Elementary School Fundraisers

Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

Give your elementary school fundraiser a boost

To reach your sales goals, you need to improve participation by offering your community a better product and your students a super exciting prize program.

Increase your profit by up to 300% or more. Select one of our elementary school fundraising programs and discover how much more money you can make.

Suggested Products

Suggested Prize Programs

Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

Need to raise money for your elementary school? You’re in the right spot! Our products and prizes are focused on having fun while fundraising for a good cause. Whether it’s for school supplies or a class field trip, our programs are sure to instill a sense of community and drive in your child and their classmates.

Selecting the Right Product

Elementary school fundraisers often need to be simple and convenient. Products and brochures are both highly effective options, but a single item product fundraiser might make more sense for younger students. For example, variety candy bars and cheddar popcorn are perfect on-the-go snacks that rack up sales quickly and have universal appeal. They’re also easy sellers at outdoor events such as field days, soccer games, or after school programs, which are weekly occurrences in elementary schools. America’s Variety Candy Bars sell for one dollar each, and even feature a money-themed design on the packaging! This makes it easy for elementary school kids who may only have a dollar on them, and they’re sold at a price point that won’t break the bank. The Cheddar Cheese Popcorn is another easy seller; catch kids after school and give them a snack for the bus ride home!

If you want something with a lot of wrapping paper, try our Merry Gift Wrap fundraiser. With over 80 heavy-duty and reversible papers, the gift-wrapping options are endless. At the same time, you can offer high-quality handy gadgets that can be used around the house by selling the Kitchen & Home catalog. Your buyers can get all their holiday shopping done with one fundraising event. One of our favorite items in the Kitchen & Home brochure is the jalapeño roaster which holds each pepper individually - perfect for stuffing and baking.

Still other options include the Gourmet Pies or Ultimate Cookie Collection. Folks in your community often rely on these once-a-year fundraisers from their local school to stock them up with easy desserts for holiday gatherings or family meals. Learn why financial literacy is important to elementary schoolers

Elementary School Prize Programs

For your elementary school fundraiser, you should also consider which type of prize program would best motivate your sellers. Prizes are a good way to incentivize kids and create healthy competition, while teaching students the value of working individually and collectively toward a goal. For most students, if they find out their friend sold enough cookies to get a pair of virtual reality glasses, they’ll probably start contacting their own family and friends! Our traditional prize programs are staggered so that the more items you sell, the more prizes you receive.

When it comes to elementary school prize programs, however, the Big Event Super Party takes the proverbial cake. With just 8 items sold, any student can join in on the fun of an entire inflatable playground that comes to the school! There are higher prizes for bigger sellers here too - sell 54 items or more and you get 30 seconds in the money machine. Even parents will be jealous of that one.

The best elementary school fundraising ideas are always focused on maximizing excitement. High energy will be key to keeping your students engaged.