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Discount Card Fundraising Product

With our discount card fundraiser, we’ll design and build your card with your personalized design on the front, and your choice of local businesses on the back. Design your discount card

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Packaging: 250 card minimum
Design: Discount card features
Selling Price: $10
Payment Options: Learn more
Delivery: 4-6 weeks after artwork approved. Free shipping

Discount Card FAQs

Answers to common questions about our discount card fundraiser.

How many discount cards should we order?

Based on the size of your group, you can determine how much you should order as well as calculate your profit. You will qualify for pricing discounts based on the size of your order.

Your students should be able to sell at least 5-10 discount cards each. To determine the number of cards to order, multiply the size of your group by your seller goal.

For instance, if a group has 73 students and the sponsor plan to ask each student to sell 8 cards then they would need to order 584 discount cards.

73 students x 8 discount cards / student = 584 discount cards

The group would end up making $2,920.00 profit selling the cards for $10.00 each while making 50% profit:

584 cards x $10.00 / card = $5,840.00 gross sales

$5,840.00 x 50% profit = $2,920.00 profit

How much can we make with a discount card fundraiser?

Orders must be at least 250 cards, but at $10 a piece they will profit you $4 each, or $1,000 total! Being the cards are thick plastic and won’t expire for 13 months, buyers won’t have to worry about the investment. They’ll have a year to use all the great value the discount card fundraiser offers.

Parents will likely want to buy for other family members to use. And college students will likely find them to be a particularly good investment.

Submit the photo, logo, and/or phrase you want included on the front of the card. Also let us know the businesses you want us to contact for the back. We’ll design it for you and send a proof before they go to print.

Remember to submit your information about 4-6 weeks before you plan to start. That’s how long it will take us to build your customized card. Learn more about how discount card fundraisers work

How do businesses get placed on our card?

We do the work of contacting and securing the merchants for your discount card. We contract with local, regional and national businesses from around the country.

You choose the merchants. So we can build a card that is well-designed and easy for potential buyers to read, we limit each card to 12 merchants.

We ask that you provide at least 36 businesses when you complete your design form. Occasionally, we need to contact additional merchants.

We recommend that you select well-known businesses. 80% of a typical card are eating establishments.

What types of discounts do customers get?

We'll ask merchants to provide a “buy one get one free” offer, a percentage off, or a dollar discount. But at the end of the day, it's up to the merchant to decide which offer works best for them.

Will our card be valid at multiple locations?

For businesses with more than one location, cards are only valid at the address listed on the back of the card.

Can we sell the card for more than $10?

Sure, but we don't recommend selling it for over $20. If you’re interested in increasing your profit even more, we'll put whatever price you want on your card.

How often can customers use their card?

Each merchant on your card will honor their discount once a day until the card expires.

Cards are not valid with any other coupons, discounts, offers or promotions. You may not use them for alcohol, tax or tip, and are non-transferable.

Do discount cards expire?

Yes, after you receive your cards, they’ll expire on the first day of the 13th month.

For example, if you receive your cards in August, they'll expire on September 1st of the following year. We’ll put the date the card expires on your card.

How do we know if merchants will honor the discounts?

Merchants must sign an agreement stating they'll honor the discount once a they’ve agreed to be on your card. We'll send the merchant a copy of the finished card so they can forward it to their employees.

Why would businesses want to be on our card?

The benefits for businesses include free advertising, valuable publicity and increased foot traffic. There's no cost to them for being on your card.

This is also an opportunity to give back and support the cause of a local school or organization.

How long does it take to receive our discount cards?

Building and shipping your customized discount card takes about 4-6 weeks.

What is the least number of cards we can order?

You must order at least 250 cards. We offer pricing discounts at higher order levels.

Can we order more discount cards?

Yes, you can order extra cards at the same rate as your initial order. For example, if your initial order was for 500 cards, you received 50% profit. So on any reorders, you’ll receive the same profit.

The smallest reorder quantity is 100 cards. Since your card is already in our system, printing usually takes about 3-5 business days. This does not include the time needed to ship your order.

Do you take back discount card returns?

We don't take back unsold cards since we're build the cards only for your organization.

How do we pay for our discount card order?

Payment options include submitting a purchase order, credit card, or paying by check.

If you choose to submit a purchase order, payment is due within 15 days of when you receive your cards.

Do we have to pay to ship our discount cards?

No, we’ll ship your discount cards to you for free. There is also no charge for additional orders.

What is the quality of the card?

We produce all cards to the following standards:

  • Full layout front & back
  • Typesetting front & back
  • Image placement
  • 30 mil plastic (credit card thickness)
  • 4 color prints on both sides of card
  • 375” x 2.125” (credit card size)
  • All colors are available except royal blue

Can we personalize the front of our card?

The design options for the front of your card are endless. For example, we can put a picture of your group, team or schedule, school logo or a special cause.

When you’re completing your design form, you'll be able to upload your image. Your card should include your organization’s name, logo, and other relevant information.

Will we see our discount card before it’s printed?

Yes, we’ll ask you to review and approve your card once we've completed it. This gives you the opportunity to check your design, grammar and spelling. If necessary, we can remove businesses, but new ones cannot be added.

What are some creative discount card fundraiser ideas?

A perfect fundraiser to send a team to an event, the customization gives you flexibility. You can choose either team, personal shots, or both if you want to up-sell. Adding a team logo brands the discount card, making it even easier to sell at games

A good idea would be to add companies on the back that have relevance to the team. For instance, if your team tradition is to have a Zaxby’s outing after practice, you could add them to the list.

Discount cards aren’t limited to sports teams though. A fun idea to fundraise with discount cards would be for a debate team, mathletes, or even a chess club! Simply take a team photo and submit a catchy slogan and you’re good to go.

These are good options geared towards a younger audience and their families. Discount card fundraising is a strong way to drive home your mission and purpose.

When and where should we sell discount cards?

Try fundraising at games, events and meetings. Or by the buses and parent pick-up when everyone is headed home for dinner. Never underestimate the power of a hungry stomach. Especially if your card has discounts to places like Popeyes® and Domino’s®.

Another idea is to set up a booth at a high-traffic location. For example, the supermarket, farmer's market or the mall. Make sure you get permission first.

Finally, consider seasonal opportunities for your discount card fundraiser. Anticipation of the holidays can make people more money conscious. So a savings tool may be appealing. But springtime means summer break is coming up, and families might be eating out more!

Experienced marketers know that timing and location are powerful sales tools.

School Fundraising with Discount Cards

The discount card fundraiser is a fun twist on the classic coupon books that we grew up with. But, you don’t have to lug around that tome full of savings any more.

What’s exciting about a discount card is they are completely customizable! Add a team photo to the front to win over parents and fans and foster school spirit.

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