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Discount Card Fundraiser

Discount Card Fundraiser
Discount Card Fundraiser

With our discount card fundraiser, your group receives a personalized design on the front and your choice of local businesses on the back. Promote your cause while saving people money.

Card Pricing

Cards Cost/Card Profit % Profit/Card
250-499 $6.00 40% $4.00
500-999 $5.00 50% $5.00
1,000-1,999 $4.50 55% $5.50
2,000-2,999 $4.00 60% $6.00
3,000+ $3.50 65% $6.50

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What Our Customers Say


The process from start to finish was very easy and well guided.

Molly Thomas - Administrative Assistant
Coshocton Elementary

Ordering the product was simple and we received it quickly. I would definitely use this company for future fundraising events!

Shannon Albrecht - SNA Vice President
Alpena Community College

The discount card is an awesome fundraiser that sells itself with the deals contained. Initially, the cost worried us, however, it was simple to meet and exceed those financial requirements. We will definitely be doing this fundraiser again next year.

Toni Szydlo - Freshmen Class Sponsor
Bruning-Davenport USD

Great feedback and always responsive to all of my many questions!

Molly Thomas - School Secretary
Coshocton Elementary

The product worked well for our community. We were able to utilize businesses from several counties that our students resided in. The final product looked great and represented our college well.

Shannon Albrecht - Shannon Albrecht
Alpena Community College

These discount cards were a great fundraiser for our school!

Molly Thomas - Administrative Assistant
Coshocton Elementary

This is the second discount card fundraiser we have held with Big Fundraising Ideas. So easy, great quality, they almost sell themselves!

Molly Thomas - School Secretary
Coshocton Elementary

The processing took a bit longer than anticipated but Clay was amazing at responding to any questions and also keeping me informed on the progress.

Toni Szydlo - Freshmen Class Sponsor
Bruning-Davenport USD
Discount Card Fundraiser Questions?

How it Works

How do we raise money?

Groups profit when their participants sell discount cards to friends and family.

How do we pay?

Since discount cards are ordered upfront, you have the following payment options:

  • Purchase order: If you're a public school, you can order without paying up front. A purchase order is a legally binding document between your group and us. Payment is due within 15 days of receipt of the product, which gives you time to collect enough money to pay your bill. You then keep the rest as profit.
  • Credit card: Use our secure checkout process to pay for your product up front. We accept VISA®, Mastercard®, American Express®, and Discover®.
  • Check: Mail in your payment. Your product will ship once your check clears. We accept personal checks, money orders, or cashier's checks. Contact us

Do you offer pricing discounts?

Yes, we offer volume discounts. For more information, see our 'Card Pricing' table at the top of the page.

Can we customize the front?

The design options for the front of your card are endless. For example, we can put a picture of your group, team, schedule, school logo, or a particular cause.

You can upload your image when you complete your design form. Your card should include your group name, logo, and other relevant information.

Can we see our card before it prints?

Yes, we'll ask you to review and approve your card before it goes to print. This allows you to check your design, grammar, and spelling. We can remove a business if necessary, but new ones cannot be added.

How soon can we start?

It would be best if you planned for your discount card fundraiser. You'll receive your customized cards within 30 days of receipt of your order. Your cards will ship within seven business days once you've approved the front and back of your card.

How long is the fundraiser?

We recommend giving your sellers one week to sell their discount card allocation and turn in the money.

TIP: Use a tracking sheet to ensure timely and accurate money turn-in.

How many cards should I order?

The size of your order depends on the number of participants in your group and how many cards you want them to sell. Consider asking each participant to sell 5-10 cards.

You can also use our 'Profit Calculator' at the top of the page.

Can participants earn prizes?

We don't offer any prize programs with our discount card fundraiser.

How often can cards be used?

Each merchant on your card will honor their discount one time each day.

Cards are not valid with other coupons, discounts, offers, or promotions. You may not use them for alcohol, tax, or tip; they are non-transferable.

Do discount cards expire?

Yes, after you receive your cards, they'll expire on the first day of the 13th month.

For example, if you receive your cards in August, they'll expire on September 1st of the following year. We'll put the date the card expires on your card.

How do businesses get placed?

We do the work of contacting and securing the merchants for your discount card. We contract with local, regional, and national businesses nationwide.

You choose the merchants. So we can build a card that is well-designed and easy for potential buyers to read, we limit each card to 12 merchants.

We ask that you provide at least 36 businesses when you complete your design form. Occasionally, we need to contact additional merchants.

We recommend that you select well-known businesses. 80% of a typical card are eating establishments.

How do businesses benefit?

Business benefits include free advertising, valuable publicity, and increased foot traffic. There's no cost to them for being on your card.

This is also an opportunity to give back and support the cause of a local school or organization.

Merchants must sign an agreement stating they'll honor their discount. We'll send the merchant a copy of the finished card so they can forward it to their employees.

Product Information

How much do the cards sell for?

Cards typically sell for $10. Some groups may request a higher price, but we don't recommend selling them for over $20. If you want to increase your profit, we'll put whatever price you want on your card.

What is the card size?

375" x 2.125" (credit card size)

What is the quality of the card?

We produce all cards to the following standards:

  • Entire layout, front & back
  • Typesetting front & back
  • Image placement
  • 30 mil plastic (credit card thickness)
  • Four color prints on both sides of the card
  • All colors are available except royal blue

What types of discounts are there?

We'll ask merchants to provide a "buy one get one free" offer, a percentage off, or a dollar discount. But at the end of the day, it's up to the merchant to decide which offer works best for them.

What if a business has multiple locations?

When we contact a particular business about being on a card if they say yes, we always ask, "Do you own or manage any other locations in the area?" If they say yes, we invite them to agree to accept the card at all of those other locations as well. Sometimes a business will say yes, while others want the discount valid at the one location we're calling about.

Because it is impossible to list multiple locations on the card due to limited space, if a business is valid at more than one location, we will create a webpage showing all the valid locations and then list the website address on the card itself.

Making Sales

Is there a minimum order?

Yes. The minimum order is 250 cards.

How much money can we make?

Estimating your profit is easy. Consider the following example.

A sponsor decides to order 600 cards. The group has 75 members, which means that each participant will need to sell eight discount cards:

  1. 75 participants x 8 discount cards / participant = 600 cards
  2. 600 cards x $10.00 / card = $6,000.00 gross sales
  3. $6,000.00 x 50% profit = $3,000.00 profit

The profit percent would be 50% because the card order is between 500-999. See the 'Case Pricing' table at the top of this page. (Volume discounts apply)

QUICK TIP: Enter your group size and participant goal into our 'Profit Calculator' on the top right.

Can we order more cards?

Yes, you can order extra cards at the same rate as your initial order. For example, if your initial order was for 500 cards, you received 50% profit. So on any reorders, you'll receive the same profit.

The smallest reorder quantity is 100 cards. Since your card is already in our system, printing usually takes 3-5 business days. This does not include the time needed to ship your order.

Do you take back unsold cards?

We don't take back unsold cards since we build the card exclusively for your organization.


How soon do we receive our discount cards?

We aim to deliver your customized cards within 30 days of receiving your order.

The time it takes to complete a card depends on how quickly we get a response from the business decision-makers we're contacting. Occasionally, a card can take longer than anticipated. Despite these challenges, we always complete a card we're proud of.

The more time we have to contact your businesses, the better.

Once we finish building your card, you will receive a front and back of card design proof. Once you approve it, it will be ready to print. Allow about 7-10 days from the final proof approval date, with the understanding that the expected delivery date is not guaranteed.

Included at no additional charge:

  • Standard printing: requires 3-5 business days
  • UPS Ground service: requires 1-3 business days, on average, depending on zip code (west coast takes four business days)

Optional services:

  • Rush printing: requires 1-2 business days (and an additional $50 charge)
  • UPS expedited services (Next Day Air, etc. - additional fees apply)

If you choose to go with either rush printing or UPS expedited services, as long as we know about this before sending the job to the printer, we will print and send additional cards for no charge to offset the additional cost of those services.

For example, if you choose rush printing for $50 and UPS Next Day Air for $119.46, these optional services would total $169.46. Since the standard face value of the card is $10, we will send you 17 extra cards that you could sell for $10 each, generating $170 in additional revenue that you could use to pay for these optional services without cutting into your projected profit of the original order.

Where do orders ship to?

Discount cards ship from our Ohio warehouse to all the lower 48 states.

Is there a shipping fee?

All orders ship for free. You also receive free shipping on any reorders.