Booster Club Fundraisers

Booster Club Fundraisers

Top booster club fundraising ideas

Avoid the time, expense, and hassle of having to build your own booster club fundraiser from the ground up.

Make fundraising easy. We’ll give you all the tools you need to succeed. Our turnkey fundraisers allow you to focus your efforts on making sales.

Suggested Products

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What is a booster club fundraiser?

Many sponsors don’t have the time for fundraisers. This is where booster clubs come in. Without them, groups would miss out on extracurricular activities.

If you want to sell a product, we offer 2 methods. You can take orders and collect money using a brochure, or order the actual product and sell it.

With order taker fundraisers, we’ll send you a brochure, order form and money envelope for each seller. When finished, send us the order forms for processing. You’ll receive a sales report and an invoice. We’ll also work with you to schedule your delivery date.

With direct sale products, you'll need to submit a purchase order. Once you receive your product, you’ll have 15 days to pay your invoice. This will give you the needed time to sell the product and collect the money.

What Makes Our Booster Club Fundraisers Better?

  • High Quality. We offer a 100% product guarantee. If an item arrives broken, we’ll replace it for free.
  • Larger Selection. Choose from over 100 unique fundraisers, including customizable products.
  • Prepacked Orders. No sorting required. This will make your delivery easy.
  • Motivational Incentives. Improve sales. Offer the latest in toys and gadgets, personalized sportswear, or cash. All prizes are free.
  • Bonus Online Selling. You’ll receive access to promote your own online store and raise even more money. Only sell virtually? See our contactless fundraising ideas for booster clubs.
  • Free Shipping. We won’t charge you anything to ship your product. Brochure sales have low order requirements.
  • Responsive Customer Service. Our customers are our biggest priority. If you have a question our experts have the answer.
  • No Upfront Cost. Book a booster club fundraiser today for free.

Questions About Booster Club Fundraisers

  1. What is a booster club?

    Booster clubs are usually run by parents of the students associated with the group. The primary role of the booster club is to raise funds and help coordinate events.

  2. How do we start a booster club?

    Begin by formulating a plan, select a name, and recruit an initial board of directors. Then draft and file the necessary documents with your state.

  3. Are booster club fundraisers taxable?

    Tax rules vary from state to state. It can also depend on the type of sale. You may need to apply for an exemption. Learn more

  4. What are good fundraising ideas for clubs?

    Consider unique ways to promote your organization. Show school spirit and pride with a customized product, like a discount card or tumbler.

  5. How do I increase our booster club membership?

    Promote your booster club by posting pictures, events, and videos on social media. Another idea is to name a recruitment officer.

  6. What can athletic boosters pay for?

    Where the school doesn't provide funding, they can buy needed supplies. Or pay the cost of participating in various competitions.

  7. Can booster clubs give scholarships?

    With the approval of the school district, booster clubs may award scholarships.

Booster Club Fundraising Suggestions & Tips

  • Use our ‘Calculate Your Profit’ tool to determine how much to order and how much money your booster club can make.
  • Set a sales goal for the group, as well as individual goals for each student.
  • Schedule a formal kickoff meeting with your students and parents. You'll need to sell them on your purpose and explain the fundraising process.
  • Encourage students to break their sales goal down into shorter daily goals.
  • Promote your sale on social media and encourage your sellers to do the same.
  • Set an end date and remind your group about it.
  • Remind students that checks are payable to the booster club.


Booster Club Objectives

Booster Clubs bring students and parents together to support a group's cause or event.

They're also an excellent way to maintain a proactive relationship between parents. Our booster club programs offer a slew of unique items to sell for any occasion.

Customizable Products

Our favorite booster club fundraising products are the customizable ones. They help make your purpose clear and cultivate a sense of team spirit.

The discount cards can feature a team photo or a school logo. Plus they feature hand-picked discounts to an assortment of local businesses.

Customers will love the local flavor. These are perfect for team outings, or for some quality time between parents and their kids. They also generate a sense of community.

By being featured on the card, you're helping draw more widespread attention to the team. You’ll have a chance to talk about why the cause your booster club supports deserves attention.

You can also customize the tumblers to sport an organization name, colors, and logo. Try doing a bundle sale of the two, creating packages for parents who really want to help the cause.

Food Fundraising Ideas

Booster clubs are often invested in supporting and sustaining school sports programs. Pretzel rods and popcorn bouquets are perfect snacks for before and after practice.

If you really want to hit a home run with your fundraiser, sell at games and events. With all the excitement, just make sure to catch them before they reach a concession stand!

Creative Ideas for Booster Clubs

Everyone knows parents love a little competition. You can jump-start a booster club fundraiser by honing in on that competitive spirit. To help you incentivize sellers, we offer plenty of creative prize plans. You can win a team sweatshirt or even cash!

Try creating a chart that compares the sales of each member in the booster club. This will really get the excitement going. Ask your kids what prize they want to aim for and help them reach it.

A fun idea for team incentives would be to return the prize money back to the team. It’s easier to reach the higher cash prizes when more people work towards one goal. And in the end, it’s all in the name of fundraising.

Team up with another club or sports team hosting a fundraiser. A fun combo would be to sell a bundle of pretzel rods inside of a tumbler that has been customized with the team’s mascot! The buyer not only enjoys a decadent treat, they also go home with a mug that they can bring back to games in the future.

Finally, give out a special prize for the team with the most sales.