Middle School Fundraising Ideas

Middle School Fundraising Ideas

Our middle school fundraising ideas offer more

How do you get more students to participate in middle school fundraisers? Offer a product that’s easy to sell and then add a great incentive plan.

Better prizes for middle school students. Learn how our programs inspire more middle school students to reach their sales goal.

Suggested Products

Suggested Prize Programs

Middle School Fundraising Ideas

Middle school is the perfect opportunity for parents and teachers to get students more involved in the fundraising process. From the ages of 11 to 14, middle schoolers gain a stronger sense of independence, and they are likely to engage more with the social good their fundraisers can achieve. Don’t underestimate them - let their wings soar (with supervision, of course)! Start by identifying a need and setting a goal with them. Then, empower them to sell and succeed.

Fundraiser Product Options

Our quick snack options are perfect for middle school fundraisers. Variety pretzel rods, beef sticks, and caramel popcorn are all individually wrapped and virtually mess free. Encourage selling these at bus stops or after school in the loading zone. Kids are the hungriest at the end of the day when it’s still somewhere in-between lunch and dinnertime, especially if they’ve started staying for extracurricular activities in middle school.

If your child rides the bus, suggest selling it on their bus before they set off for the afternoon! Salty & sweet is a famous and beloved combo, and students are likely to buy multiple items when the price is low and accessible. Aim for a price point that works with an average middle school student’s weekly allowance. Learn how to teach middle school students about financial responsibility

Want a healthier middle school fundraiser? Our Smart Snacks brochure is another quick option, but offers more health conscious options. This one might sell best with the parents who forget to pack a snack frequently, or teachers who want nutritious energy throughout the day. From cashew mixes to sweet banana chips, there’s something for everyone in this package.

As mentioned above, middle school students can tackle fundraisers with more options and varying price points with ease. You can confidently select a brochure fundraiser for middle school students, and we recommend one with a wide variety of items, like the Gift Collection brochure. Designed for convenient holiday shopping and full of items like monogrammed aprons, a lemon or lime wedger, and even a stuffed-burger press, students will be able to offer everyone something they’ll love.

Middle School Prize Programs

You can bet that middle schoolers get competitive, and we’ve taken that into consideration in offer you a variety of appealing prize programs. Our Locker Full of Prizes offers incentives like a gumball machine or camera-enabled remote-control drone. The more items students sell, the more options they have for prizes. The prizes come at no additional cost to the middle school fundraiser sponsor and start at just 3 items sold!

A fun idea is to create a chart for your middle schoolers to help them track their goal: create mini-goals for every prize level leading up to their grand goal and help them see just what they can accomplish with some hard work. Make sure to go over the prize chart with them and get them excited for their fundraiser. It’s a great opportunity to develop skills and responsibility while helping your school or group meet an important goal.