Since 1999, we've helped schools nationwide raise millions.


  • After over 5 years with Big Fundraising Ideas, their service continues to be exceptional and they've helped us increase our profit tremendously.

    Brenda Martinez Assistant Principal
    Col. Santos Benavides School
    Raised over $90,000 each of the past 3 years!
  • Our Big Event Fundraiser was the most profitable fundraiser we have ever had. The overall service was exceptional.

    Monico Rodriguez Principal
    O'Grady Elementary
    Broke the $20,000 barrier for the first time!
  • Big Fundraising Ideas made the fundraising process extremely easy. They were always available to address any concerns that we had.

    Chelsi Persellin PTA Fundraising Coordinator
    Webb Elementary
    Doubled sales to over $43,000!
  • Big Fundraising Ideas was very helpful as the student sales reports were excellent and done for you.

    Laurie Cisneros PTA President
    Noonan Elementary
    Increased sales by 238% to over $27,000!

Big Event Fundraising

  • Are you tired of the same cheap and junky prizes offered by most brochure fundraising companies? There’s a reason why so many schools can only get a small percentage of their students to participate in fundraisers. Older students don’t sell because they already know how these boring prize programs work.

    And what about the younger students? They quickly realize that a lot of selling is required to get the better prizes. In the end, the vast majority of students who sell end up winning ‘dollar store prizes’.

    Big Event Fundraising offer a unique solution to this problem. Schools that are switching to our big event prize programs clearly understand the difference. Their students only need to sell a few items to win the big prize, gain admission to a thrilling big event at their school with all of their friends.

    Once everyone realizes that it’s easy to get into an exciting event, more students will sell. And when participation goes up, so do sales. Learn more

School Fundraising Ideas

  • If you want better results, you should be looking for additional school fundraising ideas that will enhance your main prize program. Good incentive plans are multifaceted and will motivate more students to sell from their brochure.

    For instance, you can incorporate periodic drawings during your sale for students who bring back prize coupons for selling 5 items from their brochure. The key is to offer fun and exciting rewards that keep your students attention. And your incentives can even be free. One example might be to give out ‘free dress day passes’.

    Finally, to have a successful fundraiser, you have to continuously promote it. Your promotional efforts won’t necessarily cost you anything, but the end result can be priceless. Learn more

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