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Fall Fundraiser Ideas

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Fall Fundraiser Ideas
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Top 4 Fall Fundraiser Ideas for Schools

Large variety of kitchenware, home accessories, holiday and novelty items, and personalized gifts. Offer over 1,500 products selling out of a brochure or online.

Reversible roll wrap. Offer a wide assortment of superior heavyweight wrapping paper with unique designs for any occasion.

A unique selection of delicious baked cookies, novelty gifts, wrapping paper, jewelry & more.
One hundred eleven items, including holiday gifts, wrap & accessories, kitchen & home products, and food.
Over 500 products, including holiday, novelty gifts, wrapping paper, kitchenware, and home accessories.
Sell novelty & holiday gift items, wrapping paper & accessories, candles, flowers, and chocolates.

What Our Customers Say


We found products could have been better quality for the price.

Helena DiSarro
Kearny Christian Academy

All products were great and good quality. Great experience. Thank you for the step by step instructions.

Pam Gonzalez
PTA Sponsor
Bonham Elementary

I would rate our experience excellent. This was our most productive campaign.

Tom Jones
Fundraiser Coordinator
Christ Covenant School

The process for ordering, receiving and distributing the product was fairly simple. I was glad that when I had questions I was responded to very quickly.

Brandee Peaslee
Sonora High School

We seem to have great reviews thus far from those who have come to pick up their fundraising items. There was tons of excitement around this fundraiser.

Lauren Costanza
Galileo School for Gifted Learning

Great! It was easy to do and everyone loved it! I personally didn't like the prize program because I have a 2 year old and she could care less but I think the older kids enjoyed working towards the prizes.

Dionna Walker
Fundraising Coordinator
First Baptist Christian School

I chose Big Fundraising Ideas for our Jr. Beta Club's main fundraiser this school year. We used the Very Special Assortment catalog. We had great success and were very pleased with the items received. Our orders arrived in a timely manner and all organized by student. It was awesome!

Donna Hebert
Junior Beta Club Sponsor
Port Barre High School

Main problem was missing items and back ordered product.

Cheryl Smith
Yearbook Sponsor/Teacher
Lukfata Public School

Everything was lovely and was a hit with our families :) I absolutely love working with BIG Fundraising Ideas! Lisa and Clay are wonderful and a true delight to work with!

Lauren Costanza
Principal's Secretary
Galileo School for Gifted Learning

Our event went well! Thank you! We loved how the packages were delivered...with the teacher name and the purchasers name…so convenient. Please contact me next year…we would love to do it again!

Mary Maestranzi
PTA President
Franklin Elementary PTA

Much easier than last vendor, responsive sales team, very few issues from parents.

Greg Roth
PTO Fundraising Chair
Hermosa Valley School

Everything went great!

Cindy Penaloza
Children's Campus Center

It worked well. We decided to do an online only fundraiser, which led to some students saying they didn't have a way to purchase thru the internet. But overall with the company & the actual fundraiser we were pleased!

Jessica Allen
Riversprings Middle School

The brochure sales allows us to fund raise for additional resources for our students. Students are motivated and rewarded for their hard work and contributions. Great fundraiser! Great support from our community!

Sonia Vera
Assistant Principal
Col. Santos Benavides School

Our students and families appreciated the wide range of affordable items. As a teacher, I appreciated the ease of order submission and that all of the items were packaged by student when they arrived. In the past with other companies, I have had to do that sorting myself. This process was very easy and stress-free.

Sarah Hamland
Medford Area Senior High

Elementary students wearing reindeer hatsHow Do Fall Fundraisers Work?

With so many options, fall fundraiser ideas for schools are plentiful. Groups raise over a billion dollars annually selling products. And the most popular time to sell is from August through November.

To get started, select one of our fall brochures. Each student receives a catalog, order form, prize flyer, and a money collection envelope. Also included is a step by step participant information letter.

When you meet with your group, explain why they’re raising money and how many items you want them to sell. They should only approach people they know.

Once your sale is over, send us your order forms for processing. You'll then receive your sales report and invoice.

We'll also work with you to schedule your delivery date. After paying your invoice, the remainder is your profit.


Elementary school students doing Christmas craftsWhat Makes Our Fall Fundraiser Ideas Better?

  • High-Value. We offer the best fall, winter, and holiday merchandise in school fundraising. Your buyers will love our exclusive gift wrap, cutting-edge household gadgets, and more.
  • Larger Variety. Our fall catalogs have the largest product selection in the industry. This means more sales for your group.
  • Prepackaged Orders. Every order arrives boxed by seller. This helps make distribution super easy.
  • Unique Incentives. Inspire your students to sell even more by adding one of our exciting prize programs.
  • Free Shipping. We have low order minimums and offer inside delivery.
  • Make More Online. You'll also have access to our huge online store. Sellers receive bonus prize credit. Sell online only? Learn about our virtual fundraising ideas
  • Best Customer Care. We aim for 5-star reviews, so you receive the best service possible.
  • Free to Start. You don’t pay us until you collect your money. We’ll send you everything you need to start raising money with no upfront costs.

Questions About Fall Fundraisers

What are the most profitable fall fundraiser ideas for schools?

Schools raise more than $1.5 billion yearly selling products. The most popular choices include fall and holiday brochures that offer variety.

How long does a brochure sale last?

Two whole weeks, including weekends.

Which catalog fundraisers are the most popular?

Most schools fundraise in the fall using large brochures that include various holiday gifts.

How much money can schools raise?

It depends on various factors, like the size of the school and the socioeconomic makeup. It’s not uncommon for a school with 500 students to bring in $30,000 or more.

Is it better to sell early in the fall or before the holidays?

Most schools start fundraising right after school starts. Their goal is to sell ahead of other groups in their area. But many organizations sell before the holidays. This is when people may be more apt to purchase gifts.

How can we have a successful fall fundraiser?

Here are three things to consider: 1) Have a purpose people are willing to support, 2) Set an individual student and school-wide sales goal, and 3) Determine the best way to motivate your students to sell.

Do lower-priced fundraisers work?

It depends on whether your community is price-sensitive or not. Your group may be able to sell more items, but you will make less off each item. On average, our regular brochures raise more money for schools.

Elementary school students at a Halloween partyFall Fundraising Suggestions & Tips

  • Set an individual seller goal to help you meet your group's fundraiser goals.
  • Encourage your participants to sell out of both their brochure and online.
  • Incentivize students to invite friends and family to make online purchases.
  • Remind students to collect money upfront with their orders.
  • Periodically check on seller progress.
  • Consider drawings during your sale to give participants the opportunity to win prizes.
  • On a tight budget? Offer group-related privileges instead of paying for extra incentives.
More Fall Fundraiser Ideas

In 2017, an estimated $680.4 billion was spent in the retail industry by consumers over the holiday season. And more than 165 million consumers chose to shop over Black Friday weekend alone! Although a smaller number, schools raise a respectable $1.4 billion selling fundraiser products.

According to AFRDS, product sales yield the best results compared to other fundraisers. The fall season is the time for giving so there’s no shortage of sales opportunities. And our brochures cover all the bases.

Each fall brochure incorporates a specific gift concept. “Heartland Goodies & Gifts” and “Tis the Season” offer plenty of kitchenware accessories, useful household items, and holiday gifts. Options like these are great when approaching neighbors. This is when the target audience are normally adults who answer the front door.

But be sure to comb through the pages first because there are a few unique gems. Our personal favorites are the variety of freshly baked cookies and large variety of cheeses and sausages. We also recommend checking out the large selection of designer wrap.

“Snow Much Fun” features only items that are $10 - an excellent selling point, for starters. This brochure is good for a broader audience because it’s affordable and specific to gift giving. Kids also like the idea of picking gifts knowing that each one is only $10. They can find anything from snack boxes for their friends to candy for their siblings. “Snow Much Fun” is an accessible and appealing option.

“A Season of Joy” and “So Very Merry” focus on Christmas. This is perfect if you love burning candles that smell like fir trees or eating yummy goodies. With a solid theme during a sales-driven season, yielding a high profit will be no problem at all.

Out of the fall catalogs in this category, “CW Home” may be the most successful option. This fundraising catalog boasts an enormous amount of durable and double-sided wrapping paper. Fall has no shortage of uses for quality and attractive wrapping paper options.

And you may have some Halloween parties coming up. This is the perfect time to whip out your child’s fall fundraiser catalog. Especially if it involves the Dulce de Leche owls or pecan caramel clusters. When folks are enjoying their ghoulish goodies already, they’ll be in the frame of mind to buy some more.

If you’re fundraising early in the season, use the variety of options to sell to your customer. Ask people questions like “who are you buying gifts for this year?” If it’s later in the season, the double-sided wrapping paper is perfect. You'll give the appearance that everything wasn’t wrapped at the exact same time.