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How to Kick off Your Discount Card Fundraiser

By Clay Boggess on Jan 1, 2015
How to Kick off Your Discount Card Fundraiser

5 steps to a successful start to your discount card sale

A discount card fundraiser is a little different than selling items out of a brochure. With a brochure sale, you’re attempting to get your students to reach and exceed a sales goal by preselling items. On the other hand, when selling cards, your primary goal is to sell off your inventory as quickly as possible. Unless you have a coordinated effort, you may end up with left over cards. This is why you need to have a kickoff meeting. The primary purpose of a meeting is to generate momentum and create a sense of urgency in your students.

How you kick off your sale is important, so make sure to follow these steps:

1. Communicate Your Fundraising Purpose

The first thing is communicate your purpose. Why are you selling discount cards in the first place? Where will the money be spent? How will you convince your sellers that the fundraiser is important to them directly? A well communicated purpose will motivate everyone to work harder.

2. Set a Student Discount Card Sales Goal

Let's say you order 500 cards and you have 100 sellers. You'll probably want to issue 5 cards to every seller. It's important that everyone does their fair share of the selling. However, before you issue the cards, you'll want to keep track of the cards that you've issued. Have your sellers fill in the information on your Discount Card Sales Tracking Sheet. Once students return the initial $50.00 for the 5 discount cards you can determine if you want to issue them additional cards or not. If it's still early in the sale or you need to get rid of additional cards then you may want to have them help sell the additional cards.

3. Be Sure Everyone Understands the Process

  • Discuss who you want them to sell to. Make sure they only talk to people they know and encourage them to have their family members take the cards to work as well.
  • Review the businesses that are on the back of the card with your sellers. You should familiarize yourself with the offers prior to the kickoff so that you can more effectively present them. Your sellers will be more successful if they're familiar with the card.
  • It is strongly encouraged that you provide envelopes for collecting money. Have the students put their name and group information on the outside. If you're accepting checks, make sure you tell them that checks are made payable to your group.
  • Set a money turn-in deadline date and remind your sellers about it daily. In most cases, a one week selling period should be sufficient.

4. Maintain a High Level of Enthusiasm

  • Checking on the progress of your sellers whenever you see them.
  • Reminding them regularly about the deadline date for turning in their money.
  • Creating competition between your sellers by offering fun incentives or special privileges throughout your sale.

5. Incorporate Additional Incentives

  • Reward the person who successfully returns their money for the most cards sold.
  • Give a prize to the student who sells off their cards first.
  • Have a grand prize drawing by selling 5 cards to get your name in one time. Then for every 5 additional cards sold, you get your name in additional times.

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