School Fundraising Products

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    Keep school fundraising simple

    With our turnkey products, you’ll raise money without having to build a fundraiser from the ground up.

    Avoid upfront costs and needless work. Your students can either take orders from a catalog, or have the actual product in hand to exchange for money on the spot.

School Fundraising Opportunity

So you know you want to fundraise, but maybe you don’t know where to start. With the assistance of our programs, many schools generate five figures in profits annually! It starts with you, the sponsor. You may be a parent, volunteer or school administrator, but no matter your role, we’re here to make selecting a product easier than ever.

Selecting a Product for Your School

Start by picking what type of product you want to sell: brochure, or product-in-hand? Make this selection by determining when and where you plan to sell. For instance, you could show a brochure to people during a school event like a field day, but students and parents would be distracted. Perhaps a better option would be to show the catalog outside of the school environment. For instance, you could take it to show work colleagues or to church on Sunday.

Field days, however, might be better for selling products like candy bars or beef jerky, because then people can immediately snack on it and go back to playing or supervising. A great way to introduce a brochure fundraiser is at a PTA meeting or parent’s night, where you can bring our ultimate coffee collection catalog for example. Parents will be eager to assist in raising funds for your child, since they may already be on the subject anyways, and can easily see themselves making the coffee and bringing it to future meetings or early mornings!

Creative School Fundraising Ideas

Next, you want to narrow down your options: make sure the product you choose is suitable for the season and the cause. For instance—no matter how much you love pretty gift wrap—you wouldn’t do a winter wrap sale right before Easter. You probably wouldn't have elementary school students sell discount cards because they wouldn’t fully understand the concept.

Instead, you may want to try a lollipop sale during a book fair; kids likely have already brought money to school with them, and now they can enjoy a lollipop while they read their new book. You also may solicit family and close friends with the spring flowers brochure on a really warm day, but not if it has just snowed outside.

If you’re raising money for school supplies, try selling Smencils at orientation or open house. You’ll be able to have an easy conversation about the importance of proper supplies in the classroom while someone is physically holding one.

Other Product Fundraiser Considerations

While brochure sales are money upfront, in-hand items require that you initially carry an inventory of unpaid merchandise. These can be important deciding factors as well, especially depending on who's organizing the fundraiser. Most sales yield a profit of at least 40% however, so no matter which option you choose, you will see winning results if you’ve planned your campaign intentionally and leveraged excitement around the cause.

Once you’ve honed in on the right type of fundraiser for your school, it’s time to set goals! Goals help kids to get more excited about what they’re working on, and also help teachers and parents keep them accountable. Keep the school informed on the progress and be sure to emphasize the prize rewards throughout the sale.