Money Wheel and Money Machine Fundraiser Incentives

Money wheel and money machine tips

If you’re looking to maximize your sales results, the main prize program provided as complimentary by the company is not normally enough. In order to really motivate students to get out and sell you’re going to need to do more.

In some cases, additional fundraiser incentives that can be designed to work with the main prize program will increase the amount of money brought in by as much as 20% or more. Adding a money wheel or money machine incentive is a great way to increase fundraising sales. If done correctly you should be able to achieve a great return on your investment. Here are some things to consider:

Set Aside Enough Money

When using with a big event fundraising prize program like our super party or super splash party students need to sell 36 items to spin the money wheel and 54 items to grab money from the money machine:

  • For your sellers who reach the money wheel or money machine levels, we recommend that you have the following money amounts:
    • Money Wheel $25.00 for each qualifier
      • Set the least amount of money at $5.00 (if they land on the 1, 2 or 5) and the most at $25.00 (if they land on a joker or flag).
    • Money Machine $100.00 for each qualifier

    You may not need these entire amounts, but be prepared anyway.

Rules for the Money Machine

We recommend that you limit the time in the money machine to 30 seconds. The participant may grab the money with both hands but they should not be allowed to stuff the money in their pockets before the 30 second time limit is up.

Seller Qualification Requirements

When incorporating a money wheel or money machine as additional fundraiser incentive you have 2 options:

  1. Set an item goal. We recommend that you require students to sell between 25 and 45 items for the money wheel and anywhere from 40 to 60 items for the money machine. To determine how much money you can make off of each seller, multiply your item goal by $5.00. For example, if you set your item goal for the money wheel at 25 items, each seller will bring in about $125 profit.
  2. Allow the top sellers to participate. One idea is to allow the top 10 sellers to spin the money wheel and then the top 3 get to also do the money machine.

When using these items on your own, you'll also need to consider the rental cost. Money wheels can be difficult to find, but you may be able to find someone associated with your school who'll loan you one. Money machines can vary in price depending on how long you plan to rent it for. Another determining factor is the distance the company must travel to drop it off. Instead, you may want to consider picking it up to save money.

Who Provides the Money?

The organization is responsible for providing the prize money for any money wheel or money machine incentive that is not associated with a super party or super splash party event.

For our super party and super splash party events, we will reimburse you $10 for each student who reaches the money wheel prize level and an additional $15 for those who reach the money machine level. Your reimbursement check will be sent out after your fundraising bill has been paid in full.

Regardless, make sure that you promote these prize opportunities well during your sale to ensure a good response. Be sure to reward your qualifiers in front of everyone so others will want to try for these prizes the next time.

Alternate Money Wheel Option

In rare cases our inflatable company may not carry a money wheel. We will inform you in advance if this is the case so you can make plans to provide your own money wheel. Or as an alternative reward, we recommend substituting the Jump for George Incentive Game.

Please Note: A money wheel and/or money machine is only provided at your super party or super splash party event if you have sellers who qualify for them. Big Fundraising Ideas does not provide the money wheel or money machine for any fundraiser that is not a super party or super splash party event.

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