Frozen Food Fundraisers

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Great selling frozen food fundraising programs

We use real cheeses, fresh garlic, real eggs and premium quality meats. Promote leading name brand products like Otis Spunkmeyer®, Auntie Anne's® and Cinnabon®.

Our food is shrink-wrapped to seal in freshness. And every student’s order is individually boxed. Frozen food made with the finest ingredients.

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Frozen Food Catalog Fundraising Ideas

The frozen food catalog fundraiser is perfect if you’re looking for variety of options to sell. You’re likely to turn heads with a few of the choices, particularly the Auntie Anne’s and Cinnabon brochure. Everything is made from scratch and shrink-wrapped to seal in freshness. Produced with genuine ingredients like fresh garlic and premium meats, these food options will sell themselves if need be.

Creative Frozen Food Fundraiser Ideas

Every order arrives at the school boxed by seller, which makes for a smoother delivery. Before showing the fundraising catalog to friends and family, we recommend becoming familiar with 3-4 key items ahead of time that you think they'll love. A great selling point for frozen food fundraising products is that they can be re-frozen if not completely eaten. While we doubt that will be a problem, it’s a great selling point for families conscientious about wasting food.

What are some of the Frozen Food Fundraiser products?

“Cookies ‘n More” is a great frozen food fundraising brochure option for variety. Cinnabon® Gooey Bites™, Chocolate Lovers Cheesecake, and OREO® Churros are all on the menu. Our favorite in this pack are the French Bread Pizzas! Some of the items in this brochure are microwave ready, and others, you just thaw and serve.

Some sponsors will want more than just pretzels and cinnamon rolls. Anyone who’s had a chance to experience Otis Spunkmeyer® cookie dough is already familiar with its supreme quality and taste. “Otis Spunkmeyer Simply Delicious” and “Otis Spunkmeyer Once Price Variety” go a step further by including Auntie Anne’s pretzels, Cinnabon cinnamon rolls along with a variety of pizzas, cheesecakes and so much more! These are among our largest frozen food catalog fundraisers, offering over 40 items each. “Indulgence Collection” is another large frozen food shopper that features Cinnabon® cookie dough. However, our biggest frozen food fundraiser catalog, by far, is "Otis Spunkmeyer Extravaganza" with over 100 items.

Yet, the hidden gem of frozen foods is the “Auntie Anne’s and Cinnabon” brochure. While variety works well in a large setting or for gift giving, this collection is specific and can be a more focused fundraiser option—especially given the popularity of the items. Everyone is familiar with at least one of the two brands, and likely they’ll recognize both famous confections. Just the branding garners excitement; who can resist the thought of a sticky, doughy, cinnamon roll drizzled with that famous Cinnabon icing? There’s even the unusual option of the “Auntie Anne’s pretzel kit,” which allows you to either twist the dough yourself into that classic pretzel shape, or use it for deep dish pizzas, pretzel dogs, etc. This is one food fundraiser catalog that we highly recommend making a batch of first because the smell alone will entice potential sales. And if you're looking for something a little different, don’t forget about the Cinnabon® cookie dough.

How much will I make with a Frozen Food Fundraiser?

Your profit varies depending on which items you sell, but we have a nifty tool that will help you estimate your specific profit as well as how many brochures you may need to order. When it comes to frozen food fundraisers, volume and participation are both critical components in maximizing your catalog fundraising sales. Here’s a basic formula for figuring out how much you’ll need:

Calculation Steps

  1. Student Count x Student Item Goal = Items Sold
  2. Items Sold x Average Retail Price = Gross Sales
  3. Gross Sales x Profit % = Group Profit