Cash Prizes

Money is a powerful motivator. The more students sell, the more they can earn.

  • Prize money does not come out of your profit.
  • Each student receives a prize flyer.
  • Students must sell 12 or more brochure to win a cash prize.
  • You’ll receive one check based on the total cash earned by all participants once your invoice is paid in full.
  • To be eligible for the $25.00 ‘Early Bird Bonus’ you must contact us the day after your kickoff with the name of your 1st day top seller and how many items they sold.

We offer 2 cash prize programs:

Cash Master

Cash Master is for groups who need a slightly higher profit in exchange for their sellers receiving lower cash awards. Your group receives 40% profit on all merchandise sold.

Master Blaster

Master Blaster is for sponsors who want to motivate their sellers with higher cash awards in exchange for receiving a lower group profit. Your group receives 35% profit on all merchandise sold.

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