Discount Card Fundraiser

Discount Card Fundraising Product

With our discount card fundraiser, we’ll design and build your card with your personalized design on the front, and your choice of local businesses on the back. Design your discount card

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Packaging: 250 unit minimum
Design: Discount card features
Suggested Sales Price: $10.00
Delivery: 4-6 weeks after artwork approved. Free shipping

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School Fundraising with Discount Cards

Discount card fundraisers are a fun twist on the classic coupon books that we grew up with. Fortunately, you don’t have to carry around that tome full of savings with these creative and convenient discount cards. What’s particularly exciting about the discount card fundraisers is that they are totally customizable! Add a team photo to the front of your discount card to win over parents and fans and foster school spirit.

Creative Ideas for Discount Card Fundraisers

Perfect for a fundraiser to send a team to a championship or a national competition, the customization gives you the flexibility to choose either team or personal shots - or both if you want to up-sell. Adding a team logo brands the discount card, making it even easier to sell at games. A good idea would be to add companies on the back that have relevance to the team. For instance, if you’re having a pizza party you could add Papa John’s, or if your team tradition is to have a Zaxby’s outing after practice, you could add them as well.

Discount cards aren’t limited to just sports teams, however. A fun idea to fundraise with discount cards would be for a debate team, mathletes, or even a chess club! Just take a team photo and submit a catchy slogan and you’re good to go. All of these are good options for fundraisers geared towards a younger audience and their families. The customizability is a strong way to drive home your mission and purpose for the discount card fundraiser.

When and Where Should I Sell Discount Cards?

Try fundraising at games, events, meetings, or even at the end of after-school activities by the buses and parent pick-up when everyone is headed home for dinner. Never underestimate the power of a hungry stomach, especially if you’re selling coupons to places like Popeyes and Domino’s. Experienced marketers know that proximity in terms of time and place is a powerful sales tool and key component of the marketing mix.

Finally, consider seasonal opportunities for your discount card fundraisers. Anticipation of the holidays can make people more money conscious, so a savings tool will be appealing. But, springtime means summer break is coming up, and families might be eating out more!

What can I Earn with a Discount Card Fundraiser?

The minimum order is 250 cards, but at $10 a piece they will profit you $4 each - or $1,000 total! Being that the coupon cards are plastic, credit card thick, and don’t expire for 13 months, family and friends won’t have to worry about the investment. They’ll have a year to use all the great value the discount card fundraiser offers. Parents will likely want to buy multiple for their family to use, and college students will likely find them to be a particularly good investment.

After you submit the photo, logo, and/or phrase you want included on the front of the card, and the businesses you want us to contact for the back, we’ll design it for you and send a proof before they go to print. Just remember to submit your information about 4-6 weeks prior to when you plan to start because that’s how long it will take to build your customized card.