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Passing the Baton to New Booster Club Officers

By Clay Boggess on Mar 28, 2014
Passing the Baton to New Booster Club Officers

How to ensure your booster club's legacy is a good one

Nominations for new booster club officers will be here before you know it as terms for current officers are winding down. How can experienced officers help ensure a smooth transition? After all, you’re not just replacing people, you’re handing off the organizations objectives and philosophy.

You also want to make sure the tools that were used to help you reach your goals are transferred onto the next board as well.

The ultimate goal is not just for the group to continue to exist, but for it to continue to grow stronger long after the current members are gone.

Here are some ways you can ensure that the baton gets passed smoothly to the next group of officers.

Keep in Touch with Retiring Officers

Make sure retiring officers don’t disappear. Arrange to have a couple of meetings between the new and retiring officers. Meet once prior to the end of the present term to discuss remaining activities and how things have been run, and a second time just before the start of the new term. The second meeting allows new officers to ask more specific questions on how things should function. By now they have had a chance to review the material received from the first meeting.

Pass on helpful Documentation

Hopefully you’ve documented how specific tasks were accomplished. Information should be available electronically as well as in hard copy and includes things like organizational bylaws, meeting minutes and key outside contacts.

Your Booster Club's Goals Are the Same

Perhaps the most important thing is that both incoming and outgoing officers have the same goal. To make the booster club run as smoothly as possible so it can better benefit the students and organization it serves.

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