College Fundraising Ideas

College Fundraising Ideas

Fast & easy college fundraising ideas

Keep college fundraising simple. Raise money fast without having to build your fundraiser from the ground up.

No startup fees. We’ll provide everything your group needs to fundraise without any upfront costs.

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How Do College Fundraisers Work?

Joining clubs allows collegians to grow their network while honing important skills. But groups need money and fundraising can be exhausting. This leaves little time and energy for your ultimate purpose.

We can help your group raise money fast and without the startup costs.

There are 2 ways college groups raise money with us. They can take orders using a brochure, or order and sell a product “in hand”.

If you prefer to collect money first, a brochure sale is best. We have several college fundraising ideas to choose from. Show items in a seasonal shopper, cookie dough, frozen food, or specialty brochure.

We’ll send you brochures for everyone in your organization. You'll also receive order forms and money collection envelopes. After your sale is over, send us your order forms.

Your profit is the difference between the amount you collect and your invoice. Once we process your order, we’ll ship you your merchandise prepacked by group members. You'll also receive a sales report for your records.

Another option is to order the product first, then distribute it to your group to sell. You can sell items like popcorn, beef jerky, or pretzel rods.

Order your product online using our purchase order form. Payment is due within 15 days from the date that you receive your product.

Why Our College Fundraising Programs?

  • Larger Selection. We offer over 100 different brochures and products to choose from. You’ll be able to find the perfect college fundraiser.
  • Higher Value. Our customers sell the highest-quality consumer-based merchandise in the fundraising industry. People already want what you’ll be selling.
  • Simple & Easy. We prepack brochure orders by seller, making delivery a breeze.
  • Higher Profits. Make up to 90% profit.
  • Low Minimums. Our order minimums are reasonable and we offer free shipping.
  • Promote Your Web Store. Add a 2nd revenue stream. Sell out of a brochure and online. Only sell virtually? See our virtual fundraising ideas for college clubs.
  • Dedicated Customer Service We’re available anytime you have questions. Just give us a call or send us an email.
  • Start a Fundraiser for Free. You don’t pay anything up front. We’ll send you everything you need with no cost to start.

Questions about College Fundraisers

  1. What are some cheap college fundraising ideas?

    Consider offering ‘impulsive-buy’ products. It's hard to resist items like popcorn, candy, or beef jerky.

  2. What are the most successful college fundraisers?

    We recommend selling scratch cards or discount cards. Personalize either one with your group name and picture. This is also a great way to promote your club and cause.

  3. What are some unique fundraising ideas for college groups?

    Promote school spirit and unity by offering a custom tumbler with your name, colors, and logo. Before selling any product related to your school, find out if there is an approval process.

  4. How long do college fundraisers last?

    If you’re selling out of a brochure, we recommend 2 full weeks. To sell a product, give your group 1 week.

  5. Why is product fundraising effective?

    Groups raise almost $2 billion each year selling products. The advantage to working with a company is a lot of the work is done for you. Thus, you don’t need to design and develop your own fundraiser from scratch. Learn more

College Fundraiser Suggestions & Tips

  • Use our ‘Calculate Our Profit’ tool to find out how much money your group can raise. You can even find out how much product you should order. Enter the number of members in your group and how much you want each participant to sell.
  • Plan ahead to ensure your products are delivered before an extended holiday or school break.
  • If selling out of a brochure be sure to also promote your online store using social media, text, and email.
  • Have a sales goal for your group as well as an individual goal for each club member.
  • Be sure to check in with your sellers periodically to make sure they’re on track to reaching their sales goal.


College Fundraisers

Fundraising as part of a college group can be one of the most straight-forward of any sales campaign. With this demographic, it’s less about the sales pitch and more about the actual cause. Focus on targeting your audience and engaging them in the purpose behind the project.

Say you need promotional materials to generate excitement and interest in student government. Try selling the pretzel rods with a clever note or informational card attached.

College students are simple customers. They’re much more likely to spend their money on causes they care about, and for a tasty snack.

Creative College Fundraising Ideas

Kendal Tumblers are a perfect example. They'll attract attention to the cause behind your college fundraiser. Because they’re customizable, you can add a logo that’s relevant to the purpose of your fundraiser.

Personalized items are versatile. You can gain support while creating a talking point around an important social issue.

If you sell them alongside some freshly brewed coffee, these 20 oz. mugs will definitely get everyone through their 8 a.m. classes. These mugs are perfect for teams, sororities, or any club that could feature a group photo in the design.

Consider getting a local roaster to donate some coffee. You can then offer a free cup for anyone who purchases a tumbler during exam week.

Or maybe it’s Earth Day and you want to start an initiative to beautify the campus. Try selling flower seeds to students who live off campus and want to spruce up their yards a little.

The Spring Flowers brochure even features fruit seeds. You could market them in a culinary fundraiser direction. Those interested in sustainability may find this an appealing college fundraising idea. Learn how to start your own college club

Maximize Profits with a College Fundraiser

Among the most profitable college fundraising ideas will be a snack related item. If you’ve ever stepped foot on a college campus early morning or mid-afternoon foot traffic is prominent.

Many students skip meals because the dining halls are too far from class. Or they don’t have enough time, and a quick snack is essential.

Know your audience, and cater to their needs! Park your fundraiser in a high-traffic spot. You’re sure to grab attention where paths cross and students are everywhere.

The variety pack popcorn and beef sticks are ideal for these spots. It’s never too early to plan ahead for a grumbly stomach after a three-hour lecture.

More College Fundraising Tips

Don’t forget, when you’re fundraising on a college campus, you’re dealing with adults. Make sure your cause makes sense and your intent is genuine.

College students are a tough marketing audience because they can see through gimmicks. All the snacks in the world can’t save you from a student who is already in a rush and feels you’re being too pushy. Check out how to fundraise for a cause

Great college fundraising ideas are often born out of ingenuity. If you pair your product with an organization that makes sense, you’ll be on the road to reaching your goals.