Jump for George Fundraiser Incentive Game

Inspire students towards sales success

The 'Jump for George Fundraiser Incentive Game' is a fun way to reward your students who reach a certain sales goal.

Students win money based on how many dollar bills they're able to broad jump past.

If you don't already have a starting line, place about 4 feet of masking tape on the floor. Then line up about 25 one dollar bills end to end, starting at one side of the line or tape.

Keep in mind that younger students may not be able to jump as far so if they end up selling more then you'll want to place the larger bills closer to the starting point. In other words, make sure you know whose jumping before your event. Also, make sure that you approximate how much money you’ll need to give away based upon how many qualifiers you have. Here are some things that you’ll want to consider.

Determine Seller Qualification Requirements

Make sure and set this number high enough so roughly 8-15 students will qualify. A good number to use might be 25 items. Remember, this is a special privilege so you want students to have to work harder to earn it. If too many students qualify with an easy goal, you'll profit a lot less off of each seller. On the other hand, if you set the goal too high, you may end up discouraging some sellers.

Have an Awards Ceremony

Make sure that everyone gets to see those who qualify. By having everyone watch, you are accomplishing two things:

  1. You are acknowledging those students who reached the goal in front of their peers.
  2. You will receive free advertising for your next fundraiser.

You might even consider picking a student from the audience during your kickoff to do it as an exciting preview of what's to come.

Acknowledge Your Qualifiers

Before each student jumps you'll want to announce their name and how much money they raised. You might even want to have them jump in order of lowest to highest seller. Once you're ready to start, line up each student beside the dollar bills and reward them based upon how many dollar bills they're able to completely clear and broad jump past.

Helpful Tips

  • Have everyone present at the event so they'll see what happens.
  • You also have the option of providing gift cards in place of cash.
  • Mix in some $5’s and $10’s at the end to add excitement for older qualifiers.
  • Consider demonstrating the game at your kickoff.
  • Allow younger students to get a running start as opposed to just broad jumping.
  • If you're going to be outside you may need to tape the money together.

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