Spicy & Sweet Popcorn

Spicy & Sweet Popcorn Fundraising Product sc-31100

Earn up to 55% profit on our one of a kind Pop-A-Licious Spicy & Sweet Popcorn fundraiser. Flavors includes Kettle, Caramel and Jalapeño Cheddar popcorn.

Case Pricing


Product Details

Packaging: 120 items per case (4 inner carriers of 30) Carrier contents
Average Price: $2.00
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Delivery: 7-10 business days. Free shipping

How to order Spicy & Sweet Popcorn

Based on the size of your group, you can determine how much you should order as well as calculate your profit. You will qualify for pricing discounts based on the size of your order.

Each case contains 120 bags broken down into 4 inner carriers of 30. We recommend giving 1-2 individual carriers to each student to sell.

You’ll want to know how many cases to order, so first, multiple the number of students in your group by the number of bags per seller. Then, divide the total bags by 4.

For instance, let’s say that a sponsor with 72 students wants each student to sell 1 carrier:

72 students x 1 carrier / student = 72 carriers
72 carriers ÷ 4 carriers / case = 18 cases

Once the group sells their 18 cases, they will make a total of $2,376.00 since each bag sells for $2.00 making 55% profit:

18 cases x 120 bags / case = 2,160 bags
2,160 bags x $2.00 / bag = $4,320.00 gross sales
$4,320.00 x 55% profit = $2,376.00 profit

Use our chart below to help you approximate the amount of money you can raise based on the size of your group and how many popcorn bags each student needs to sell:

Spicy & Sweet Profit Chart

Sellers10 Bag/Seller20 Bags/Seller30 Bags/Seller40 Bags/Seller
4   $144
10 $180$270$360

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