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Prize Programs

School Fundraiser Prize Programs
Prize Programs
Make your catalog fundraiser more profitable.
Excited middle school student

Great incentives drive sales. We offer better prize programs so you can reach your school fundraising goals.

Our prizes are free. Our incentives will motivate your students to sell from preschool through college.

Our most popular big event incentive features an exciting assortment of inflatable games.
An educational assembly that teaches important life concepts using awe-inspiring illusions.
A hands-on show where students get to learn about live snakes, tortoises, lizards and much more.
Offers an exciting wild rapids ride, huge water slide, water tag arena, slip-n-slide & much more.

Students can win the latest prizes, toys, and games for selling items out of their brochure.

Students can earn custom school embroidered sportswear, or win prize money.

What Our Customers Say


Some people we disappointed that the brochure had more items than the online store. The store online could also use some work to be a little bit more user friendly.

Melissa Rivera
Cadillac High School

There was a hiccup with the shipping costs which costs us more in the long run. Supply chain issues tried to stop this fundraiser but Clay helped navigate all challenges.

Amber Thompson
Fundraising Coordinator
Coyote Valley Elementary

Overall, our experience with big fundraising was great. Our questions and concerns were answered quickly and our order was perfect. Nothing was damaged or missing.

Edwards-Knox Central School
Class Advisor
Edwards-Knox Central School

Any questions are always answered promptly and it was easy to deal with the administrative end of things. The website makes it easy to track everything you need to know with just a few clicks. We will definitely be using Big Fundraising Ideas again.

Janet Cervenka
Class of 2023 Head Sponsor
La Grange ISD

The setup of the fundraiser was easy. I had little work to do on my end and it came out great!

April Moore
East Union Jr-Sr High School

Mr. Boggess was excellent in answering any questions I had being as this was my first fundraiser to organize! He was so helpful and response time via emails were fast!

Tracey Hernandez
Hernandez Christian Academy

It was really easy to work with your team. I would highly recommend others to work with you as well, and will be planning future fundraisers with your company.

Sarah Norton
Teacher/French Club Sponsor/Travel Club Sponsor
El Monte High School

Delivery went very well!  I didn't realize they would all be bagged/boxed per student!  That was incredibly helpful.  Thank you!

Melissa Gilmore
Choir Sponsor
Gautier Middle School

Great experience. Even when there was a few bumps along the road, everyone was very helpful in resolving them as quickly as possible.

Ella Santi
NHS President
Manistique Middle & High School

Delivery went very well and we were extremely pleased with how organized everything was. The only issue we had was with FedEx delivering a day late. All of our volunteers and parents were ready for pick up and then we found out last minute it wasn't showing up. Otherwise, we had a very successful fundraiser and look forward to doing business again with you in the future!

Steffanie Stevens
Benton Elementary

We received the product earlier than expected making the invoice due before our fundraiser began.

Lindsay Maxwell
PTO Vice President
Middleton Elementary School

Clay was great and helped me all the way through with any and all questions I had!

Brittani Meis
CSU Circle K President
Colorado State University

I had no issues working with this amazing team. Again, the reps were responsive and flexible in working with me and my students. I would work with them again.

Richard Sells
Freeport High School

Customer service is an A++. Great company to work with.

Meredith Capuano
FCS Teacher
Valley View School District

Great! Love working with Big Fundraising Ideas! You all are so quick and responsive. Love that we can have a virtual fundraiser during Covid!

Elizabeth Harrison
4th Grade Teacher
Chris Yung Elementary
Ideas For Prize Programs

Fundraisers can be…well, fun. The school spirit, the camaraderie, and the amazing products are all exciting components. But let's be honest—selling is even more fun when an incentive is involved. That's why we incentivize everyone who participates in the sale - from students to parents.

Prizes fuel engagement and create a little healthy competition. This can help raise the most money to help your cause. To explain our incentives, they're divided into traditional and Big Events.

The most familiar prize options are the traditional prize programs. This category includes brochures with staggered prize levels. This encourages bigger and better gifts with increased sales.

The prizes come at no cost to the group and include the latest and greatest toys, games, and gadgets, even VISA gift cards. Sellers can win things like scooters and mobile devices. Prizes like these will inspire students to excel in their fundraising efforts.

If you want to generate more buzz, try creating a chart that tracks seller progress by class or grade. If it's a class of students, display it on a wall for everyone to monitor and congratulate each other. Watching their peers reach their goals will also entice others to do so. Suddenly that MP3 player looks attainable.

Cash prize programs are also another winning fundraiser incentive. Try this one with older students, like middle and high schoolers. Money is more appealing than toys and gadgets to these sellers. And like the traditional prizes, the more items sold, the greater the cash amount won by that student.

Sports team sponsors can cultivate a sense of school pride and team spirit. They can offer their students apparel with their organization name and coloring. These items can be worn on game day or any other related event.

Big Event prize programs are a powerful tool to encourage more sales. We offer four different Big Event experiences, each with advantages and appeal.

Super Party

The most popular is the Big Event Super Party. Offer your school an inflatable party for the kids who hit their sales goals. Selling just eight items will give them access to the celebration.

A ladder of high-prize targets can grant them more privileges. Like extended time on the inflatables or even 30 seconds in the money machine!

With low sales requirements, this fundraising prize program will involve more students.

Magic Show

What better way to reward students than to bring in a magic show? The magic show is an interactive incentive that teaches life concepts using illusions. Sell only five items, and you're in! Make more sales and win more prizes. It's simply magical.

Reptile Show

Another fun prize is the fun and educational Big Reptile Adventures package. All who sell at least five items get to attend this 1-hour assembly of reptilian excitement. Sixteen items sold entitle them to front-row seating at this unique school event. Plus, 100 items sold will get them a photo with one of the reptiles!

Super Splash Party

Perhaps you're doing a spring fundraiser and want to continue the theme by offering a splash party. Selling just eight items gains the seller's admission to this exciting event.

It's complete with a water slide, water tag arena, wild rapids ride, and slip-n-slide. Just 18 items give kids a chance to soak their favorite teacher. And 100 items, give them a $100 gift card to the online store!

Prizes guarantee fun rewards for hard work, and sometimes even the parents. They're fun ways to continue the theme even after the sale. Especially when you tie in event-based prizes. What better way to celebrate a successful fundraiser than with a big party?