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The Big Event Difference
How it Works
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  • Big Event Fundraising was very helpful as the student sales reports were excellent and done for you! It was a great money maker with little work involved!
    Laurie Cisneros PTA President
    Noonan Elementary
  • This is the second year in a row that we have selected the reptile show prize program. The students love it even if they have already seen them before. It is a wonderful idea from a schools stand point because it also gives an educational experience to our students.
    Betty Hinkle A/P and Fundraising
    St. Mary's Charter School
  • I believe the magic show has been the best prize program we have ever offered our students! We liked it so much we actually booked Cody for 5 additional educational magic shows! I definitely would recommend the package to everyone I know. I believe we exceeded our fundraising goals because of the show. The shows are not only educational but highly entertaining as well!

    Kim Davis PTA President
    Webb Elementary

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