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Enjoy Spring Fundraiser Success with a Splash Party

By Clay Boggess on Nov 25, 2013
Enjoy Spring Fundraiser Success with a Splash Party

How to transform your spring sale into a big success

It would be great if schools only needed one fundraiser to get them through the year. Some schools are able to achieve this but most don’t. So should they have a second fall sale or give their parents some time off and wait until the spring?

Many schools are faced with this dilemma. The advantage to having a second sale before the holidays is that people are still in a buying mode. Plus, they can possibly be done with having to sell any more after the first of the year. Yet waiting until spring allows everyone time to recover. Unfortunately most follow-up sales aren’t usually as productive.

Here's why you may want to reconsider having a spring fundraiser.

Why Spring Fundraiser Sales Drop in the First Place

There are several reasons for the decline in spring sales. Here are a few:

  • People are used to supporting fundraisers in the fall.
  • Christmas help drive fall sales.
  • People tend to be less focused on school activities in the spring.
  • People grow tired of fundraising after a busy fall.

However, schools that have used our Big Event Super Splash Party prize program are experiencing spring fundraiser success.

Why the Super Splash Party Brings Spring Fundraiser Success

The super splash party was started because many schools had success using the super party. But they wanted something different for the spring. The super splash party has helped to overcome spring fundraiser decline because:

  • Students want something that's different and exciting
  • Students don’t have to sell very much to get into the event
  • Students love to get wet

Most schools host this incentive at the end of the school year once the weather warms up. Some schools have even experienced more sales in the spring than in the fall.

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