser was easy. I had little work to do on my end and it came out great!

April Moore
East Union Jr-Sr High School

Mr. Boggess was excellent in answering any questions I had being as this was my first fundraiser to organize! He was so helpful and response time via emails were fast!

Tracey Hernandez
Hernandez Christian Academy

It was really easy to work with your team. I would highly recommend others to work with you as well, and will be planning future fundraisers with your company.

Sarah Norton
Teacher/French Club Sponsor/Travel Club Sponsor
El Monte High School

Delivery went very well!  I didn't realize they would all be bagged/boxed per student!  That was incredibly helpful.  Thank you!

Melissa Gilmore
Choir Sponsor
Gautier Middle School

Great experience. Even when there was a few bumps along the road, everyone was very helpful in resolving them as quickly as possible.

Ella Santi
NHS President
Manistique Middle & High School

Delivery went very well and we were extremely pleased with how organized everything was. The only issue we had was with FedEx delivering a day late. All of our volunteers and parents were ready for pick up and then we found out last minute it wasn't showing up. Otherwise, we had a very successful fundraiser and look forward to doing business again with you in the future!

Steffanie Stevens
Benton Elementary

We received the product earlier than expected making the invoice due before our fundraiser began.

Lindsay Maxwell
PTO Vice President
Middleton Elementary School

Clay was great and helped me all the way through with any and all questions I had!

Brittani Meis
CSU Circle K President
Colorado State University

I had no issues working with this amazing team. Again, the reps were responsive and flexible in working with me and my students. I would work with them again.

Richard Sells
Freeport High School

Customer service is an A++. Great company to work with.

Meredith Capuano
FCS Teacher
Valley View School District

Great! Love working with Big Fundraising Ideas! You all are so quick and responsive. Love that we can have a virtual fundraiser during Covid!

Elizabeth Harrison
4th Grade Teacher
Chris Yung Elementary

Stack of chocolate chip cookiesHow Do School Fundraising Product Sales Work?

If you want to raise money for your organization, you're at the right place. Groups raise over $1.5 billion yearly selling products.

So how do you find the right product for your group?

One way to narrow your options is to understand how product sales work. We offer three ways to raise money:

  1. Take orders out of a brochure.
  2. Sell online
  3. Order the product first, then sell it.

Brochure Fundraising

We offer fall and spring shoppers, cookie dough, frozen food, and specialty catalogs.

We'll send you enough brochures for everyone in your group. Each participant receives an order form, a money collection envelope, and a prize flyer. After two weeks of taking orders, send us your order forms for processing.

Your merchandise arrives prepackaged by the seller to help make distribution easy.

Online Fundraisers

Choose from 10 unique programs like seasonal, cookie dough, popcorn, or candles. Groups can promote their store by inviting family and friends to shop online. Orders ship directly to the buyer's home, making this option 100% virtual.

Selling a Product

Some schools prefer to have a product in the seller's hands to sell rather than show items in a brochure. Once the sale is over, and the products are gone, sellers turn in the money.

You can choose from a wide variety of products, including beef jerky, candy bars, popcorn, discount cards, and customizable tumblers.


Circle of elementary school studentsWhy Our School Fundraisers?

  • 100% Guarantee. We carry the highest quality products in fundraising. Customers who don't like an item get their money back.
  • Huge Selection. We make it easy to find the right fundraiser with over 100 options.
  • Fundraise for free. You only pay us after you've collected your money.
  • Low Minimums & Free Shipping. We make raising money easy. Be sure to check out our free shipping link on each product page.
  • Exclusive 'Calculate Your Profit' Tool. Determine how much money you can make before you start. This tool will also help you find how much product to order based on your specific goals.
  • 5-Star Customer Service. Check out our reviews. We're obsessed with your satisfaction.

School Fundraising Questions

Is there any cost to start a school fundraiser?

You only pay us after you’ve collected your money. We’ll send you your brochure supplies or product upfront for free.

Do we have the option to only sell online?

Yes, we offer this option year-round. Check out our online fundraising products.

How does school fundraising work?

Select a brochure to show, a product to sell, or an online fundraiser to promote, and we'll provide you with what you need to start raising money for free.

Are your custom school tumblers dishwasher safe?

We don’t recommend putting our stainless tumblers in the dishwasher. Our Tritan plastic tumblers are top-rack dishwasher safe. They also come with a lifetime guarantee.

Are any of your fundraising products gluten free?

Yes, our KIND® bars, popcorn, and lollipops do not contain gluten.

How much profit do schools make?

You make 40% profit on brochure sales, and product sales depend on how much you order. You can earn as much as 90%. Online fundraiser profit is determined by how many total items your group sells.

Elementary School Students Giving High FivesSchool Fundraiser Suggestions & Tips

  • Tell your participants to approach a potential customer with a smile. It can make a big difference in the outcome.
  • Be polite. Remind your sellers to thank people for their time, regardless of whether they buy.
  • Tell everyone to be ready to sell. They should have their brochure, order form, money collection envelope, and a pen.
  • Ask your sellers to only approach people they know.
  • Teach your group the ‘NOW Selling Method’ when talking with potential customers. They should share their ‘Name’, ‘Organization’, and ‘Why’ they’re selling.
  • Make checks payable to the organization.
  • Encourage participants to contact family and friends who live out of town to order online.
  • Have fun and be positive. This will translate into more sales.
Ideas for Unique School Fundraisers

So you know you want to have a fundraiser but don't know where to start. That's where we come in! With our programs, some schools generate five figures in profits! It starts with you, the sponsor.

You may be a parent, volunteer, or school administrator. No matter your role, we're here to make selecting a product easier than ever.

Start by picking what type of fundraiser you want to do: brochure or product-in-hand? Make this selection by determining when and where you plan to sell. For instance, you wouldn't want to do a brochure fundraiser at an event like a field day. With so many distractions, parents could not see themselves with the product.

Field days would be good for a beef jerky or candy bar fundraiser. They can have a quick snack and then go back to playing or supervising. A great idea for a brochure fundraiser is at a PTA meeting or parent's night. This is where you'll want to bring our ultimate coffee collection.

Parents will be eager to assist in raising funds for your child since they may already be on the subject. They'll make the coffee and bring it to future meetings or early mornings!

Next, you want to narrow down your options. Be sure your chosen product is suitable for the season and the cause. For instance, no matter how much you love gift wrap, you won't sell it right before Easter.

Instead, you may want to try a lollipop fundraiser during a book fair. Kids likely have brought money to school, and now they can enjoy a lollipop while they read their new book. You can also get family and close friends to buy flowers on a warm day, but not if it's been snowing outside.

If you're fundraising for school supply money, try selling Smencils at an open house. You'll be able to have a conversation about supplies in the classroom while someone is holding one.

Brochure fundraisers require payment upfront. With in-hand items, you must carry an inventory of unpaid merchandise. These can be important factors to consider for both you and your students.

Most fundraisers yield a profit of at least 40%. So no matter which option you choose, you can see winning results. If you've planned your fundraiser well, you can leverage excitement around your cause.

Once you've honed in on the right type of school fundraiser for you, it's time to set goals! Goals help kids to get more excited about what they're working on. They also help teachers and parents keep them accountable. Keep the school informed on the progress, and emphasize the prizes.