College Fundraising Ideas

College Fundraising Ideas

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College Fundraisers

Fundraising as part of a college age group can be one of the easiest and most straight-forward of any sales campaign. With this demographic, it’s less about the sales pitch and more about the actual cause. Focus on creatively targeting your audience and engaging them in the purpose behind the project. For instance, if you’re raising money to create promotional materials to generate excitement and interest in student government, try selling the pretzel rods with a clever note or informational card attached. College students are simple customers: they’re much more likely to spend their money on causes they care about and tasty snacks.

Creative College Fundraising Ideas

Kendel Tumblers are a perfect example of attracting attention to the cause behind your college fundraiser. Because they’re customizable, you can integrate a logo that’s relevant to the purpose of your fundraiser to not only spread support, but also to create a talking point about an important social issue. If you sell them alongside some freshly brewed coffee, these 20 oz. mugs will definitely get everyone through their 8 a.m. classes. These mugs are perfect for collegiate teams, sororities, or any club that could feature a group photo in the design. Consider getting a local roaster to donate some coffee, and offer a free cup for anyone who has purchased a tumbler during exam week.

Or maybe it’s Earth Day and you want to start an initiative to beautify the campus. Try selling flower seeds to students who live off campus and want to spruce up their yards a little. The Spring Flowers brochure even features fruit seeds, which could be marketed in a culinary fundraiser direction. Students who are interested in sustainability will find this to be a particularly appealing college fundraising idea.

Maximize Profit with a College Fundraiser

Among the most profitable college fundraising ideas will without a doubt be a snack related item. If you’ve ever stepped foot on a college campus early morning or mid afternoon you know foot traffic is prominent - and fast paced. Many students will skip meals because the dining halls are too far from class or they don’t have enough time, and a quick snack is essential. Know your audience, and cater to their needs! Park your fundraiser at a high-traffic spot where paths cross and students are everywhere and you’re sure to grab attention. The Variety Pack Popcorn and beef sticks are ideal for these spots. It’s never too early to plan ahead for a grumbly stomach after a three-hour lecture.

More College Fundraising Tips

Don’t forget that when you’re fundraising on a college campus, you’re dealing with adults. Make sure that your fundraiser makes sense and that your intent is genuine. Millennials are a tough marketing audience, because they can see through gimmicks. All the snacks in the world can’t save you from a student who is already in a rush and feels you’re being too pushy. Check out how to fundraise for a cause


Great college fundraising ideas are often born out of ingenuity. If you pair your product with a charity, organization, or team that makes sense to others, you’ll be on the road to reaching your financial goals.