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Middle School Fundraising Ideas

Middle School Fundraising Ideas
Middle School Fundraising Ideas
Middle School Fundraising Ideas

Experience unique middle school fundraising ideas.

Get more students to participate in your middle school fundraiser. Offer quality products that are fast & easy to sell.

Better middle school prizes. Motivate more middle school students to reach your fundraising goal.

Middle schools can sell stainless kitchenware, home gadgets, novelty items, & gift wrap online.

Make middle school sales fun. Give students a unique popcorn flavor to sell.

Keep middle school fundraising simple. Give students one large brochure.

Middle school groups love Otis Spunkmeyer dough because it's easy to sell.

Makes collecting donations simple for middle schools. Supporters donate $1 to $5.

Give your middle schoolers a choice. Win cash or cookie dough for selling items.

Let your sellers hand-pick their prizes. Locker has over 40 to choose from.

Big Event Super Party Prize Program

Stop offering cheap prizes. Give your middle school students a new and exciting incentive.

Give your middle school students a variety of delicious items to sell.

What Our Customers Say


The entire process was phenomenal. It was very easy to manage and distribute all of the items. I appreciate that everything arrived packed according to the student orders. Clay did an amazing job getting the order to us on the last day of school. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you all for such a wonderful, easy, stress-free experience.

Angeline Vrbsky
Thrall Middle School

We had a great experience with you guys again. You are fantastic at returning emails. The product comes when it is supposed to and if there are ever any changes or damages to fix, you guys do it in a timely manner.

Jennifer Stroud
Keene Junior High

As a sponsor I found Big Fundraising Ideas extremely user friendly. This is my first year as sponsor and I had many questions regarding fundraising, they were answered immediately by prompt, friendly staff members.

Leighton Rudd
Junior High Teacher
Bucklin School Junior High

I must say this was one of the easiest fundraisers we have done. We really liked the fact that all orders where sorted and in their own boxes. We will definitely be using Big Fundraising Ideas next year.

Lori Clements
Fundraising Coordinator
Corbin Consultation

Really well to work with. Answered all my questions promptly. Very organized.

Christy Holifield
Fundraiser Chairman
Stringer Attendance Center

Aside from the cookie dough shipping cost, this was an effective fundraiser.

Jenna Shearer
School Counselor
Summit Learning Charter

I don't think BFI could have handled this situation better. There were never any rosy promises, but they were able to get us out of the penalty for being under our goal with the cookie company. I guess somebody ate this cost somewhere. I will definitely consider BFI again, hopefully under better circumstances next time.

Brad Rashley
American Renaissance School Band and Chorus

Everything was lovely and was a hit with our families :) I absolutely love working with BIG Fundraising Ideas! Lisa and Clay are wonderful and a true delight to work with!

Lauren Costanza
Principal's Secretary
Galileo School for Gifted Learning

Everything went very smoothly. Turnaround time was very good and my questions were answered very quickly via email. We were not shorted any product. The fact that the larger orders came already packaged by student is a huge time saver.

Ray Johnson
GOAL Academy Middle School

Quick delivery of products!

Katie Allison
Cheer Sponsor
Brazos Middle School

It was very easy to set up and use, and it allowed many people to be involved with minimal limitations. The ability to have things delivered across the country opened many doors of opportunity.

Jonathan Reimers
Assistant Principal
Temple Christian Academy

I loved how every pie came labeled with the seller’s name on it. Our overall experience was very pleasant. Would love to deal with you again.

Patricia Madsen
PTA President
Van Nest Academy

This was our first fundraiser and we sold more than we thought we could with minimal marketing due to NECAP testing. Big Fundraising Ideas is organized which helped make the process easy for first timers. We were pleased with magician and would hire him again.

Victoria Fallon
Times 2 Academy

The product was very tasty, the only thing was the cost of shipping. Many people didn't want to support because of the shipping price.

Danielle Goolsby

Clay was always very helpful and prompt in his responses.

Michelle Pali
NJHS Advisor
Faiss Middle School

Middle school student huddleHow Do Middle School Fundraisers Work?

Do you sponsor the art club or cheer squad? Or maybe you're the middle school band or choir director. Regardless of the group, the need for money is great.

There are so many fundraisers out there. So how do you make yours stand out?

With over 100 products to choose from, we can help. Schools make about $1.5 billion yearly selling items like cookie dough, wrapping paper, and candy bars.

We offer middle schools two ways to sell our products:

  1. Order a product and sell it.
  2. Use a brochure to take orders.
With direct sale fundraising, choose a product and submit a purchase order. We'll ship your order so you can distribute the product to your students to sell.

Your profit is the difference between what you collect and your invoice. Payment is due within 15 days from your delivery date. This gives you time to collect the money from your sales.

Brochure fundraising is your best bet if you'd prefer to collect the money first. We'll send each student brochures, order forms, and money collection envelopes. After two weeks of selling, send us your order forms for processing.

We'll send you a sales report and invoice and contact you for a delivery date for your merchandise.


Middle School student holding footballWhy Our Middle School Fundraising Ideas?

  • Better Quality. We offer the finest consumer-based products in fundraising. Our 100% product satisfaction guarantee speaks for itself.
  • More Selection. With so many unique choices, you'll find the perfect product to sell.
  • Top Prizes. Nothing motivates middle school students more than the right incentives. Offer the latest toys and gadgets, sportswear, or even cash. We provide all prizes free of charge.
  • Online Selling. You profit more, and your students earn extra prize credit by selling online. Only want to sell virtually? See our online fundraisers for schools.
  • Free Shipping. There's no shipping charge for direct-sale products. Low-order requirements apply for brochure fundraisers.
  • Fast Response. Our professional customer service team will answer your questions fast.
  • Start for Free. Begin your middle school fundraiser with no startup costs.

Questions About Middle School Fundraisers

What are the best middle school fundraisers?

Keep your sale simple by offering a single product like popcorn, beef jerky, or pretzel rods.

What are the most profitable middle school fundraising ideas?

Give your students a fun way to collect donations. Use scratch cards to earn up to 90% profit.

How do we start a middle school fundraiser?

It’s simple. Choose a product, submit a purchase order, and we’ll ship it to you for free.

How do we get more middle school students to fundraise?

Make selling fun by dividing your group up into teams. Then have them compete for special privileges or prizes.

Middle school students giving thumb upMiddle School Fundraising Ideas & Tips

  • Order the right amount of product by utilizing our ‘Calculate Your Profit’ tool.
  • Establish a defined start and end date for your fundraiser.
  • Be sure to meet with your students to explain the process and how much you expect them to sell.
  • Remind your students to collect money upfront with the orders.
  • Make checks payable to your organization.
  • Sellers should only approach people that they know.
  • Try not to simultaneously sell the same product as another competing group. Learn more
  • Encourage students also to make sales online.
More Middle School Fundraising Ideas

Middle school is the perfect opportunity to get students more involved in fundraising. From the ages of 11 to 14, middle schoolers gain a stronger sense of independence. So they're likely to engage more with the social good their fundraisers can achieve.

Don’t underestimate them - let their wings soar (with supervision, of course)! Start by identifying a need and setting a goal with them. Then, empower them to sell and succeed.

Our quick snack options are perfect for middle school fundraisers. Pretzel rods, beef sticks, and popcorn are all individually wrapped and mess-free. Encourage selling these at bus stops or after school in the loading zone.

Kids are the hungriest at the end of the day when it’s still somewhere in-between lunch and dinnertime. This is especially the case if they’ve started staying for extracurricular activities.

If your child rides the bus, suggest selling it on their bus before they set off for the afternoon! Salty & sweet is a famous and beloved combo, and students are likely to buy multiple items. Particularly when the price is low and accessible.

Aim for a price point that works with an average middle school student’s weekly allowance. Learn how to teach middle school students about financial responsibility

Want a healthier middle school fundraiser? Our snack brochure is another quick option but offers more health-conscious options. This might sell best with the parents who forget to pack a snack or teachers who need energy throughout the day. From cashew mixes to sweet banana chips, there’s something for everyone in this package.

Middle school students can easily tackle fundraisers with varying price points. We recommend one with a wide selection of items, like the Gift Collection brochure. Designed for convenient holiday shopping, students can offer something for everyone.

You can bet middle schoolers get competitive, and we’ve considered that. So choose between a variety of appealing prize programs. 'Locker Full of Prizes' offers the latest technological gadgets and toys.

The more items students sell, the better the options are. The prizes are at no extra cost to the middle school fundraising sponsor and start at just three items sold.

If selling cookie dough or frozen food, consider the 'Bucks or Dough' prize program. Students get to choose either cash or cookie dough for selling. How fun is that!

Speaking of a fun idea, create a chart for your middle schoolers to help them track their goal. Have mini-goals for every prize level leading up to their grand goal. Help them see what they can do with some hard work.

Review the prize chart with them and get them excited about their fundraiser. It’s a great opportunity to develop skills while helping them meet an important goal.

If you're doing a school-wide PTA fundraiser, consider our 'Super Party'. It's the ultimate in fun and excitement. Students who sell eight items get invited to a giant inflatable party with all their friends!

Another thing that motivates middle school students to sell is getting out of class to go to the party.