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Fundraiser Prize Programs

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Make your fundraiser more profitable

Great incentives are the engine that drives school fundraising success. So we offer all the fundraiser prize programs you need to find the perfect incentive.

Prizes are provided free of charge. From preschool through college, our incentives will help you meet or exceed your school fundraising goals.

Learn about our prize programs

Big Events

  • Big Event Super Party

    Super Party

    Our most popular big event incentive. A large inflatable event that features a giant obstacle course, 2 story slide, sports arena and much more.

  • Big Event Magic Show

    Magic Show

    Makes fundraising magical. A fun and interactive educational assembly that uses illusions to teach students about important life principles.

  • Big Event Reptile Adventures

    Reptile Adventures

    The most amazing motivator. An exciting hands-on educational assembly where students get to see, learn about and touch live reptiles.

  • Big Event Super Splash Party

    Super Splash Party

    Our most anticipated incentive. A large wet inflatable event that has a wild rapids ride, large water slide, water tag arena and a lot more.

Standard Programs

  • Traditional Prize Programs

    Students can win the latest prizes, toys and games for selling items out of their fundraising brochure.
  • Sportswear and Cash Prize Programs

    Students can earn sportswear with their group name and colors, or win cash for selling items out of their sales brochure.