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Goodies & Gifts Online

Goodies & Gifts Online

Raise money without using order forms, collecting and counting money, or receiving product deliveries. Goodies & Gifts Online offers over 500 items like cookies, snacks, coffee, candles, jewelry, kitchenware, and more! Fundraise without asking your participants to sell face-to-face.

7 Online Fundraising Advantages

Once participants register online, they can invite friends and family to shop at your store. Learn more

You make a profit off every item sold. Your profit percentage is determined by how many total items your group sells:

Items Sold Profit % Profit
1-9 25% $4-$38
10-29 30% $51-$148
30-49 35% $179-$292
50+ 40% $340+

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There are no upfront charges, but a $50 administrative fee will be deducted from your profit if your group sells less than 50 items. Learn more

Prize Program

Boost your sales. Add our cash or prize incentive.

Product Details

Want to sell in person? Add the brochure

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What Our Customers Say


Had a wonderful event, raised a good amount of profit and the tracking the progress was very much appreciated and easy to navigate.

Germhylayne Gregorio - Vice President of Finance
Alpha Sigma Tau - Epsilon Theta Chapter

This was my first experience and it went well. I will need more of my students to get involved more next time.

Marla Hayden - Sponsor
Horton High School Stuco

It was an easy fundraiser and we were very pleased with the results.

Ronda Sobczak - Owner
Sherwood Christian Academy

Online fundraiser process was easy and very user-friendly for us to work with.

Melanie Steinhebel - Secretary
Birdville Elementary School

Quick delivery of products!

Katie Allison - Cheer Sponsor
Brazos Middle School

The online program worked well with our group. It gave them the ability to share the information with multiple people quickly.

Anitra Simmons - Assistant Principal
Heritage Middle School

Service was great while response to emails were quick and responsive.

Andrew Peters - Financial Secretary
Knights of Peter Claver Council 127

We had a good experience with this company. They continued to reach out to me throughout our fundraiser with ideas and prompts for emails to help boost sales.

Kassy Helie - Junior Class Advisor
Newport Middle High School

You guys were awesome. Great customer service and great materials shared via email.

Josie White - Supervisor of Curriculum and Content
SC Whitmore School

The catalog we picked for our fundraiser was filled with lots of interesting products that appealed to a variety of people.

Danielle Sawyer - Senior Class Advisor
Scotia Glenville High School

This was a very easy fundraiser to hold. Everything was done online and if I had any questions, I received a quick response. Recommend!

Katie Allison - Cheer Sponsor
Brazos Middle School

The sales representatives were available to answer all my questions. The only complaint is that the "donation" option was not explained. I was very disappointed to find out after the sale ended that 30% of all donations went to your company. This needs to be clearly explained to each client.

Angie Turner - Sponsor
East Pennsboro High School Swim Team

Great! Easy to use, representative was very helpful and responded quickly to all of my questions.

Julia Fielding - Sponsor
Middletown High School North Italian Honor Society

Responsive and easy.

Brook Cannady - Team Mom
NC Dominators Softball

The product worked well because of the wide variety of options/products. The shipping costs seemed high and I feel this caused some people not to purchase product.

Angie Turner - Sponsor
East Pennsboro High School Swim Team
Questions about Goodies & Gifts Online?

How it Works

How do we raise money?

Groups raise money when supporters buy items from their online store. Once participants register, they can invite family and friends to shop. Invitations go out via social media, text, and email, and groups profit from every sale.

Do participants need to register?

Registration is the best way to promote a Goodies & Gifts Online fundraiser and drive traffic to your online store. Once registered, participants can invite friends and family to your online store using text, social media, and email. They'll also be able to log into their sales portal anytime and track their sales.

Once potential supporters arrive at your store, the participant's name appears at the top of the page, which helps to personalize the fundraiser. For example, "Your purchase supports John Doe". Encourage your sellers to personalize the visitor experience even more by uploading their pictures when logged into their dashboard.

As the sponsor, you can track both individual and group sales progress. Besides dollars raised, you'll be able to see the number of social shares and emails sent out by your sellers.

Getting participants to register is critical to your success. You can enhance sales by setting individual seller goals based on your group's needs. Ask each seller to set their item goal, which they can do at the bottom of their dashboard page.

(Use the 'Calculate Your Profit' calculator at the top of the page to determine your profit)

Track your fundraiser progress and remind participants to invite people to your store. This will help your participants reach their goals.

Registered participants will also be eligible to earn credit toward prizes. We encourage groups to supplement the prize program we offer with additional incentives.

PRO TIP: Participants can add their teacher, class, or team name when registering, allowing you to see online sales by each subgroup. Make selling even more fun by incorporating additional fundraising incentives to help foster competition between teachers, classes, or teams to boost overall sales.

Do we receive a group link?

There are two ways to promote your store:

  1. Registration: By default, you'll receive your group ID number. Participants will need it to register, obtain their unique link, and share it with others using social media, text, and email.
  2. Direct Link: Or, as an option, we can create one unique group link to bypass the registration process. Everyone would be able to share this link with their friends and family.

By promoting a direct link, you can only track sales as a group, not by individual sellers. You would also not be able to use our prize programs.

Online Ship-to-Group Orders

Another limitation with a single store link is getting items to online customers who choose the ship-to-group option. NormalTypicallyparticipants register and send out their unique links, and customers make a purchase, orders are automatically tied to a particular seller.

Any items are shipped to the group already packed inside the seller's box with their other brochure items. Participants then deliver these items to their customers.

But with the single link option, you must let any ship-to-group buyers know to pick up their order because it won't be associated with any seller.

Is money collected with each order?

No in-person ordering or money collection takes place. Participants generate sales when the people they invite buy items from your store.

Can participants track their sales?

Participants can log into their portal anytime and see their sales updates.

Are there any fees?

There are no setup fees or costs to run a Goodies & Gifts Online fundraiser. We will waive the $50 admin fee once your group sells 50 items. If you decide to cancel after we receive your signed agreement, you will be charged the $50 admin fee.

Can participants earn prizes?

Incentivizing your participants can improve sales. We offer two prize program options:

  1. Cash
  2. Prizes

We will email your prize flyer to you before your kickoff. Be sure to forward it to your participants and discuss it. You must continue to promote your prizes throughout your sale. This will keep your group motivated.

After your sale, we add the total cash amount to your profit payment. Or, if you choose a traditional prize plan, we ship your prizes to your group address.

You'll receive access to your sales reports showing participants' names and how much they sold. Prizes are shipped with a reference list that matches prizes with participants.

There is no cost to the group for our prize programs.

Do participants get a brochure to show?

Because this is an online fundraiser, there are no brochures. Before your sale, we email you the steps to get started to pass on to your sellers.

How soon can we start?

You'll receive an agreement to sign after you submit our Start a Fundraiser form. Processing your order and setting up your store will take at least 3-5 business days.

Your store will be live once we send you your participant registration steps. We recommend that you have an official kickoff meeting so everyone starts simultaneously.

If you can't meet in person, consider using online communication technology. Examples include Zoom, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting, and Google Meet.

How long is the fundraiser?

By default, we set your end date two weeks after your start date. You can always change your end date. Let us know before your sale ends.

Or let us know upfront when you would like your store to close.

Do you only work with schools?

No, we work with non-school groups as well. Examples include church groups, sports leagues, and dance organizations.

Can we use more than one store at a time?

No. You must choose one store. For example, Goodies & Gifts Online cannot be run simultaneously as 'Popcornopolis Online'. You can always run a second online fundraiser after the first one ends.

Do you only work with groups?

Yes. Your group must have at least 5 participants.

Making Sales

Is there a minimum order?

There are no minimum order requirements.

Can we track our sales?

Before your Goodies & Gifts Online sale, you'll receive access to your online store dashboard. You'll see who's registered and email and social share activity. And, of course, sales progress.

How do we receive our money?

Your profit payment is processed within 15 business days of your store's closing. If you add ship-to-group, payments are processed within five business days after your order ships.

What is our profit?

Your profit percentage is based on how many items your group sells:

Items Sold Profit
1-9 25%
10-29 30%
30-49 35%
50+ 40%

You receive 70% of online donations.

A $50 administrative fee will be deducted from your profit if your group sells fewer than 50 items.

Can we accept donations?

By default, we will set your Goodies & Gifts Online store up to accept donations. You make 70% of the donated amount. You can turn this feature off when logged into your portal.

Your final profit percentage is based on the total number of items your group sells. Donations do not count toward items sold when determining group profit percentage.

Can buyers credit more than 1 participant?

Yes. Buyers can choose to support more than 1 participant. Before continuing to the store, supporters would need to select a participant. Then choose the 'Support another seller' link to add another participant.

However, participants themselves need to register individually. Each participant has their own login and sharing options.

What about sales tax?

Customers do not currently pay any sales tax for online orders.


How soon do orders ship out?

Orders generally ship within three business days after purchase.

How are customers notified about their orders?

Customers receive a confirmation email when they place their order. A notification email is sent once their order ships.

Where do orders ship to?

Product ships from our Indiana warehouse to all the lower 48 states. All items ship direct to the buyer.

Who pays the shipping fee?

Customers pay a fee to ship their orders directly to them at checkout—free shipping on all orders over $99.

Order Amount Shipping Cost
$0-$10 $9.99
$10.01-$20 $10.99
$20.01-$30 $11.99
$30.01-$40 $12.99
$40.01-$50 $13.99
$50.01-$60 $14.99
$60.01-$99 $15.99
Over $99 Free

How to Reduce Online Customer Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are fixed for online customers, as shown in the table above. However, there is a way that you can reduce their shipping costs with ship-to-group.

Ship-to-Group Option

To help cover shipping fees for your online customers, add a ship-to-group option to your store. People can then pay a shipping fee and have items delivered to them, or pay a 5% processing fee and have their order shipped to your group.

For example, a $50 order would be charged an additional $2.50 ($50 x 5% = $2.50). The total cost for the order would therefore be $52.50.

This way, customers would have two options at checkout:

  1. Have their order sent to them and pay the shipping fee.
  2. Have their order sent to you and pay a 5% processing fee.

Offering this 2nd option may encourage more people to place orders.

Adding ship-to-group will shift the shipping cost burden from your customers to your group. Instead of each online customer paying for their shipping, we would deduct the cost to ship one larger consolidated order to your group at the end of your sale from your profit.

Unless you tell us to, we will not add ship-to-group to your online fundraiser. You can do so by putting "Add ship-to-group" in the comments section before submitting your Start a Fundraiser form.

NOTE: We only recommend this option for buyers close to you.

How are product issues handled?

Customers will be instructed to submit a ticket online or call customer service for questions about orders.