Seasonal Fundraisers

Seasonal Fundraising Ideas

A school fundraiser for every season

Whether you need a fall or spring fundraiser, we’ve got you covered. People love to buy gifts for the holidays or any other special occasion, like Easter or Mother’s Day.

We offer the largest seasonal catalogs in school fundraising. The bigger the selection, the more choices people have. This translates into more sales for your group.

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Seasonal Fundraising

Seasonal fundraisers leverage holidays and timely needs and interest to deliver big results for your school. Consider a seasonal fundraiser to help establish an annual fundraising tradition that your community can look forward to each fall or spring.

Considerations for a Fall Fundraiser

Seasonal Fundraisers are often focused on gift giving, especially if you’re doing your fundraiser in the Fall or Winter. In order to get the most out of your Seasonal Fundraiser, make sure that you’ve selected the perfect product for the needs of the season. If it’s a Spring fundraiser, focus on Mom, Easter, or Earth Day. If it’s a Fall/Winter fundraiser, try putting more attention on the Holiday season, selling to meet the needs of families during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Both are opportunities for high sales, and both take advantage of a time when people are willing to spend money. Why not offer them a chance to buy a quality gift that also gives back to the community?

Spring Seasonal Fundraisers

Spring is all about the outdoors. Field days at school, pool days over spring break, and possibly even trips to the beach can make for fun spring adventures. Maybe you want to come back from Spring Break with enough money to go on that big band trip to D.C. You’ll be sure to make this possible this by focusing your seasonal fundraiser on gifts for moms, with items such as flower seeds or candles from the Great Gifts catalog. Gourmet Gourmet Spring offers various food mixes, which can be prepared to enjoy later at a picnic in the warm weather. With adult supervision, try fundraising outside at places like the park in your neighborhood, the pool at the clubhouse, or at local community centers. A successful spring fundraiser not only focuses on the outdoors, but happens there as well! Meet people where they want to be and sell in settings that help people visualize themselves using the products you’re offering.

Fall Seasonal Fundraising Catalogs

Fall seasonal fundraisers should be even more focused on gift giving, after all, it isn’t the holiday season without a little retail therapy. Just like spring fundraisers, fall fundraisers can be very niche. Start by identifying the holiday you’re focusing on, or the target audience. Are you concentrating on Thanksgiving and mothers busy in the kitchen? Or are you selling for Christmas, with an emphasis on gifts for everyone? Accentuate how brochure fundraisers are one-stop shops for gifts and wrapping needs. Consider coming up with some creative “complete package” gift options, where you pair some coordinated items with a beautiful gift wrap. If you want to focus on stocking stuffers at a slightly lower price point, Candy Cane Celebration or Gift Collection may be the brochures you choose.

Our seasonal fundraising catalogs open a world of fundraising opportunity to you. As long as you’ve connected the dots and selected a program aligned with the right product that makes sense for the season, with some dedicated effort, you’ll very likely meet your goals. Make sure to plan to finish your seasonal brochure fundraiser about three weeks before the holiday or seasonal event you’re planning. That will ensure customers get their orders in time for seasonal celebrating.