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Frozen Food Fundraiser Ran Smoothly

Frozen Food Fundraiser Ran Smoothly
Band Fundraiser Review

Everything ran so smoothly, it was great! The delivery driver called about 30 minutes before arriving, asked where (specifically) we wanted him to park to unload, and then left everything on one pallet. We had Study Hall kids come and help unload the pallet, take everything into the Music Room, and then we sorted all the boxes/bags into family groups for easy pick-up.

The order arrived around 10:30 or so. We have early dismissals on Wednesdays for professional development, so we hit the right day for delivery. Students stopped by on their way out the door early for the day and took everything with them. Students from the Elementary were able to ride the shuttle bus over to the high school and pick up their goodies too. We had 2:00-5:00 available for parents to come by. All orders were picked up by the end of the day.

We did have two students' orders that were missing items. I filled out the "Adjustment" spreadsheet yesterday and sent it to you. Out of all the items ordered and the number of kids who sold, we were glad it was only a few items. No worries. The people understood, and they're waiting on the product whenever it should arrive.

It was extremely easy to work with you and your company. Flawless all the way around.

Brian Kingrey
Music Director
Melcher-Dallas Music Dept.
Melcher, IA

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