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High School Fundraising Ideas

High School Fundraising Ideas
High School Fundraising Ideas
High School Fundraising Ideas

Top High School Fundraisers

Many groups are looking to raise money, so you need to stand out. Make your next sale a big success and use one of our high profit fundraisers.

Up to 90% profit. Easy to start, no upfront costs, and low minimums. Motivate your students with one of our free prize programs and reach your sales goal fast.

Sell 200+ tumblers online like MLB, NCAA, and NHL along with your high school tumbler.

Reach your high school sales goals by offering a healthy option to candy and chocolates.

Older students can sell out of a large shopper that’s not usually offered to elementary schools.

Give high school students a unique product they'll enjoy selling that's also healthy.

Makes collecting donations simple for high school groups. Supporters donate $1 to $5.

Make raising funds for your high school group special. Everyone loves gourmet popcorn.

Win custom embroidered sportswear. We’ll use your high school group’s name & colors.

High school students want cash. Give them something worth fundraising for.

Give your high school group a choice. Win cash or cookie dough for selling brochure items.

What Our Customers Say


Great! Easy to use, representative was very helpful and responded quickly to all of my questions.

Julia Fielding
Middletown High School North Italian Honor Society

This was a great experience for my group and we will definitely be working with you all again. We received the delivery and there are a few pairs missing; I believe it’s only 7.

Kristopher Goldsmith
Houston Gateway Academy

Super helpful staff, all questions answered immediately, simple to coordinate and execute.

Dianea Moreau
Booster Club Secretary/Fundraising Organizer
Hutto High School

The big fundraising ideas team was very responsive.

Scott Stafiej
Ichabod Crane High School

The only negative response we received from potential customers was the cost of shipping which amounted for the loss of approximately 20-25 orders.

Mallie Baker
Bookkeeper / Principal Secretary
Columbia County Alternative School

It was pretty simple and easy to set up and the people who emailed back and forth were very helpful and quick. We haven't received our fundraising payout just yet but I expect it to arrive soon.

Joseph Wang
Groton Dunstable Regional High School

It worked great, we hit our goal of making $1000 for the class of 2023.

Craig Tozier
Teacher/ Class Advisor
Mount View High School

First your Popcornopolis is delicious. Our Fundraiser was all virtual as students are all online. While there was definitely interest (by the number of unique visits to our designated website) there were very few sales generated after people viewed it. From feedback received, while interest was high, the shipping cost for individual orders precluded most from completing the sale. I can see this would be a great fundraiser for in person schools but didn't generate the sales we were hoping for.

This fundraiser on our end was publicized by emailing all 2500+ student families twice, posted on the school's ASB Instagram account. Posted on the school's Facebook page, alumni page and 10 other local Facebook group pages. Also posted on the Nextdoor app. My point, it wasn't for lack of advertising. They have done 3 other virtual fundraisers, this one generated the least interest and had the highest shipping.

Karley Chubb
Parent Facilitator
Patrick Henry High School

To the recollection of myself and the other adult moderator, it seems that the sample products we saw online were more robust and diverse than what we actually wound up from being able to sell. Having purchased myself, I honestly think that there was a significant mark up on the product which would account for the organization being able to make 40% of the profit.

Dena DeSantis
Fair Lawn High School Interact Club

Service was very good. the only reason for not having five stars is because we are still waiting on one case to be delivered.

Lance Quilling
Band Director
Santa Fe Trail High School

The product was very tasty, the only thing was the cost of shipping. Many people didn't want to support because of the shipping price.

Danielle Goolsby

This is the 3rd year we have used Big Fundraising Ideas to help us raise money for our class. We enjoy working with them.

Brenna Autrey
Class Advisor
Guilderland High School

Except for limited coffee choices in the online store, everything was great.

Brandie Gwaltney
Career & Technical High School

Absolutely no complaints! We love how everything is separated out into bags for us and ready to go. Shipping is always fast, even the back orders were right behind the first set of orders. Always a pleasure working with your company!

Katie Cook
Paoli High School

Excellent experience! I loved the no upfront fees and 40% profit for our group! It's a win/win for all involved and we plan to do this fundraiser every year! I think we'll get even better results once we return to in-person learning next year. Thank you!

Ryan Triece
Business Educator and FBLA Adviser
Overland High School FBLA

High school students next to lockersHow Do High School Fundraisers Work?

Of the 17 million U.S. high school students, about 90% are doing extracurricular activities.

Everyone's looking for more creative high school fundraising ideas. That's where we come in. With over 100 best-selling products, you'll find the perfect fundraiser for your group.

Sponsors can either have their students take orders out of a brochure or sell an “in hand” product.

Brochure fundraising requires us to ship supplies to your group before you start. You'll receive brochures, order forms, prize flyers, and money collection envelopes.

Distribute these items at your kickoff meeting to the group. Instruct students to collect orders by showing their brochure to people they know.

After 2 weeks of selling, send us your order forms for processing. We'll send you a sales report along with your invoice and schedule your delivery date.

Each high school student receives an individually-boxed order to make distribution simple.

Or, if you decide to sell the product up front, submit a purchase order. Once we ship the product, distribute it to your students with a deadline date to return the money. Invoices are due within 15 days after receiving the product.


High school students looking at cell phoneWhy Our High School Fundraising Programs?

  • Top Quality. Many people are already looking to buy the merchandise we offer. We price our products to sell and offer great value.
  • Huge Selection. Your high school group will enjoy selling our products. Sell a single product like a custom school tumbler, pizza, or a brochure with a variety of options.
  • Prepacked Orders. No sorting required. Students pick up their boxes and go.
  • Free Incentives. Sellers can earn cash, customized school sportswear, or cool prizes.
  • Bonus Online Selling. Make more money online. Only want to sell virtually? Learn about our online fundraising ideas for schools.
  • Free Shipping. No charge to ship eCommerce product orders, and low order requirements for brochure sales.
  • Customer Response. Our goal is exceptional service and to make your fundraiser simple and easy.
  • No Upfront Charge. Book a high school fundraiser today for free.

Questions About High School Fundraisers

What are some good fundraisers for high school groups?

Consider unique school fundraising ideas that other groups don’t offer. For example, discount cards, flowers, pizza, or a custom high school tumbler.

What are some high profit fundraisers for schools?

The most popular are seasonal brochures, cookie dough, frozen food and popcorn.

What are some high school creative fundraising ideas that are fast and easy?

Beef jerky and snack bars are healthier alternatives to selling candy. Scratch cards are another great option and can earn your group up to 90% profit.

How do I raise money for my high school booster club?

Booster clubs are always looking to try something new. Try selling something that can be personalized with your school name and logo. Tumblers, discount cards or scratch cards are great examples.

What is the profit percent for high school fundraisers?

Profit is usually 40% and can be higher depending on the type of product.

When should we start a high school fundraiser?

Plan ahead and start your fundraiser earlier than later. The sooner you approach people, the less likely they’ve already been approached by others to buy.

How can we get more high school students to sell?

Consider adding an extra incentive.

High school students giving thumbs upHigh School Fundraiser Suggestions & Tips

  • Keep your students focused on the end goal while breaking the sale down into smaller daily goals.
  • For brochure fundraisers, have students carry a ballpoint pen. Make sure orders are legible.
  • Continue to emphasize the importance of collecting money up front with the order. Any checks are payable to your organization.
  • For direct sale products, use a tracking sheet. Collect student information and document the number of distributed items.
  • During your kickoff meeting, ask high school students to create a list of prospects.
  • Simplify your students' sales pitch by giving them an easy script to use.
  • Students should verify their order is correct before taking it home for distribution.
More High School Fundraising Ideas

High school is all about school spirit. Capitalizing on this enthusiasm is where you’ll find the most profit in your fundraiser.

No matter what product you choose, you’ll be able to create something that's simple and profitable. You want to sell a product that generates big wins for your organization.

One of the best times to promote your sale is during a kickoff meeting for a student organization. Especially one where you’re setting big goals for the year. Many students will look forward to the chance to contribute to their group’s cause.

Consider forming fundraising committees with a mix of student and parent volunteers. This can enhance your level of engagement, and help get fundraiser buy-in. These students can be vital ambassadors for your organization’s fundraiser.

Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity for a high school fundraiser. We offer several high school fundraising ideas, like Popcornopolis®, or Yummy Hearts Lollipops. Customers can choose from 6 popcorn flavors that come pre-wrapped in bouquet-style arrangements.

A fun way to sell these would be to include Valentine’s Day cards with each purchase. This makes a quick and easy gift for that special sweetheart! This is an elevated take on Valentine Candy-Grams. Plan to start this fundraiser in early January in time for a pre-Valentine’s Day delivery. Check out high school selling success secrets

Pizza is the perfect item to sell to parents and teachers. Most high school student have heated up a pizza after school.

For classic high school fundraising ideas, 'Gift Collection' is a great option. With homewares and kitchen gadgets, it's ideal to whip out at a family gathering or dinner party. Or even at the office break room for busy executives without time to shop.

Some brochures also offer magazine subscriptions. Does anyone you know work at a doctor’s office or somewhere with a long wait? Try selling those subscriptions that regularly need updating. Maybe even bring your brochure along to your next teeth cleaning!

Older students never outgrow enticing prizes, and our prize programs are attention getters. You can challenge high school students with a 'Wear Your Spirit' prize program. This program creates an atmosphere charged with energy and school pride. Students can show off their success.

High schoolers will also love prizes in the form of cash. With our cash prize programs, the more they sell, the more cash they’re awarded (and the school makes a great profit, too!).

Your students can win up to $200 if they reach the highest level of the 'Master Blaster' prize program! And we'll award an extra $25 to the student who happens to be the first day top seller.