School Brochure Fundraisers

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  • The entire experience was very pleasant. The order forms were very easy to complete, the delivery was timely and well organized and Lisa and Clay were always helpful when I had a question. The one area that could use just a slight bit of adjustment is the clarification of some items (magazine subscriptions) that were not the 40% profit for the organization. This would have helped when verifying the invoice.

    Thank you for making this a very easy fundraiser!

    Julie Frank Sponsor
    St. Benedict Elementary

School Catalog Fundraiser Options

Catalog fundraisers offer an abundance of options and can thus yield some of the best results. While item-in-hand-fundraisers require some marketing and promotion, brochure sales present the opportunity for beneficial communication between those doing the fundraising and those supporting the cause. If you’re looking to really talk with people about the reason for your fundraiser, for instance if it’s for a charity close to your heart, then brochure fundraising will work best for you.

Classic Brochure Fundraisers

Engaging with friends, family and the community for catalog fundraiser sales can be intimidating, but with our catalogs and the right techniques you’re likely to hit your fundraising goals! One of our favorites is the cookie dough catalog fundraiser, which is a tried and true classic brochure fundraiser. Or, if it’s summertime, try a pie brochure! Gourmet Pies offers a classic Key Lime Pie that would be easy to slice up for a poolside treat.

Another option for popular brochure fundraising is holiday giftwrap. Almost everyone will need it, and if you can position this essential item alongside a compelling mission for your fundraiser, people will be thankful that you just saved them a trip to a crowded department store. Pro tip: make sure to remind them that the giftwrap is double-sided! This is a huge value-add, and customers will appreciate getting more options for their money.

School Brochure Fundraising Benefits

The major benefit to doing a catalog fundraiser is that you won’t ever run the risk of buying more than you can sell, meaning that no matter the results you will always be profitable. Brochures are free and ensure that no funds or product will go missing. Sometimes with fundraisers like candy bars or pretzel rods, kids may accidentally lose an item or two, resulting in an imbalanced spreadsheet of purchases. Brochures fundraisers nearly eliminate this risk. With a catalog sale, everything is documented and will be ordered according to what the customer writes down.

Additionally, brochure fundraiser sales are generally face-to-face with ample opportunity to converse. This benefit can make the entire process very personable. Delivering products purchased by friends and neighbors is a great way to remind them of the reason they supported you in the first place, and it’s a surefire way to really connect with people in your community! Building these kinds of relationships can create a sustainable customer base that is willing to support you year after year in reaching fundraising goals. Be sure to thank customers again once they receive their product.

Choose a School Fundraising Catalog

If you think a brochure fundraiser is for you, check out some our favorites, like Spring Flowers and Ultimate Coffee Collection. The diversity of offerings; consistently high-quality items; and appealing price points have made school brochure fundraisers an enduring favorite for many sponsors. And don’t forget to select a prize program to compliment your brochure; students will be extra motivated to sell from these outstanding brochures if an appealing prize or fun experience awaits them at the end!