Discount Card Fundraiser Tracking Sheets

How to collect discount card money

Discount card fundraiser tracking sheets help sponsors keep track of the number of cards they have issued to their students throughout the sale. This way, they’ll know how much money needs to be collected from each seller at any given time.

It may be tempting to simply hand out the cards, especially if students initially receive the same number of cards. However, some students may have been absent on kickoff day.

Plus, how will you keep track of students who receive additional cards? You'll also have to remember who still owes money. The tracking sheet will help eliminate any ambiguities. Here's what's included on the sheet:

Contact Information

In addition to the first and last name of the student, it’s important to obtain contact information in the event the sponsor needs to follow up. A parent's phone number will usually work best.

Cards Out

By recording the number of cards each student receives, both the student and the sponsor will know how much money needs to be turned in once the cards are sold.

Money In

Money in refers to the amount of money collected for each student. It’s recommended that no additional cards be issued to a seller until the initial amount owed has been turned in.


Occasionally cards are returned by students who are unable to sell them. It’s useful to keep track of the number of returned cards and to have a plan in place to sell off those cards as well. The goal is to have zero cards left unsold so you can maximize your profit.

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The balance column is a way to keep track of any money owed by a student based on the total number of cards that have been issued. Your goal should be to have a zero balance for each seller at the end of your fundraiser.

 NameContact InfoCards Out$ InCards Out$ InReturnsBalance
1 John Doe555-1212 5$505$500$0

Larger Groups

Larger groups should print out multiple tracking sheets and divide up into teams. There is a space on the form for a team name and team leader. It’s a good idea to have the teams compete against each other to see who can sell off their cards first.

Start & End Date

Place both your start and end date on the form. Your sellers should be able to sell off their cards and turn in the money within a week. Make sure to keep reinforcing your end date.

Additional Tips

We recommend that you:

  1. Have the student fill in their own information. This way, they are taking ownership and responsibility for the cards they’ll be taking with them. It’s much like checking a book out at the library. At some point, the book must be returned.
  2. Help students understand that by placing their information on the form, they are making a commitment to try to sell all of the cards.

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