Top School Fundraising Products for 2020

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Why Schools Choose Fundraising Companies


Reward your students with an exciting big event incentive for making brochure sales for their school fundraiser. We also offer sportswear and cash prizes, or more traditional prize programs.


School Fundraisers Sponsored by Parents

Are you a parent who is on the PTA board at your child’s elementary school? Perhaps you’re the fundraising chair looking for ideas for your next school fundraiser. Or, perhaps your child is in the high school band and you’re the president of the booster club.
Whether you’re looking for fundraising ideas for an elementary school, high school band, or any other school group, we can help!

Educators Need Simple Fundraising Ideas

Are you an administrator, coach, or teacher who needs to raise money for your school, team or club? If so, you already have a busy schedule. You don’t have the extra time needed to plan an effective school fundraiser.
That’s where we come in. We’ll help you design the perfect fundraiser for your school or group.

Top 5 Reasons We're a Better Fundraising Company

1. More Fundraising Options

More Fundraising Options

Select between 5 different categories with over 40 unique catalog fundraisers, including fall & spring seasonal shoppers, cookie dough, frozen food and specialty brochures.

Our fall fundraiser brochures have a great variety and include the popular Kitchen & Home® and Merry Gift Wrap Guide, best known for having the highest quality products in the school fundraising industry.

You can also pick from a large variety of best-selling Otis Spunkmeyer® and Cinnabon® cookie dough fundraising catalogs along with our complete line of convenient shelf-stable Crazy About Cookies®. Schools can choose either regular cookie dough or edible dough.

Otis Spunkmeyer® and Cinnabon® also feature a huge selection of frozen food fundraising options along with Auntie Anne’s®, best known for their famous cinnamon rolls.

Schools can also choose to keep fundraising easy by specializing in 1 type of product line. For example, our best-selling popcorn brand, Popcornopolis® brochure, offers 6 delicious popcorn flavors.

Ultimate Coffee Collection by Boston’s Best Coffee Roasters has 15 popular choices.

Or, if you want to focus on school spirit, consider customizing one of our tumbler products with your school name, mascot, and colors.

We also offer a huge assortment of popular fall and spring flower catalog fundraisers. All of our fundraising programs come with a 100% product guarantee.

2. Improved Fundraiser Rewards

Improved Fundraiser Rewards

We offer more student incentive programs that help improve sales than any other school fundraising company. Regardless of whether you sponsor an elementary, middle, our high school fundraiser, you will find exactly what you’re looking for.

Traditional Prize Programs: The gold standard of the fundraising industry. We offer the latest in prizes, toys and games. Every student who participates gets rewarded and all prizes are automatically presorted inside each sellers box.

Big Event Prize Programs: A fundraising industry exclusive! Instead of using prizes, offer your students a fun and educational experience. Our unique Big Event Prize Programs have been proven to increase catalog fundraiser sales by 300% or more for school-wide organizations.

We offer 4 types of events including our most popular Super Party, thrilling Magic Show, one-of-a-kind Reptile Adventures Show and our exciting Super Splash Party.

Sportswear & Cash Prize Programs: Perfect for high school catalog fundraisers looking for an effective way to motivate their students to sell more items. Personalize our sportswear with your school name and colors. Especially good for sports teams, bands and spirit groups.

Or, offer cash instead of prizes in exchange for making sales. Your high school students will love this option.

3. Protected Fundraiser Kickoffs

Protected Fundraiser Kickoffs

Exclusivity is king, especially when it comes to school catalog fundraisers. Can you imagine being half way through your fundraiser only to find out that another school in your same area has also been out selling the same brochure?

The fundraising company didn’t even inform you, or the other school for that matter. The bottom line is they should never have put either school in this predicament. Not only is this a lack of full disclosure on the part of the company, it becomes extremely frustrating for both schools.

What makes matters worse, there’s no turning back. The damage has already been done. Both schools selling the same catalog simultaneously means that instead of potential customers buying from your students, they instead purchase from the other school’s sellers.

When one of your students shows up to try to make a sale, they’re turned away because the customer already bought from the same brochure. This obviously ends up having a negative impact on the sales for both schools.

Think about all the time, work, and energy that you put into planning your fundraiser. And to have it compromised like this?

On the other hand, our company works on a first come, first served basis. Once we book your program, no other school in your immediate zone can sell your same catalog during your fundraiser. This protects your sale from competitive schools and allows you to focus on maximizing your results.

In the end, we would rather have one happy school than two unhappy ones.

4. We’ll Prepare You for Fundraising Success

Before your sale, you’ll receive our complete fundraiser supply kit that’s designed to help you prepare for and run an effective campaign. Among other things, your kit will include:

We’ll Prepare You for Fundraising Success

Kickoff Preparation Tips: You’ll receive step by step instructions on how to properly prepare for the start of your fundraiser so you can get off to a great start.

We’ll also send you links to various pages on our website that will provide practical and effective strategies that can easily be implemented into your fundraiser.

Personalized Parent Information Letter: Each student goes home with a fundraising letter on the day of the kickoff. The parent letter contains important ‘need to know’ information that’s summarized in an easy to follow format. A bilingual English and Spanish letter is available upon request.

So we can properly design your letter, we’ll send you a mock-up parent letter proof with all of your important information included. Once you’ve reviewed it, you can provide any necessary feedback and we’ll make the changes. This will ensure that the final version is completely accurate and exactly the way you want it.

School Fundraising Guidebook: School-wide groups will receive our exclusive guidebook inside their supply kit box. The booklet explains everything you need to know about your fundraiser in a logical and chronological format. It’s like having an adviser at your side whenever you need one.

The guidebook also provides practical fundraising tips designed to help you enhance your program and ultimately improve sales.

Presorted Student Packets: We'll collate and pack your students fundraising supplies for you. This service is offered to all school-wide groups. Inside each packet is your customized parent letter, sales catalog, order form, and prize program flyer. The packet envelope is used for collecting money. Your students will have everything they need to sell.

Kickoff & Promotional DVD: Our DVDs are for school-wide elementary and middle school fundraisers. They are designed to be both informational and exciting for your students.

Each school receives a specific DVD based on which prize program they choose. All you need to do is introduce the fundraiser in the beginning and then wrap it up at the end. Our DVD does the rest.

Your DVD even has promotional reminders that you can show your students during your fundraiser.

Sales Progress Tracker: Designed for smaller groups like high school sports teams and middle school bands, our progress tracker allows you to track each student’s sales at 3 different points of your fundraiser.

You can see along the way how close you are to achieving your goal. This tool also allows you to adjust your promotional strategy on the fly depending on how well your sale is doing.

Prepaid Mailing Box: Once your sale is over and you’ve counted up all the money, simply stick the top copy of each order form inside your mailing box. There’s already a shipping label on the outside so all you need to do is mail it.

5. Easy Order Process & Distribution System

As a school fundraising company, we pride ourselves on achieving a 99.6% accuracy rate when packing student orders. It's our goal to make the order processing and distribution phase as simple and easy as possible for our customers.

Once your sale is over, simply count the money and send us the order forms. We’ll take care of the rest.

Here are the steps involved in processing your students orders as they move through our system:

Easy Order Process & Distribution System

Order is Data-Entered: Our data entry department enters each student’s order into our system.

Fundraiser Report Created: Once all of the order forms are processed, a fundraising sales report is created which is sent to the school. This report allows the school to double-check orders as well as analyze results.

Among other things, schools will be able to see how their sellers ranked by items sold, overall student participation percentage, and which products sold better than others.

Order Packed: Each student’s box is packed and then inspected for accuracy before the box is sealed and prepared for shipping.

Along with the items sold, inside every box is the original order form so the student will know who to deliver the items to. If the school has elected to do a traditional prize program, the prize will be placed inside each box as well.

A label that contains the name of the student and teacher, along with the student’s grade level or room number is then placed on the outside of the student’s box.

Delivery Date Established: Once your order is ready to ship we will contact you to set up a delivery date. Once you’ve confirmed a date, we’ll make the necessary arrangements.

Shipping Preparation: Each box is then placed on a pallet which is then shrink-wrapped and loaded onto the truck for shipment to the school.

Once your order ships, you'll receive a delivery notice with shipper and tracking information.

What this means for our customers: Schools want a smooth and hassle-free delivery. It’s nice when you don’t have to take extra time to deal with delivery issues such as wrong items or missing boxes. After all, you have other things on your plate besides your school fundraising delivery.

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