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Online Fundraisers

Online Fundraisers
Online Fundraisers
Online Fundraisers

10 Best Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Use the power of the internet to raise money selling products online. No person to person contact and no school deliveries.

Keep fundraising simple. Sell popcorn, cookie dough, candles, wrapping paper, customizable gifts, and more, completely online!

Sell cookies, candy & snacks, gift items, jewelry, kitchenware, and much more.
Kitchenware, home accessories, novelty gifts, popcorn & snacks. Over 500 items.
Select stainless kitchenware items, home accessories, novelty gifts, & wrapping paper.
Variety of kitchenware, home gadgets & customizable products. Over 2,000 items.
13 flavors, like chocolate chip, peanut butter, & oatmeal raisin. Includes edible dough.
Sell our 6 best selling popcorn flavors online. No in person selling or group deliveries.
Premium quality licensed NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, and collegiate stainless tumblers.
A green & eco-friendly alternative. Earn 50% profit. Orders ship to the customer.
Offer the highest quality candles and wax melts in fundraising. 8 unique categories.
Feature a variety of delicious cheese spreads, flavored sausages & gourmet mixes.

What Our Customers Say



Monique Robinson
CEO / Founder
A Better Chance for Youth Futures, Inc.

We sold candles.

Lorie Baldwin
Lawrence High School

This fundraiser worked well for Kingston Catholic. 100% on-line, with very little work on the part of the school.

Jill Albert
Kingston Catholic School

One customer's purchase was damaged, and customer service quickly resolved the situation by sending a new item. We are still waiting on the fundraiser check though, which should have arrived two weeks ago. Clay looked into the situation said it will be in the mail on Monday.

Judy Scheidecker
Freshman Advisor
Woodbridge High School

Service was great, questions were always answered quickly, and support was provided throughout our event.

Lee Ann Young
Fundraiser Coordinator
Abbett Elementary

The variety and the timing of the fundraiser were the keys to success! We started just prior to Thanksgiving break and ended on 12/11. Perfect timing, the mindset of the consumer is just right during these dates!

Ryan Triece
Business Educator and FBLA Adviser
Overland High School FBLA

We raised money for our French club during remote learning. It was a really easy process.

Scott Stafiej
Ichabod Crane High School

Clay was very easy to communicate with, and I enjoyed every aspect of this experience. Highly recommend.

Jonathan Reimers
Assistant Principal
Temple Christian Academy

Aside from the cookie dough shipping cost, this was an effective fundraiser.

Jenna Shearer
School Counselor
Summit Learning Charter

Our sales person, Clay, was always responsive and supportive, he gets 5 stars, however the process left much to be desired as it was outdated and disappointing, two stars. 1. No individual store and/or seller options not precipitated to make it easier for the buyer, 2. The shipping selection should have only been set to ship to purchaser but buyers were allowed to select a central pick up when we clearly communicated that we did not desire that option and 3. No leader board.

The reporting was not real time and was dependent upon a company employee to generate it daily, multiple days this was not done. Our youth were in a competition of who could sale the most and this process did not work well for that. When I read that this is a pop up shop and receive instructions for the youth the register, I expect things to be more automated. Given that the company retains 60% of the sales, I highly recommend investing some of that in upgrading the technology as to make this process smoother and more rewarding for the participating youth programs.

LeAnne Mason
Committee Chair
Omicron Theta Zeta Youth Auxiliary

I had a great experience. The service was prompt and I always appreciate that!

Brandi Lowe
Academic Coach
Crawford County High School

I'm happy that our class has a little more money for upcoming events. I'm disappointed that more of them didn't participate but I'm really impressed by how a few of our students stepped up! Thank you for making the fundraiser pretty easy and straightforward.

Vicky Greene
Class Advisor
Lake George High School

I thought it went surprisingly well! I think it was quite easy to sell and promote our fundraiser. If anything, I personally saw the individual sellers as confusing but I can see how it would work better for a classroom group.

Brittani Meis
CSU Circle K President
Colorado State University

We enjoyed using Big Fundraising. It was nice to have a 100% virtual fundraiser.

Deanna Sawyer
Daphne Elementary School

Clay was always very helpful and prompt in his responses.

Michelle Pali
NJHS Advisor
Faiss Middle School

Family using laptopHow Does Online Fundraising Work?

Instead of asking for donations, sell products using the internet. U.S. Consumers spent $601.75 billion online in 2019 alone. Everyone is looking for innovative ways to make raising money easier.

Touchless fundraisers will expand your market. You don't have to take catalog orders in person. Instead, ask your group to direct friends and family to your online store. After they place their order, we’ll ship them their product, and you receive a profit.

Sellers can use our email generator, social media tool, and text feature to reach more people. To learn more, see our online fundraising ideas & tips section.


Dad and daughter on tabletWhy Our Online Fundraisers?

  • No Face to Face Selling. Generate sales by inviting people to your online store.
  • Larger Market. Expand your reach nationwide.
  • Realtime Sales Updates: You’ll know which group members are selling and how much, anytime.
  • Higher Profits: You make up to 50% profit off every product sold.
  • No Paperwork. No order forms to deal with or money to collect.
  • No Group Deliveries. You don’t receive any shipments which means there’s nothing to deliver. Merchandise ships direct to the customer.
  • 100% Product Guarantee. We work directly with your buyers to take care of any product issues.
  • Great Customer Service. Our goal is a fast and easy sale.
  • No Startup Cost. We won’t charge you to set up your store. And there’s no order minimums either. Sign up for your online fundraiser today for free.

Questions About Online Fundraisers

How do online fundraisers work?

Group members promote your online store people using email, social media and text. You make up to 50% profit off every purchase.

What are your most profitable products?

Our biggest sellers are popcorn and cookie dough. Flowers are a unique fundraising idea. Or you can offer a large selection of products. Variety sells because people have more options.

How do we set up an online fundraiser?

To get started, select a product and submit a ‘start a fundraiser’ form. We’ll then send you your online store ‘getting started’ instructions and access information.

What are some good online fundraising ideas for schools?

When selling products, be sure to get participants to register. This way they’ll be able to share their unique store link with friends and family. It's also important to remind them to keep sharing the link throughout the sale.

Does it cost any money to set up an online fundraiser?

There is no cost to set up, start and run an online product sale.

How do we track our online sales?

You'll have access to your online sales dashboard so you can check your progress anytime.

Can people give a donation instead?

People have the opportunity to donate as well.

How long do virtual fundraisers last?

We recommend keeping your store open for 2 weeks.

How do we get our money for an online fundraiser?

<p>Your profit check is processed within 15 business days of the close of your store.</p>

Are there any online shipping fees?

Only the buyer pays a fee to ship them their product. Many of our programs also offer free shipping to the customer once a certain dollar amount is ordered.

College student using cell phoneOnline Fundraising Suggestions & Tips

  • Schedule a virtual kickoff meeting with your group members. There are plenty of free collaborative software tools available. Learn more
  • Set a seller goal. This helps your sellers understand what it’s going to take to help the group succeed.
  • Ongoing communication with your sellers throughout your fundraiser is key to your success.
  • Smaller groups can meet online to also discuss individual sales progress.
  • Remind your group on a regular basis how long they have left to sell. This helps create a sense of urgency. Stores typically stay open for 2 weeks.
  • Plan your online fundraiser around a special occasion or holiday. This gives people more reasons to buy.
  • Encourage sellers to also buy for themselves, their friends, and family.
More Ideas for Online Fundraisers

Hopefully, you’ve determined how much money your group needs. Now you need to communicate what it’s going to take to reach your goal. Before your sale, run your numbers. For example, if you’re selling $15 items and you reach the 40% profit level, you’ll make $6 per item. Divide that number into the total amount needed. So a $3,000 need will require selling 500 items.

Finally, divide the number of items by your group size. If you have 50 sellers, each member will need to sell 10 items.

Another way to determine your profit is to use our ‘Calculate Your Profit’ tool. Simply enter your group size and seller goal. The calculator will then determine how much you’ll make. You'll find this feature on each online product page.

So why is setting a fundraiser goal important? Because it gives your sellers a guide and it lets them know what you expect. Every project has a start and an end point. Knowing how far they have to go will provide them with feedback and encouragement.

Accountability is important. Group members are much more likely to sell if they know you’re monitoring their progress. We make it possible for you to log into your portal to see who’s sold and how much. This instantaneous feedback gives you the opportunity to check in with your sellers.

You can then make corrective measures before it’s too late. This is one advantage online selling has over in person brochure sales. With a catalog sale, you don’t know how well everyone does until after they turn in their order forms.

And tracking sales gives you the opportunity to encourage and praise their efforts.

You may think it’s enough to email participants their sales information. This may not be as effective because it’s less personal and engaging. Many schools use online portals as a way to communicate with their parents. This can help you announce and promote your school fundraiser.

If you can, try to have a kickoff meeting.This can help get your fundraiser off to a stronger start. You should also meet with your group periodically as well. Even if it’s a Zoom call.

And what is the most important thing you can tell your group? Register so they can share their online store link with friends and family. The greater your group registration percentage, the more money you’ll raise. It’s that simple.

So how do you do a virtual kickoff?

If you’re a smaller group, consider meeting on a platform like Zoom to kickoff your sale. You can better communicate your purpose and your group will feel a greater sense of unity.

Learn how to host a video meeting

A communication app like Facebook Live may also be a helpful tool. Here are the best education communication apps for schools.

When people think about online school fundraisers, one thing that comes to mind is ‘donations’. Many fundraising platforms allow individuals and groups to set up a page and promote it. Then the company collects a percentage of the profits.

But when buying a product online, people receive a tangible item in exchange. There is no cost to set up and run your store. The company collects all the money initially, then distributes the profit money afterwards. A donation option is also available.