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Choose a lollipop theme that will fund your next big event or special occasion. We offer many classic brands including Yummy Lix and endless mouth-watering flavors.

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Lollipop Fundraising for Schools

It’s can be hard to pick a product for your school fundraiser, and even harder when there are so many options within that one product. Lollipop fundraisers are one of the most popular options for fundraising in schools because of how vast the options are for flavor, age group, and occasion.

About Lollipop Fundraising Products

Out of the $483 million in hard candy sales annually, the top two lollipop companies claim 55 million alone. It’s clear that they’re popular, and will not likely go away, but where exactly did they come from to begin with?
References of our beloved candy-on-a-stick can be traced back to ancient Egypt where people candied nuts and dried fruits with honey on sticks. Later, the English were stirring rods into boiled down sugar to create a closer version to the modern lollipop. Oddly enough, the first ones that made their way into the American market are rumored to have been soft candy. And, speaking of rumors, nobody really seems to know where the name “lollipop” originated: some say it was in the streets of London because of the direct translation to the phrase “tongue slap.” Others say it was named after the famed American racehorse, “Lolly Pop”.
Now lollipops are everywhere—from banks to hospitals, and school fundraisers. We can all likely agree that the most exciting part of visiting the bank with your parents as a child was the lollipop that came down the chute at the end. Sometimes, they’re even used to deliver medicine to kids who have trouble ingesting food or liquids. If you take a walk down the vitamin aisle you’ll also notice that lollipops have breached into the world of health and nutrition, and most popular vitamin brands now sell lollipops that are loaded with your recommended daily multivitamins.

Why Choose a Lollipop Fundraiser

Over time, and through marketing and pop culture, lollipops have become quintessential to the American childhood - as have their fundraisers. Whether it was during summer camp or after school clubs, they were everywhere - and for good reason. With an abundance of flavors, shapes, sizes, and colors, lollipops are versatile, and can be tailored to specific events or holidays. Lollipops have become successful as a school fundraising idea because of the excitement and nostalgia built around them, and while they may be most enticing to a younger market, their appeal knows no age limit.

Lollipop Fundraiser Options

Plan to have the most successful lollipop fundraiser around holidays—especially Valentine’s Day. Heart-shaped cherry and strawberry lollipops are a given on this day. Consider combining these with small cards and selling them as a bundle. The Yummy Hearts Lollipops profit $160 a case with the suggested selling price of $0.50 a pop, but can profit up to $170 if bought in bulk to meet your school fundraising needs. Or, perhaps you want to fundraise at a sporting event where you’ll need the Lolliball Lollipops, which come in 6 football-shaped flavors.
Some of the zanier flavors include the Shockwave Sours and the chili coated Mexican Veros. A good variety and assortment of flavors is sure to create excitement and enthusiasm over your school fundraising programs, while also encouraging the purchase of multiple lollipops… because who can choose just one?