Cookie Dough Fundraisers

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We have a large selection of cookie dough fundraisers with many mouth-watering flavors to choose from. Offer convenient pre-portioned, or scoop-your-own tubs.

Sell cookie dough that uses authentic ingredients. Real eggs, sugar, butter and vanilla. No trans-fat or artificial oils. Kosher certified.

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Cookie Dough Fundraising

School fundraising is sweeter with cookie dough. While we won’t encourage the consumption of raw cookie dough, we love the classic smell of freshly baked cookies—and so does America.

Cookie Dough Trends

It is estimated that cookies are present in 68% of households in the USA. Now imagine that number during the holiday season. Annually, the average American eats upwards of 19,000 cookies in their lifetime and 21% of people eat at least 10 cookies a week. It’s been reported that an estimated 31% of millennials say they prefer cookies over alcohol. Those statistics indicate that cookie dough fundraising is a dependable money maker for your school.

Cookies are one of the most versatile school fundraising programs because they can be successful both in and out of school. Unlike beef jerky, lollipops, or popcorn, which tend to be at drug stores and minute markets, assortments of cookie dough are not as easy to come by outside the grocery store. They also can be incorporated into other grassroots school fundraisers, such as at snack tables, parties, or field days. Many colleges and universities use cookie dough fundraisers to maintain and grow funds for clubs. If you plan to hold a school fundraiser at a university, aim to show up in the morning or late afternoon when students are feeling hungriest.

Cookie Dough Fundraising Options

With multiple brochures available for your school fundraising needs, ranging from $10 to $18, the options are varied. The Ultimate Cookie Collection offers a gluten-free chocolate chip option, which would no-doubt be a selling factor if you choose to go door-to-door for your school fundraiser. Each is kosher certified and comes pre-portioned so that every cookie comes out equal, meaning the kids won’t fight over who gets the bigger cookie. That’s worth the purchase!

For those who still want to sell cookie dough, but for less, consider our Place & Bake or 10 Dollar dough. Each brochure features 6 flavors, Place & Bake offers the convenience of 1.5-pound pre-portioned boxes for $12, while 10 Dollar Dough comes in 2-pound tubs.

If you're looking for name brand recognition, check out our Otis Spunkmeyer® Cookies brochure. All items are $17, and everyone can relate to the great taste and quality behind the name. Otis cookies contain no hydrogenated oils, no preservatives and are certified kosher.

Fundraising Ideas to Sell Cookie Dough

A fun idea to really sell cookie dough products is to order for yourself ahead of time, get a feel for the taste so you can authentically speak to the quality of the baked goods, and maybe even hand them out to prospective parents! Could you say no to a kid who showed up with freshly baked cookies? Your success rate with selling will be much higher if the person you’re selling to can not only experience it for themselves but begin to picture who they might give these fundraising treats to as well. Keep in mind when choosing which one to bring with you door to door: 53% of people say that their favorite cookie flavor is chocolate chip.

The most popular time for cookie dough fundraisers will be before Thanksgiving and Christmas; the cookies not only are useful for contributing to holiday dinners and events, but they are also convenient additions to gifts. Whether someone is handing out cookies with their secret Santa, or bringing them to school for a holiday party, everyone wants cookies come November 1st. Our favorite holiday pick is the cinnamon oatmeal raisin that comes in the Place & Bake brochure.