Why Fundraiser Prospecting Lists are Important

Successful fundraising begins with a plan

Before you send your students out selling, make sure they write down who they plan to talk to. This is where prospecting lists can help jump-start your fundraiser.

Having a list of people they can approach will help them define and narrow down their target market. This list will also serve as a built-in guide that allows them to track their progress as they go.

They’ll be able to identify people they feel comfortable approaching which will make the selling process easier. These are the contacts they feel will be more likely to buy so it additionally helps increase seller confidence as well as the likelihood of making a sale.

And it only takes a couple of successful encounters to create positive momentum needed to ultimately reach their sales goal. Finally, brainstorming on a list can cause students to think of additional people to talk to.

Creating and Tracking Your List

Have your students complete a prospect list during your kickoff by identifying 15 people they agree to approach over the next 3 days. Once they have approached someone, regardless of whether they buy or not, check the ‘approached’ box. If the prospect ends up making a purchase, check the ‘purchased’ box.

Ideas for Prospects

The ideas for prospects can be endless and may include your postal carrier, grocery clerk, gas station attendant, teachers, paper carrier, minister, youth leader, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, grandparent’s, fellow workers, other classmates, just to name a few.

Having your students create fundraiser prospecting lists can help jumpstart the fundraiser in the minds of your students. As opposed to simply going out to attempt to make random sales to anyone, students will now be able to use a well-defined ‘cheat sheet’.

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