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    Our school brochure fundraisers boost profits up to 300%. Holiday catalogs, cookie dough, frozen food, popcorn, tumblers, candles, flowers, coffee, and more.

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How Does Catalog Fundraising Work?

Brochure fundraising allows schools to collect the money before receiving their order. This means sponsors won't have to spend extra time chasing down money later.

To get an idea of how much money you can make, use our ’Calculate Your Profit’ tool found on each brochure page. Enter your group size and student item goal.

Before your sale, we’ll send you a catalog, order form and money collection envelope for each student. Ask your students to show the brochure to family, neighbors and friends. After 2 weeks, send us your order forms for processing.

Your profit is the difference between how much you collect and your invoice. We’ll also work with you to schedule your delivery date.

Why Our Catalog Fundraisers?

  • 100% Product Guarantee. You’ll sell the highest quality products in fundraising. If a customer isn’t satisfied with a product, we’ll refund your money.
  • More Selection. We offer 45 unique brochures from 5 different categories. Fall and spring seasonal shoppers, cookie dough, frozen food and specialty catalogs.
  • Orders Packed by Seller. Your delivery will be easy. Orders arrive sorted by student.
  • Free Prizes. Our brochure fundraisers include incentive programs at no extra cost. Offer the latest in gadgets and toys, sportswear, cash, or even an exclusive big event.
  • Low Minimums. Shipping is free once you reach our reasonable order requirements.
  • Online Store Access. Create a 2nd revenue stream. We’ll set up your online store so you can make sales over the internet too. Only want to sell online? See our online fundraising products
  • Timely Customer Service. You’ll experience quick responses to your questions and relevant sales tips to boot.
  • No Cost to Start. Sign up for a brochure fundraiser with us today for free.

Questions About Catalog Fundraising

  1. How much profit do we make on a catalog fundraiser?

    For most of our brochures your profit is 40%. You make 50% off our fall and spring flower brochures.

  2. Do we have to sell a certain amount to get free shipping?

    Yes. Group size and brochure type determine order requirements. For more information, click on the ‘free shipping’ link found on each brochure page.

  3. Do we have to pay for brochure supplies?

    No. We ship all supplies at no cost. You'll receive free brochures, order forms, money collection envelopes, and prize flyers.

  4. What are the most profitable catalog fundraisers?

    Seasonal shoppers, cookie dough, and frozen food are the most popular programs.

  5. How do we improve brochure fundraising sales?

    One way is to ensure that students are selling both out of their brochure and online. Online sales can account for more than 50% of your total profits. Learn more

  6. How long does a brochure fundraiser last?

    We recommend 2 full weeks including weekends.

Catalog Fundraiser Suggestions & Tips

  • Schedule a kickoff meeting to discuss goals, the process, and when money and orders are due.
  • Enforce the ‘don’t talk to strangers’ rule. Instead, remind them to ask mom and dad to take the catalog to work.
  • Establish an item goal for your sellers and encourage them to set short term daily goals.
  • Remind your students to tell people who they represent and why they're selling.
  • Tell them to be ready to sell. Always have their catalog, order form, money collection envelope, and a pen.
  • Make sure they’re familiar with the brochure. They should be able to point out various items to people.
  • Track your students sales progress.


Classic Catalog Fundraisers

Brochure sales offer plenty of options and can thus yield great results. And showing a catalog to family and friends presents the opportunity to share your cause. Yet engaging your community can be intimidating.

But with our brochures and the right techniques you’re likely to hit your sales goals! One of our favorites is cookie dough, which is a tried and true classic brochure fundraiser. Or, if it’s autumn, try a pie brochure. Gourmet Pies offers a classic Pumpkin Pie that would be easy to slice up for Thanksgiving dinner.

Another option for traditional catalog sales is holiday gift wrap. Almost everyone will need it. So position this essential item alongside a compelling mission for your fundraiser. People will be thankful that you saved them a trip to a crowded department store.

Pro Tip: Make sure to remind people that the gift wrap is double-sided! This is a huge value-add, and customers will appreciate getting more for their money.

Catalog Fundraising Benefits

The major benefit to doing a brochure fundraiser is that you won’t ever run the risk of buying more than you can sell. This means that no matter the results, you will always be profitable. Brochure sales ensure no extra charges for needless products.

Sometimes with fundraisers like candy bars or pretzel rods, kids may lose an item or two. This results in an imbalanced spreadsheet of purchases. Selling out of a catalog eliminates this risk. When selling out of a brochure, customers place orders on an order form.

Additionally, catalog fundraiser sales are generally face-to-face with ample opportunity to converse. This benefit can make the entire process very personable. Delivering products is a great way to remind people why they supported you in the first place. And it’s a surefire way to connect with people in your community!

Building these kinds of relationships can create a sustainable customer base. Friends and family can support you year after year in reaching your sales goals. Be sure to thank customers again once they receive their product.

Choosing a Catalog

If you are thinking about brochure fundraisers, check out some of our favorites. Otis Spunkmeyer® Cookie Dough and Popcornopolis® are very popular. Diversity, high-quality items, and appealing price points make this type of sale appealing.

And don’t forget to select a prize program to compliment your brochure. Students will be extra motivated to sell if an appealing prize or fun experience awaits them at the end! Plus, prizes are free to your group.