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Direct Sale Fundraisers

Direct Sale Fundraisers
Direct Sale Fundraisers
Make fundraising simple.
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Eliminate taking orders and sending sellers back a second time to deliver merchandise. Instead, let your buyers see the actual product up front.

Over 60 fast-selling products. Choose from respected name brands like Jack Link’s® beef jerky, Yummy Lix® lollipops, and KIND® snack bars.


Our People's Choice beef jerky fundraisers offer premium quality 100% beef snacks. High in protein and low in sugar.

Our candy bar fundraisers offer several peanut-free flavors in both regular and large sizes. Up to 58% profit.

Make up to 60% selling our lollipop fundraisers. Lollipops come in a large variety of shapes, colors and flavors.

Our gourmet popcorn fundraisers set the gold standard for high quality and great taste. Make up to 50% profit.

Our pretzel rods fundraisers include $1 & $2 peanut-free, and Big Brands pretzel rods. All individually wrapped.

Our smencils fundraising products feature scented pencils and pens made from 100% recycled newspaper and plastic.

KIND snack fundraisers lead with a nutrient-dense 1st ingredient, are 100% gluten free; high in fiber, & low in sugar.

Our tumbler fundraisers offer personalized drinkware designed with your school name, mascot and coloring.

With our discount card fundraiser your group receives a personalized design on the front, and your choice of local…
Looking for a fast, fun, and easy way to raise money? With our scratch card fundraiser, supporters scratch off dots…

What Our Customers Say


Thank you so much for working with us on the lollipop fundraiser. It has been truly a real pleasure. You have been very helpful, patient and supportive when I have emailed or called. I also appreciate the prompt responses in doing so. I am looking forward to working with you again in the future and will certainly give grand recommendations to you with those I come in contact with. You have been awesome.

Toby Hendrix
Sign Language Club Sponsor
Montgomery Junior High School

Staff was knowledgeable and able to answer all of our questions.

Jeanette Nevarez
ASB Bookkeeper
Harmony Magnet Academy

We received the product earlier than expected making the invoice due before our fundraiser began.

Lindsay Maxwell
PTO Vice President
Middleton Elementary School

Working with Big Fundraising Ideas was easy! The product we received was of great quality. Definitely one of my favorite tumblers to use!

April Moore
East Union Jr-Sr High School

I was extremely pleased with the customer service I received!

Jennifer Douglas
Parent Involvement Coordinator
Altama Elementary

The sticks that we chose were too big for the students. But we would totally get the smaller sticks next time.

Meredith Capuano
FCS Teacher
Valley View School District

Everyone loves the beef sticks. They like having a snack option that fills them up and isn't full of sugar.

Candace Tschappat
Alwood Elementary School

The smencils were a big hit! Everyone loved them!

Jennifer Douglas
Parent Involvement Coordinator
Altama Elementary

Our experience with the Big Fundraising Ideas Company was great!

Lindsey Tennant
Doudna Elementary

The beef jerky has been a great fundraiser for our group!

Allison M Skow
Paicines Clover 4-H

The shipment of the candy bars was fast. It was pretty simple to order once I understood how to do it. I have no complaints.

Christine Jackson
Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Public Schools

Quick, efficient communication on design, payment/cost, and delivery!

Katelyn Klenk
Softball Coach
Albert Einstein High School

This program allowed students to safely sell their fundraiser items virtually without having go anywhere, collect any money or deliver any product. This was important during the pandemic. It allowed customers to purchase quality products as well as donate to the organization effortlessly.

Kerry Keuvelaar
Class Advisor
Webberville High School

Our senior class sold the beef sticks to provide money for their prom, senior outing and graduation. Very easy. Ordered the beef sticks, came quickly and was an easy fundraiser!

Dorothy Hartney
Fundraising Coordinator
Lehighton Area High School

We sold these at an Outdoor Movie Night event and was able to sell about 60 along with a bunch of other snacks. We are looking to sell the rest at the next 2 events that we will have concessions. Easy order, free shipping and customers seemed to like them so win so far.

Lisa Eddy
PTA Sponsor
Coram Elementary

Teacher with high school students standing behindHow Does Direct Sale Fundraising Work?

Also known as in-hand or point-of-sale fundraising, showing people the actual product instead of just letting them look through a catalog is an easier way for many groups to raise money. This can improve buyer confidence.

Having a product in hand also leads to impulse purchasing. This is often true when selling inexpensive treats like candy bars or lollipops. Sellers can simultaneously exchange items for money without having to return a second time to deliver items, like with a brochure fundraiser.

Once you determine which product you want to sell, you will want to know how much you need to order. This can be one of the challenges to direct selling. Order too much, and you could have products left over. And if you don't order enough, you'll need to place a second order.

Our 'Calculate Your Profit' tool helps ensure that your order is correct the first time. Enter your group size and the number of items you want each group member to sell.

There are two primary ways to place your order:

  1. Prepay with a debit or credit card
  2. Submit a purchase order (Available to public school groups only)

Orders are often processed on the same day and delivered within a few business days. Once you've had your kickoff meeting with your group, we recommend using a tracking sheet to help you monitor your sales. You should also set a deadline date for returning the money.


Color Xploder Lollipop FundraiserWhy Our Direct Sale Fundraisers?

  • Best Quality. Our products offer consumers the finest value in fundraising. Sell preferred brands like Popcornopolis®, Jack Link's®, Yummy Lix®, and KIND® at the lowest possible price.
  • More Selection. Multiple choices within each of the 10 product categories mean there's something for every group.
  • Low Minimums. Groups can order as low as 1 case.
  • Unique 'Calculate Your Profit' Tool. Determine how much product you need to order to reach your fundraising goal.
  • Free Shipping. There is no cost to ship your order. And if you need to order more, we won't charge you to send any reorders either
  • Dedicated Customer Service. We're here to support your fundraising efforts. You'll receive quick responses to any questions and relevant sales tips.
  • No Cost to Start. Public schools can submit a purchase order.

Questions About Direct Sale Fundraising

How do direct sale fundraisers work?

Sponsors order and distribute the product to their group to sell to family and friends. Money is usually turned back into the group within a week. Your profit is the difference between what you pay us and the money you collect.

What are your most profitable fundraising products?

Our biggest sellers are beef jerky, lollipops, and candy bars. On the other hand, custom tumblers are a unique fundraising idea that allows groups to make up to $15 profit per item.

How do we set up a direct sale fundraiser?

Select a product you feel will sell well in your area to get started. Use our secure checkout process to order the product. A second option for public school groups is to submit our purchase order form. We’ll then ship you your product.

Does it cost any money upfront to start?

There is no upfront cost to start a direct sale fundraiser if you use a purchase order. Payment is due within 15 days of receipt of the product.

How do we track our sales?

Before issuing products to your group, we recommend using an inventory tracking sheet. This allows you to collect seller contact information, how much product is given out, and the amount of money that needs to be turned in.

How long do direct sale fundraisers last?

We recommend giving your group 1 week to sell and return the money.

Can we sell on campus during school hours?

Many school districts have rules about selling products on campus. Selling is typically allowed before or after school.

High school student in classroomDirect Sale Fundraiser Suggestions & Tips

  • Schedule a time to meet with your group to kick off your sale. This allows you to discuss your goals and expectations.
  • Set a sales goal for your group members. Many of our cases contain inner carriers with an appropriate quantity of items for each participant to sell.
  • Periodically remind your participants about selling and your deadline for turning in the money.
  • Ensure all money is turned in before issuing additional products to sell.
  • Plan your fundraiser around a special occasion or holiday. This gives people more reasons to buy. Consider theme products like Holiday Smencils or Yummy Hearts lollipops.
  • Encourage sellers to buy for themselves, their friends, and their family.
  • Ask interested group members to resell any returned product in exchange for a portion of the profit.
More Ideas for Direct Sale Fundraisers

Make sure you offer people a product you and your group believe will sell well in your area. Consider taking a survey. You can always ask sellers what they think, but be sure to also consult with people at your school. Once you’ve narrowed your list to 3-5 products, ask people to choose their preference. Consider expanding your reach by doing an online poll.

It’s important to confirm that no one else is selling your product simultaneously. Many schools require groups to sign up for a specific selling period. This protects buyers from being inundated with fundraisers and prevents product redundancy.

Remember that the cheapest selling product won’t necessarily bring in the highest profit. For example, you’ll have to sell a lot more lollipops to bring in the same profit as discount cards.

Pro Tip: Offer an incentive or special privilege to the first seller to turn 100% of their money.

Your goal is to create a sense of urgency and get your sellers to turn in their money as quickly as possible. There are ways that you can do that.

Most sponsors pass out products to their group and tell them to sell them to their friends, family, and neighbors. It’s even better if participants ask family members to help them sell. For example, parents can take the product to work.

Another fantastic way to generate sales is to make arrangements with a local store with a lot of foot traffic. You can get permission to set up a table and make a sign informing people about your fundraiser. Some may even throw in a bonus tip on top of the selling price. This is a terrific way to sell your product in a couple of hours instead of over a week.

Also, consider offering a special prize to whoever turns all their money in first.