Fundraiser Prize Programs

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    Make your fundraiser more profitable

    Great incentives are the engine that drives school fundraising success. So we offer all the fundraiser prize programs you need to find the perfect incentive.

    Prizes are provided free of charge. From preschool through college, our incentives will help you meet or exceed your school fundraising goals.

Standard Programs

Big Events

Fundraising Prize Programs

Fundraisers can be…well, fun. The school spirit, the camaraderie, and the amazing products are all exciting components. But let’s be honest—fundraising programs are even more fun when an incentive is involved. That’s why we’ve organized incentives for everyone who takes part in the fundraising process - from students to teachers to parents. Prizes not only fuel engagement in your fundraiser, but they also create a little healthy competition, which can help raise the most money to the overall cause. To help explain these incentives, we’ve broken our fundraising prize options into two categories: standard prize programs and Big Events.

Standard Fundraising Prize Programs

The most familiar of the prize options are the standard fundraising prize programs. This category includes brochures with staggered programs that encourage bigger and better gifts the more an individual sells. The prizes come at no cost to the sellers, and include things like scooters and a $300 Visa gift card—both of which are sure to inspire student sellers to excel in their fundraising efforts. If you want to generate buzz around your standard prizes, try creating a chart that tracks seller progress by class or grade. If it’s a class of students, display it on a wall for everyone to monitor and congratulate each other. Watching their peers reach their goals will entice others to do so as well, because suddenly that MP3 player doesn’t look so unattainable. Cash prize programs are also another winning incentive. Try this one with older students, like middle and high schoolers, where money is more appealing than toys and gadgets.

Sports team sponsors can cultivate a sense of school pride and team spirit by offering their students apparel with their organization name and coloring. These items can be worn on game day or any other related event.

Big Event Prize Programs

Big Event prize programs are a powerful tool to encourage more sales and more fundraising engagement. We offer four different Big Event experiences, each with its own advantages and appeal. The most popular one is the Big Event Super Party, which delivers an inflatable party to your school for the kids who successfully hit their fundraising targets. Selling just 8 items will give them access to the celebration, but a ladder of further targets can grant them things like extended time on the inflatables or even 30 seconds in the money machine! With low item requirements, this fundraising prize program can get far more students involved in the selling process.

Another popular prize is the Big Reptile Adventures package. If the kids reach a sales goal of 5 items, they get to attend the one-hour assembly of reptilian excitement at their school. Plus, 100 items sold will get them a photo with one of the reptiles! Perhaps you’re doing a spring fundraiser, and you want to continue the theme by offering a Super Splash Party as fundraising incentive. Just 18 items gives kids a chance to soak their favorite teacher, and 100 items gives them a $100 gift card to the online store!

Prizes guarantee that kids will be rewarded for their hard work, and sometimes even the parents. Prizes are fun ways of continuing the theme even after the fundraiser, especially when you tie in event-based prizes. What better way to celebrate a successful fundraiser than with a big party?