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School Fundraisers

School Fundraisers
School Fundraisers
school fundraisers

School fundraising ideas that boost profits.

Unique elementary, middle, and high school fundraisers. Fall and spring shoppers, cookie dough, gourmet popcorn, personalized gifts, and more.

Fast & easy profits. Get everything you need to succeed. Start your fundraiser today for free.

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What Our Customers Say


Kids love the lollipops and always bring money to buy them. We are doing great with sales and have been able to do somethings for people in need because of it.

Kathy Workmann
Pleasanton Elementary

The catalog we picked for our fundraiser was filled with lots of interesting products that appealed to a variety of people.

Danielle Sawyer
Senior Class Advisor
Scotia Glenville High School

The prize program was excellent and the magician was fantastic!

Diane Justice
Administrative Secretary
Cave Spring Elementary

We were able to complete online sales during COVID to support our scholarship fund.

Terri Randall
William Floyd High School

Great communications with this company!

Tammy Hicks
PTO President
Georgiana PTO

Overall, this was a great fundraiser for our kids. Many sold more than what they thought they would. The products were very easy to sell.

Jessica Friot
Class Advisor
Edwards-Knox Central School

Wide variety of things available to purchase.

Pam Siewert
Choir Director
Arcadia High School

We had a good experience with the fall fundraiser. Order forms & product arrived when expected, all orders were complete & only 1 item was damaged.

Sharon Zsoldos
PTA Sponsor
Lincoln Elementary School

I enjoyed working with you. The overall service that we received was exceptional and product quality was outstanding.

Ann Ohmann
Warhill High School Band Boosters

The products seemed to be liked by all buyers. Students tried their best to sell as many items as possible. They enjoyed selling and enjoyed their incentives.

Raul Gonzalez
Assistant Principal
Lyford Elementary

As this was our first time using a catalog based fundraiser, I must say it was a great experience for us. Had this not been our last year at Fort Green Prep, we would have definitely used you guys again next year. Being the contact person I appreciated that all of my questions were answered in a timely manner. I had all of the materials that I needed, and the instructions were easy to follow and carry through.

Urasia Clayburne
PTA Co-President
Fort Greene Preparatory Academy

Everything went well with the fundraiser! It was an easy experience setting everything up, and I had great service when I did have any questions.

Tyler Antio
Trillium Academy

It was a good experience. I received a lot of help when I needed it, which was great since this was my first fundraiser.

Laura White
Advanced Technology Complex

Very good! Lisa and Clay are wonderful to work with. Our orders were almost perfect. We had 1 person missing an item.

Peggy Volk Johnson
PTO President
Third Creek Elementary

The magic show was so good that I'll like to have him back every year!

Maureen Stevens
PTA Fundraiser Chairman
Welder Elementary

High school girls swim meetHow Do School Fundraisers Work?

Each year schools raise about $1.7 billion selling merchandise. We know it works.

But before you start, decide how to sell our products. We offer three ways to raise money:

  1. Take brochure orders
  2. Make sales online
  3. Sell a product in hand
Brochure Fundraising

If you want to take orders first, we'll send you what you need before your start. Each student gets a brochure, order form, prize flyer, and money envelope. Students then show the brochure to neighbors, family, and friends and ask them to buy one or more items. Money collection takes place up front with the order.

Once finished, deposit the money in your account and send us your order forms. We'll then send you a sales report and invoice and schedule delivery. Orders arrive packed by the seller to make distribution easy. Your profit is the difference between what you initially deposited and the invoice.

All of our brochure programs include an online store. This gives students a 2nd way to raise money.

Online Fundraisers

If you want to sell online exclusively, If you want your group to make sales online exclusively, check out our online school fundraisers. There's nothing easier. You have no order forms or money to collect and no product deliveries. Everything ships directly to the customer's home. And to top it off, we offer exclusive prize programs that can make selling online even more fun and rewarding!

Sell Direct

Another option is to order your product up front and then sell it directly to consumers. Instead of using a brochure, your students would have the product in hand.

Knowing how much to order is essential since you receive the product upfront. You'll need to ask:

  1. What is the size of your group?
  2. How much do you want them to sell?

We provide a handy 'Calculate Your Profit' tool on each product page. You'll know how much to order and how much your group will raise.

To get started, submit a purchase order. Payment is due within 15 days of receiving your product.

Elementary school student field tripWhat Makes Our School Fundraising Programs Better?

  • Excellent Value. Whether you take orders or sell a product, your customers receive excellent quality at a great price.
  • Largest Selection. We offer the largest variety of school fundraisers in the industry. Pick from seasonal gifts, cookie dough, frozen food, popcorn, candy bars, and more!
  • Dedicated Customer Care We're always available to answer your questions.
  • Free Shipping. We don't charge for shipping our direct sale products and having low minimums for our brochure programs.
  • No Up Front Money Needed. Start your fundraiser for free—no payment until after you've collected the money from your customers.

Questions About School Fundraisers

Why do we have school fundraisers?

Many school districts can’t fund extracurricular projects and events, so fundraising is a viable option.

What are the best fundraisers for schools?

There are many ways that schools can raise money. For example, they can have events, drives, or sell products. Previous sales experience is often used to determine the method that works best.

How much do school fundraisers make?

It usually depends on the size of the group. Smaller organizations can make $1,000 or more. Large school-wide groups often bring in over $50,000.

Why do schools have so many fundraisers?

Schools have several minor unplanned sales to meet existing financial needs. Instead, they should take the time to plan 1 or 2 larger ones.

How long do school fundraisers last?

It depends on the type of sale. Events like a carnival occur over a day or evening, but much more work goes into planning an event. A product sale typically lasts one to two weeks to give people time to collect orders and money.

What is the easiest fundraiser?

The most straightforward sales campaigns don’t require much upfront work. Groups can also complete them in a shorter time frame. Some products, like lollipops or beef jerky, can sell out in 5 days or less.

What are some good fundraising ideas for schools?

Variety sells, so consider fall or spring brochures that offer many items. Well-known brand names like Otis Spunkmeyer® and Cinnabon® are popular programs.

How to fundraise for a school?

To fundraise for a school, start by setting clear goals, creating a fundraising team, and leveraging various channels like events, online platforms, and community outreach.

Best school fundraising ideas?

Consider popular ideas like bake sales, silent auctions, car washes, crowdfunding campaigns, and themed events to engage students, parents, and the community.

Ways to make money for school fundraisers?

Generate funds through ticket sales, donations, sponsorships, merchandise sales, raffles, and partnerships with local businesses.

School fundraising benefits?

Fundraising enhances educational resources, supports extracurricular activities, fosters community involvement, and promotes a sense of pride among students and supporters.

Examples of school fundraisers?

Explore options such as event-based (carnivals, auctions), product-based (selling items), service-based (car washes), and digital fundraisers (crowdfunding, online auctions).

How to have a successful school fundraiser?

Plan strategically, promote widely, involve students and parents, offer attractive incentives, communicate the purpose, and express gratitude to supporters for a successful school fundraiser.

Elementary school student huddleSchool Fundraising Ideas & Tips

  • Ensure your students understand your purpose and how much money their group needs to raise.
  • Set reasonable fundraising goals for your students. Also, have them break the sale down into more manageable daily goals.
  • Have a kickoff meeting with your students. Let them know how the fundraiser will work and what your objectives are.
  • Encourage students only to approach people they know and trust.
  • Remind them to sell online to out-of-town family and friends.
  • Keep students focused on making sales.
  • Consider adding extra incentives to bring in more money.
  • Reduce potential sales fatigue by limiting your group to 1 or 2 school fundraisers a year.
More Ideas For School Fundraisers

More than 90% of elementary schools have fundraising events. The majority of middle and high schools need them as well. They account for 80% of the money used to fund extracurriculars.

School fundraisers are essential. They help create educational opportunities that assist students in finding their passions.

Raising money is a part of nearly every student’s experience. That’s why we offer a huge selection of products and brochures. Choose an item-in-hand school fundraiser, like pretzel rods or lollipops.

Try our gourmet kitchenware brochure if you want more product variety. Your group will find a fundraising program that appeals to everyone.

We make logistics easy and efficient. With our turnkey programs and marketing, you can focus on selling items and raising money.

Nowadays, raising money goes far beyond traditional campaigns like cookie dough or discount cards (although these still make excellent programs!). Your fundraiser can feature deluxe frozen pies, themed smencils, or customized apparel.

You can even sell Auntie Anne’s® pretzels or Cinnabon® rolls. Kids, teens, and adults will all find a sales program that appeals to their passion and fuels them to make sales.

School fundraisers can be very successful. Make sure to set goals, consider your audience, and encourage engagement. Goals are normally tied to a need, like a new playground or textbooks for fifth-grade science. Determining how much your school needs to raise is a great way to help you pick the right product or brochure.

But schools must also consider their audience. Your school may be in a predominately younger neighborhood. Fancier kitchen gadgets may have less appeal to new families on entry-level incomes.

Many single-family homes are perfect for gourmet food offerings. Consider pizzas or pies that make every mom’s life a little easier. A little upfront research will go a long way in setting you up for a successful sale. Learn how to sell for school fundraisers.

Finally, pick a fundraising product students can get excited about. Sports teams will love things they can customize to foster school spirit. Younger students will enjoy selling treats and items they can use and enjoy.

Sales campaigns can be overwhelming. They depend on resources and volunteer support. We offer decades of experience, industry-leading products, and motivational prize programs.

Our school fundraisers increase participation, drive revenues, and achieve big goals. We offer a variety of products and special incentives, like Big Event Prize Programs.

These experiential prize programs allow students to participate in a super fun event. And they get to celebrate their success with low sales requirements. Schools routinely report a major upsurge in participation with our event incentive plans. This dramatically boosts school fundraising profits.

If you want to achieve bigger results, start your journey with Big Fundraising Ideas.