Spring Fundraiser Ideas

Spring Fundraiser Ideas

Our spring fundraiser ideas make more green

Variety sells, so we offer more items in our spring catalogs than anyone. Feature hundreds of spring and summer gift items. Our spring fundraisers run from January through June.

Many items are $12 or less. Your supporters will love our quality stainless kitchen & grill essentials, practical home accessories and exclusive personalized products.

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How Does a Spring Fundraiser Work?

Once you’ve decided on a spring fundraising catalog, be sure to choose a prize program to go with it. Our incentive plans are free and will help motivate your group to sell. Prior to your kickoff date you’ll receive a brochure, order form, prize flyer, and a money collection envelope for each of your students. Smaller groups may also receive their personalized parent information letter by email so they can make copies, while larger groups will receive a copy inside their fundraising packets.

Before handing out your supplies to your students to take home, be sure to have a meeting and explain the steps, what your sales goals are, and how they can win prizes. We’ll provide any information you need to communicate to your students before your sale starts. You’ll want them to approach family, friends and neighbors and ask them to buy 1 or more items from their catalog. Any checks need to be made payable to your organization. To give people time to collect orders and money, spring fundraisers normally last for 2 weeks.

After your sale is over and you’ve counted up all the money, deposit your money in your account and send us your order forms so we can process and pack your students boxes. Along with your invoice, you’ll receive your sales reports. We’ll then work with you to schedule your delivery date for your merchandise.

What Makes Our Spring Fundraising Programs Better?

  • Great Seasonal Products – Spring fundraisers are centered around special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day. We offer a large selection of products that will cater to buyers who are looking for special gifts for family and close friends.
  • Affordable Pricing – While offering the largest selection of items in the fundraising industry, we also have more items priced at $12 or less.
  • Easy Deliveries – All orders are prepacked by seller and brought inside the school.
  • Motivational Prizes – Regardless of whether you’re an elementary, middle or high school group, we have an exciting prize programs for your students.
  • Low Minimum orders – Once you’ve met our reasonable minimums, there’s no shipping fee.
  • Hassle-Free Online Shopping – Online orders ship direct to the customer while your school makes additional profit and students earn extra prize credit. We even offer an affordable ‘ship to school option’.
  • Highest Quality Customer Care – Our customer care team will answer your questions as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves in taking care of our customers.
  • No Cost to Start – So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a spring fundraiser today and we’ll send you everything you need to get started for free.

Questions About Spring Fundraisers

  1. What are the most profitable fundraisers for spring? PTO Today says that product sales typically give you the most return on your volunteer hour. Catalogs that offer the largest variety at the most reasonable prices usually raise the most money.
  2. What are some good spring fundraising ideas? Focus on selling products that celebrate a popular holiday or theme, like Easter or Mother’s Day.
  3. Do we have to pay for fundraising prizes? No, prizes are offered at no charge and come prepacked inside your students boxes.
  4. What types of products can I sell for fundraising? The biggest sellers are normally chocolates and candies. However, you should look for a spring catalog that offers a wide variety of items, including kitchenware home accessories and even flowers.
  5. Are lower-priced brochures better? If you live in an area that is concerned about price, our all $8 spring catalog may be a better option. It offers great value and selection.
  6. When is the best time to have a school fundraiser? Spring is a great time to have a sale because there’s less competition from other groups.
  7. What happens if an item is missing or damaged? We’ll replace it, no questions asked.

Spring Fundraising Ideas & Tips

  • Ask the principal to introduce you and your fundraiser to your students.
  • Tell your students how many items you’d like them to sell.
  • Periodically remind your students why they’re selling.
  • Don’t just settle for the company prize program. By offering additional incentives you’ll increase sales even more.
  • Come up with something new and creative each day to remind your students about. This will encourage them to keep selling.
  • Break your sale down into easier to attain, periodic goals that will allow your students to focus on the present.
  • Regularly encourage students to ask their parents to take their catalog to work.

Opportunities for Spring

Spring is all about being outside - and so are spring catalog fundraisers! Whether you’re anticipating Earth Day or gearing up for Easter, our spring fundraisers have you covered

The sun is out, the grass is getting greener, and it’s time to wake up and smell the flowers, or maybe even plant them. Earth Day and Mother’s Day both happen in the spring, and what better way to spend those days than planting beautiful flowers that you get to nurture together?

Unique Spring Fundraising Ideas

Welcome Spring

Our largest spring catalog, ‘Welcome Spring’ is loaded with lots of variety, including kitchen and home accessory products, jewelry, candles and plenty of snacks and candy. Your customers will also experience great value with about a third of the catalog priced competitively at $15 or less.

Great Gifts

'Great Gifts' catalog offers items strictly priced at only $8, including an abundance of choices in flower seeds. Our favorite are the moss-verbena seeds. If you’ve ever walked into a candle store, odds are you’ve smelled something verbena scented, and that’s because the aroma is magical! When bloomed they vary in shades of mauve, purple, white, pink, apricot and red, and spread quickly and easily with little effort.

Consider passing out one complimentary packet of flower seeds with the purchase of something else from the brochure; it adds incentive to buy and encourages customers to try out one of your products. Flowers aren’t the only thing you can grow from our catalogs, though. Customers have the option to purchase strawberry seeds! Get immersive with your spring sale, and bring fresh strawberries along while you make your pitch to customers. Imagine how much more enticing it will be if customers can see or bite into a real strawberry while you show them the brochure.

Maybe Mom is allergic to flowers but still loves the smell. In that case, our candles are a great fit. They have the fresh smell of spring and the aroma last for hours!

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Spring Holiday Favorites

Flower seeds aren’t the only hot item in spring. Our spring fundraising catalogs cover all your Easter basket needs. If you want to focus on Easter or Mother's Day, be sure to plan so that your sale wraps up at least a month in advance to give customers time to get their orders.

Alternatively, maybe your community is doing a spring carnival, and volunteers want to purchase prizes for patrons. They’ll feel good about supporting their local school when they furnish their supplies and giveaways from your event. The “Gourmet Spring” brochure checks all the boxes with chocolates, candies, and even honey-roasted peanuts. Monogrammed bags and personalized totes can be found as well if you’re selling to someone who’s crafting an Easter basket from scratch!

Don’t forget to take advantage of the outdoors with these spring-themed brochures. Try fundraising during outdoor activities, or utilize birthday parties in the park to talk to other kids and parents about gifts for the various spring holidays or baked goods to enjoy in the warmer weather. There are dozens of options for amazing outdoor barbecues and picnics to help welcome in warm weather and fresh spring vegetables.

Additional Spring Fundraiser Information

After products have been purchased, the student will receive them packed with the original orders so there’s no confusion as to who ordered what. If you have questions about pricing, profit, or ordering check out our instructional links that will guide you through each step. A spring brochure fundraiser is a fresh take on traditional school fundraising, and with many of our school sponsors raising five-figures annually, these are reliable and profitable choices for any school.