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School Fundraising Product Feature: Keep it Sweet!

By Clay Boggess on Nov 8, 2017
School Fundraising Product Feature: Keep it Sweet!

Discover our quality confections and earn big money

School product and brochure fundraisers offer teachers and students more choice than ever when it comes to the type of products they want to sell. Whether your school changes it up every year, or is known for an annual kitchenware or cookie dough fundraiser, the options are almost endless.

As the holidays approach and the calendar fills with cookie swaps and family gatherings, it felt like a fantastic time to share about some of the quality confections that will please customers and earn your school big money.

Cookie Dough Fundraisers

As school fundraisers go, cookie dough is something of a classic item that has helped schools earn cash year in and year out. Parents love buying this quick and easy sweet snack that they can keep in the freezer for months. Schools love selling it because they get to keep 40% of gross sales to help close critical gaps in funding.

Big Fundraising Ideas offers four outstanding cookie dough brochures, each with different combinations and quantities to accommodate any school’s price point. For just $18, customers can get up to 48 cookies. With unique flavor options like “Lemon Cooler” and a crowd-pleasing variety pack, this is a gold standard in sweets to sell for meeting your fundraising goal. Our cookie dough brochures also include gluten-free and kosher-certified options

Chocolate Indulgence

School fundraising brochures don’t have to be elementary. If you want to offer a product with a bit more of a sophisticated appeal, consider the Chocolate Indulgence brochure, which offers gourmet chocolate confections. From chocolate turtles to cherry cordials, these elevated candy offerings are great for gifts or for personal indulgence. Each 6-ounce box is just $8, making it an accessible price point that can lead to high-volume sales. With graduated profits, the more you sell, the higher the percentage of profits you get to keep.

Lollipops and Candy Bars

Product fundraisers are still a popular option for many schools, especially since customers immediately get to enjoy their purchase. Tons of schools still choose the candy bar fundraiser or the even more affordable lollipop fundraiser to raise extra money for their classrooms and clubs. Students carry these items with them, make sales to family and friends, and turn in the cash at the end of the fundraiser. Each case of candy bars sold can yield up to $120 in profits, while lollipops can yield up to $173. You’ll be amazed at how cheap, popular products can yield big results through high-volume sales.


Two more sweet brochures round out our confectionary offerings: Ovens of Ashley and Sweet Perfection gourmet frozen pies. Made with high quality ingredients, these brochures offer amazing dessert options that will cut down on time and hassle for the busy family, while still ensuring everyone’s sweet tooth is satisfied. With classics like lemon meringue and apple to French silk and peach praline, there’s sure to be something for everyone in these brochures. Plus, your school can make big bucks, keeping 40% of gross profits on these stellar sweet offerings.

In the wise words of Ernestine Ulmer, “Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.” While desserts are pretty perfect as they are, it certain sweetens the deal when they can make a positive difference in your school.

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