Fall Fundraisers

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Our fall catalog fundraisers offer top value

Sell the largest selection of high-quality stainless kitchenware, useful high tech electronic devices, and personalized gifts in brochure fundraising. Our fall programs run from August through November.

Our rolls are reversible. We offer exclusive styles of superior heavyweight wrapping paper. Also feature unique embossed, metallic, and even 3D designs.

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Fall Catalog Fundraising Programs

In 2017, an estimated 680.4 billion dollars was spent in the retail industry by consumers over the holiday season, and more than 165 million consumers chose to do that shopping over Black Friday weekend alone! The fall season has no shortage of sales opportunities being that it’s prime gift-giving season, and our brochures for fall fundraisers cover all the bases.

What types of items are offered in Fall Fundraisers?

Each fall fundraiser brochure is geared towards a specific gift concept - “Kitchen & Home” and “Gift Collection” both offer primarily appliances, tools, and accessories for the kitchen. Options like these would be great for a door-to-door type fundraiser, where the target sale is coming from primarily adults who answer the front door. But be sure to comb through the pages first because there are a few odd gems, our personal favorite being the “emergency flashlight hammer” that functions as a car accident multi-tool with a flashlight, a blade to cut through tangled seatbelts, and even a steel tip to smash through a durable windshield.

What are some Fall Fundraiser catalog options?

The “Great Gifts” brochure features only items that are $10 - an excellent selling point, for starters. This brochure is good for a broader audience range not only because it’s affordable but also because it’s specific to gift giving. Kids will be excited at the idea of picking whichever gifts from it that they want and knowing that each one is only $10. They can find anything from snack boxes for their friends to candy for their siblings. For the parents there’s even an oil burner for - you guessed it - $10. “Great Gifts” is an accessible and widely appealing fall fundraising option.

“Let it Snow” and “Candy Cane celebrations” are mostly geared towards Christmas which is perfect if you love burning candles that smell like fir trees or eating yummy goodies. Both brochures yield a profit of 40-50% depending on the number of items sold. But with a solid theme for your fall fundraiser during a sales-driven season, yielding a high profit will be no problem at all.

Out of all of the fall catalogs in this category, “Merry Gift Wrap Guide” just may be the most successful option. This fundraising catalog boasts an enormous amount of durable and double-sided wrapping paper, and fall has no shortage of uses for quality and attractive wrapping paper options,

Get Creative with Fall Fundraisers

A good idea is to try to combine two brochures: maybe offer the burger press from “Kitchen & Home” with the Homeward Bound paper from “Merry Gift Wrap Guide” and you’ve got a Secret Santa present covered! And if you’ve got some neighborhood Halloween parties on the calendar, keep in mind that it’s the perfect time to whip out your child’s fall fundraiser catalog—especially if it involves the dulce de leche owls or pecan caramel clusters from “Let it Snow.” When folks are enjoying their ghoulish goodies already, they’ll already be in the frame of mind to buy some more.

If you’re fundraising early in the season, use the variety of options to sell to your customer. Ask them questions like “who are you buying gifts for this year?” If it’s later in the season, the double-sided feature of the wrapping paper is perfect to give the appearance that everything wasn’t wrapped at the exact same time.