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Schools prefer our gourmet popcorn fundraisers and our sales prove it. We use gluten free, MSG free and GMO free corn. And our popcorn is made in the USA.

Your customers will taste the difference. It’s the perfect combination of ingredients that make our popcorn so smooth and tasty. You'll sell more because ours is simply better.

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Popcorn Fundraising for School Groups

It is estimated that Americans eat 13 billion quarts, or 52 billion cups, of popcorn every year. That’s an average of 168 cups of popcorn per person per year! Of those 13 billion quarts, somewhere around 30 percent is consumed in schools or theaters—which means a popcorn fundraiser is prime money raising territory.

How Popcorn Became a Fundraiser

Oddly enough, the modern discovery of popcorn originates from a location in New Mexico called the “Bat Cave.” Kernels were found, along with some ears of corn, that could be carbon dated back 5,600 years. Eventually, depictions were found in Mexico from 300 A.D. of a god wearing popped kernels on headpieces and clothing. It is now believed that Native Americans popularly consumed popcorn, and eventually colonists caught on and began to combine it with molasses as a sugary treat. What a rich history for a school fundraising favorite!

Popcorn became essential during the Great Depression, when street vendors in Chicago could mass-produce it for virtually no cost. The real explosion of popcorn came with the movie industry, however. Those same street vendors tended to crowd around areas with large amounts of people, specifically theaters. Even with the introduction of the television and Netflix, movie theaters nowadays remain synonymous with popcorn (you’re probably rolling your eyes at the costs they bare as well). Eventually, microwavable popcorn came along, and slowly but surely the popcorn market leaned more towards residential consumption. Now, popcorn fundraising products are a staple in elementary, middle and high schools.

Today, popcorn holds strong as a low-calorie snack that can easily be combined with toppings and flavors to create a more interesting experience alongside that classic air-popped crunch. Many people use popcorn as a snack to keep a rumbly tummy at bay, which means your sales aren’t limited to the neighborhood. Sporting events and after school activities are great opportunities to bolster school fundraising sales.

Popcorn Fundraising Options

Our gourmet popcorn comes in a wide variety of flavors, from buffalo ranch to caramel fudge peanut. There’s even the classic caramel popcorn. If you want to test out a batch before buying in bulk, there’s an option for a case of assorted flavors so you don’t have to immediately commit to several cases of varying options…you know, for testing.

The Gourmet Popcorn fundraiser is one of the more profitable options that are offered among popcorn fundraising programs. At a suggested selling price of $10 per bag of popcorn, one case will profit you $64. But, if you buy in bulk, the profitability grows. When you buy 10 cases or more, each case costs $80 and results in a profit of $80 as well. If you’re planning a larger school fundraiser, this bulk purchase is perfect to help you efficiently meet your goals.

Each case of popcorn contains 16 units, so if you can plan to sell to more than 160 people you can easily yield the highest profitability level for your school fundraising needs. Opportunities for larger popcorn fundraising ideas could include a school carnival, an outdoor day, spirit day for high schoolers, or even a field trip outing to a park. When planning a popcorn fundraiser, keep in mind that popcorn is a little messier than other snacks, so leave the bus stop selling to individually wrapped goodies!