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How Do School Fundraisers Work?

The first thing you need to do is decide how you want to sell our products. We offer 2 ways that groups can raise money:

  1. Order Taker Method
  2. Direct Sale

Order Taker Method

If you want to take orders first, we’ll send you a brochure, order form, prize incentive flyer, and money collection envelope for each student in your group. Once you’re school fundraiser has started, students show the brochure to neighbors, family and friends and ask them to purchase 1 or more items. Money is collected up front with the order.

At the end of the sale you’ll collect the order forms and money envelopes from your students. Send us your order forms for processing after you’ve deposited the money in your account. We’ll then send you your sales reports, invoice and schedule your delivery. Your orders arrive already prepacked by seller to make distribution easy. Your profit is the difference between what you initially deposit in your school account and the amount shown on your invoice.

Direct Sale

Or, you can order your product up front and then sell it direct to consumers. In this case, instead of having a brochure to show, your students would have the actual product in their hands.

It’s important to know how much product you’ll need, since you’re ordering the actual product up front. In this case, 2 questions need to be answered:

  1. How many sellers do you have?
  2. How many items do you want them to sell?

We provide a handy ‘Calculate Your Profit’ tool on each of our product pages that will tell you how much to order, and the amount of money you'll raise.

Most schools submit a purchase order up front and then payment would be due within 15 days after receiving your product.

What Makes Our School Fundraising Programs Better?

  • Popular Consumer-Based Merchandise – Whether you choose to take orders, or sell our products up front, your customers are getting quality products at a great price.
  • Largest Selection – We offer the largest variety of school fundraisers in the entire industry. Pick from our fall and spring shoppers, cookie dough, frozen food, popcorn, custom mugs, candy bars and much more!
  • Full-time Customer Assistance – We’re always available to answer your questions.
  • Free Shipping – We don’t charge any shipping fees for our direct sale products, and have low minimums for our brochure sales.
  • No Up Front Money Needed – Start your fundraiser today for free. We don’t require any payment until you’ve collected your money.

Questions About School Fundraisers

  1. Why do we have school fundraisers? Supplemental money is often needed to pay for educational projects and events that aren’t already covered by the school district. Learn more
  2. What are the best fundraisers for schools? There are many ways that schools can raise money. For example, they can have events, drives or sell products. Previous sales history and experience is often used to determine the method that works best. Schools raise about $1.7 billion annually selling merchandise.
  3. Why do schools have so many fundraisers? Oftentimes, schools end up having several smaller sales to help meet existing financial needs instead of scheduling 1 or 2 larger ones in advance.
  4. How long do school fundraisers last? It depends on the type of sale. Events like a carnival takes place over a day or evening; however much more work goes into planning an event. Selling items out of a brochure typically takes 2 weeks to give people enough time to collect orders and money.
  5. What is the easiest fundraiser? The simplest sales campaigns are those that don’t require a lot of up front work and can be completed in a shorter time-frame. Some products, like lollipops or beef jerky, can be sold in 5 days or less.
  6. What are some good fundraising ideas for schools? Variety sells, so large fall and spring brochures, Otis Spunkmeyer® cookie dough and Auntie Anne’s® frozen food are all popular programs.

School Fundraising Ideas & Tips

  • Make sure your students know your purpose and how much money needs to be raised.
  • Set a reasonable sales goal for your students and have them break it down into manageable daily goals.
  • Have a kickoff meeting to let your students know how the fundraiser will work and what your objectives are.
  • Encourage students to only approach people they know and trust.
  • Remind them to promote selling online to family and friends.
  • Regularly remind students to stay focused on making sales.
  • Consider adding extra incentives to bring in more money.
  • Reduce potential sales fatigue by limiting your group to 1 or 2 school fundraisers a year.

Top School Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising events are held in more than 90% of elementary schools, as well as a majority of middle and high schools. They account for 80% of the money used to fund extracurriculars. This means school fundraisers are essential to helping raise money for the educational opportunities that assist students in finding their passions.

School Fundraisers for All Ages

Raising money is a part of nearly every student’s experience. That’s why Big Fundraising Ideas offers a variety of product and brochure fundraisers. From item-in-hand school fundraisers, like pretzel rods and lollipops, to gourmet kitchenware brochures, your group can find a fundraising program that appeals to everyone.

With our turnkey school fundraising programs, where product selection, marketing, and logistics are made easy and efficient, schools can focus on selling items and raising money.

Nowadays, raising money goes far beyond traditional campaigns like cookie dough or discount cards (although these still make excellent programs!). In fact, your fundraiser can feature deluxe frozen pies, smencils, customized apparel, and even Auntie Anne’s pretzels or Cinnabon rolls. Kids, teens and adults will all find a sales program that appeals to their passion and fuel them to make sales.

Fundraising Tips for Schools

School fundraisers are most successful when schools set goals, consider their audience, and encourage engagement. Often, school fundraising goals are tied to a specific need or project, like new playground equipment or textbooks for fifth grade science. Determining how much your school needs to raise is a great way to help you pick the right product or brochure.

Schools must consider their audience, however. If your school is in a predominately young neighborhood, fancier kitchen gadgets may have less appeal to new families on entry-level incomes. However, lots of single-family homes are perfect for gourmet food offerings, like pizzas and pies, that make every mom’s life a little bit easier. A little research up front will go a long way in setting you up for a successful sale. Learn how to sell for school fundraisers

Finally, be sure to pick a fundraising product students can get excited about. Sports teams will love things they can customize to foster school spirit, while younger students will love treats and items they can use and enjoy.

Fundraising with Us

Sales campaigns can be overwhelming, depending on the resources and support your school has to offer. Choosing Big Fundraising Ideas allows you access to decades of experience with industry leading products and prize programs. We’ve helped school fundraisers increase their participation, drive up revenues, and reach big goals by offering a variety of products and exciting incentives, like Big Event Prize Programs.

These experiential prize programs allow students the chance to participate in a super fun event to celebrate their success with low item requirements. Schools routinely report a major upsurge in participation with Big Events, which dramatically increases their school fundraising revenue.

If your fundraiser is looking to elevate its sales goals and achieve bigger results, start your journey to success with Big Fundraising Ideas.