3 Middle School Fundraising Strategies Worth Trying

Middle school students are unique from every other age group. Thus, when it comes to raising money, they really shouldn’t be treated like their elementary school siblings. Nor should you attempt the same things that you would with a high school group. Therefore, to be successful at middle school fundraising, you should first answer what things are important to this age group?

One thing that’s high on the list is the need to feel significant when they’re around their peers. In other words, they simply want to fit it and feel a part of what others deem as important. For instance, many students’ value being able to contribute to an extracurricular activity, like a sporting event or group.

So what’s one way to motivate middle school students? Ask them to compete in a fun activity, both with and against their peers. Thus, why not tap into this idea with your next sales project? Here are 3 middle school fundraising strategies that will do just that.

1. Incorporate Team Selling

Instead of just having your students sell for individual awards, why not turn your fundraiser into a fun competition? Since students like to work in teams, consider dividing your organization into groups of 5. You can give them ownership by asking them to choose a team leader as well as a group name.

Make sure that you also incorporate periodic check-in days throughout your sale so each team can monitor the progress of their teammates. Consider asking them to bring their order forms to class so they show them to each other. Then, ask each team leader to add up and report the total number of sales for each group. This is your opportunity to plot and post the progress of each team for all to see.

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2. Incentivize Using Fun Rewards

In order to make your teams want to compete against each other, you have to offer a worthwhile reward at the end. This is your opportunity to show your commitment to your students and their fundraiser by becoming a part of the grand prize. For example, each member of the team who brings in the most sales will get to:

  • Throw a pie in your face
  • Soak you with water balloons

Whatever you decide, make sure you understand what will motivate your students to want to ‘get revenge’ on you in a fun way.

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3. The Power of Prospect Lists

Give students the power to succeed from the start by having each team member create their own list of people that they plan to approach and ask to make a purchase. Also consider turning it into a fun contest by giving the team with the most prospects automatic bonus points towards their total sales.

Be sure to also check the team that claims to have the most prospects for validity.

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In order to succeed at middle school fundraising, you may have to think a bit outside the box. Remember, your students are like no other age group out there.

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