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Brochure Fundraising Ideas

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Brochure Fundraising Ideas
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Our school brochure fundraisers boost profits by 300%. Holiday catalogs, cookie dough, frozen food, popcorn, tumblers, candles, flowers, coffee, and much more!

Low minimums & free shipping. Take orders and collect money upfront. Discover how easy catalog fundraising can be.


Profit off a wide range of fall and holiday gifts, wrapping paper, and kitchen & home accessories.

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Sell a large variety of spring and summer items, personalized gifts, kitchenware, jewelry and flowers.

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Offer all classic cookie dough flavors. Real ingredients. No trans-fats or artificial oils.

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Feature a wide range of pies, pizzas, cheesecakes, pretzels and more. Packed by seller.

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Sell a variety of items from a single product line. We offer popcorn, flowers & more.

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What Our Customers Say


Clay was easy to work with and answered all questions promptly.

Sarah Brasseaux
PTO President
East Chambers Primary

I don't think BFI could have handled this situation better. There were never any rosy promises, but they were able to get us out of the penalty for being under our goal with the cookie company. I guess somebody ate this cost somewhere. I will definitely consider BFI again, hopefully under better circumstances next time.

Brad Rashley
American Renaissance School Band and Chorus

Our experience with your company was outstanding! Well organized from start to finished and out of all our orders (there were a TON) we only were missing 2 boxes of dough. I was so impressed and will certainly be looking to organize another fundraiser with this company in the future. Thank you for making it smooth and easy!

Grace Prue
Stafford Middle School

The experience was great! Clay is really great at communicating with the groups he is helping and all the directions were very clear and easy to understand.

Miranda Johnson
Music Teacher
Martin County Middle School

Things went great. No issues and no one said they are missing any items. Delivery was great. Truck backed in, unloaded and was gone in 15 minutes. All packages were marked clearly and loved the BIG printed names on each. It was great working with you and hope to do again next fall.

Janet Graham
Janet's Dance Studio

The fundraiser was great. The online sales made it very easy for my students to sell and have customers from areas outside of our normal fundraising area.

Stacey Atencio
Teacher/ Adviser
Maxwell High School FBLA

As far as I know delivery and distribution went well. There haven’t been any complaints from the parents and the feedback on the quality of the cookie dough has been positive. We will most likely want to do another fundraiser around the same time next year.

Katie Cook
Wesleyan Christian Academy

The product was great. There were many options, and it tasted great.

Julieanna Ruggiero
PTA Treasurer
Northeast Elementary

Things went very smoothly! It was so helpful that the boxes were already labeled with the girls names and ready for them to just take! Thanks for all of your help!

Ashleigh Neitzel
Cheer Sponsor
West Lincoln Broadwell Cheer

It was a good experience. I received a lot of help when I needed it, which was great since this was my first fundraiser.

Laura White
Advanced Technology Complex

Our experience was great!!!

Jay Condon
Head Coach
Castleton University Track and Field

Everything was great and Clay took care of any issues we had quickly.

Clara Quesada-Llopiz
St Thomas the Apostle School

Coffee fundraiser was a big hit.

Brandie Gwaltney
Career & Technical High School

I thought the fundraiser was great! All items were delivered in individualized boxes. Everyone’s orders were perfect and there were no missing items.

Whitney Purkins
Prom Sponsor
Moss High School

Was an excellent fundraiser for 6-8th graders. The variety of tumblers made this fundraiser beyond successful for us!


Kayla Dobson
Palmer Public School

Group of Middle School StudentsHow Does Catalog Fundraising Work?

Brochure fundraising allows you to collect the money before receiving your order, so you won't have to spend extra time chasing down money later.

Use our 'Calculate Your Profit' tool on each brochure page to learn how much money you can make. Enter your group size and seller item goal.

Before your sale, we'll send each participant a catalog, order form, and money collection envelope. Ask your sellers to show the brochure to family, neighbors, and friends. After two weeks, send us your order forms for processing.

Your profit is the difference between how much you collect and your invoice. We'll also work with you to schedule your delivery date.

High School Student AthleteWhy Our Catalog Fundraisers?

  • 100% Product Guarantee. You'll sell the highest quality products in fundraising. If a customer isn't satisfied with a product, we'll refund your money.
  • More Selection. We offer 45 unique brochures from 5 different categories. Fall and spring seasonal shoppers, cookie dough, frozen food, and specialty catalogs.
  • Orders Packed by Seller. Your delivery will be easy. Orders arrive sorted by each seller.
  • Free Prizes. Our brochure fundraisers include incentive programs at no extra cost. Offer the latest gadgets, toys, sportswear, cash, or even an exclusive big event.
  • Low Minimums. Shipping is free once you reach our reasonable order requirements.
  • Online Store Access. Create a 2nd revenue stream. We'll set up your online store so you can also make online sales. Only want to sell online? See our online fundraising products.
  • Timely Customer Service. You'll experience quick responses to your questions and relevant sales tips.
  • No Cost to Start. Sign up for a brochure fundraiser with us today for free.

Questions About Catalog Fundraising

How much profit do we make on a brochure fundraiser?

Most brochure fundraisers offer 40% profit. Groups make 50% off fall and spring flower brochures.

Do we have to sell a certain amount to get free shipping?

Yes. Group size and brochure type determine order requirements.

Do we have to pay for brochures?

No. We ship all supplies at no cost. You'll receive free brochures, order forms, money collection envelopes, and prize flyers.

What are the most profitable catalog fundraisers?

The popular programs are seasonal shoppers, cookie dough, and frozen food.

How do we improve brochure fundraising sales?

One way is to ensure that participants sell from their brochures and online. Online sales can account for more than 50% of your total profits.

How long does a brochure fundraiser last?

We recommend two whole weeks, including weekends.

Family Viewing Fundraising BrochureCatalog Fundraiser Suggestions & Tips

  • Schedule a kickoff meeting to discuss goals, the process, and when money and orders are due.
  • Enforce the "don't talk to strangers" rule. Instead, remind them to ask Mom and Dad to take the catalog to work.
  • Establish an item goal for your sellers and encourage them to set short-term daily goals.
  • Remind your group to tell people who they represent and why they're selling.
  • Tell them to be ready to sell. Always have their catalog, order form, money collection envelope, and pen.
  • Make sure they're familiar with the brochure. They should be able to point out various items to people.
  • Track your participants' sales progress.
More Brochure Fundraiser Ideas

Brochure sales offer plenty of options and can thus yield great results. And showing a catalog to family and friends allows you to share your cause. Yet engaging your community can be intimidating.

But with our brochures and the proper techniques, you will likely hit your sales goals! One of our favorites is cookie dough, a tried and true classic brochure fundraiser. Or, if it’s autumn, try a pie brochure. Gourmet Pies offers a traditional Pumpkin Pie that would be easy to slice up for Thanksgiving dinner.

Another option for traditional catalog sales is holiday gift wrap. Almost everyone will need it. So position this essential item alongside a compelling mission for your fundraiser. People will be thankful you saved them a trip to a crowded department store.

Pro Tip: Remember to remind people that the gift wrap is double-sided! This is a huge value-add, and customers will appreciate getting more for their money.

The major benefit of doing a brochure fundraiser is that you won’t ever risk buying more than you can sell. This means that no matter the results, you will always be profitable. Brochure sales ensure no extra charges for needless products.

Kids may lose an item or two with fundraisers like candy bars or pretzel rods. This results in an imbalanced spreadsheet of purchases. Selling out of a catalog eliminates this risk. Customers place orders on an order form when selling out of a brochure.

Additionally, catalog fundraiser sales are generally face-to-face, with ample opportunity to converse. This benefit can make the entire process very personable. Delivering products is a great way to remind people why they supported you in the first place. And it’s a surefire way to connect with people in your community!

Building these relationships can create a sustainable customer base. Friends and family can support you year after year in reaching your sales goals. Be sure to thank customers again once they receive their product.

Check out some of our favorites if you plan to have a brochure fundraiser. Otis Spunkmeyer® Cookie Dough and Popcornopolis® are very popular. Diversity, high-quality items, and appealing price points make this sale appealing.

Don’t forget to select a prize program to complement your brochure. Students will be extra motivated to sell if an appealing prize or fun experience awaits them at the end! Plus, prizes are free to your group.