4 Reasons Fall Fundraiser Ideas Work for Schools


Fall Fundraiser Ideas

Host a school fundraiser in the fall, and experience the benefits all year long.

How fall sales result in more money for your school

Though there's always a need money, schools are most often looking for fall fundraiser ideas. Educators and parents alike see wide-reaching benefits of fundraising earlier in the year.

If your school is trying to decide when the best time is to host a fundraising program, consider these reasons to start your selling in September or October before the holidays hit.

Fall Fundraising Capitalizes on Energy

School fundraisers rely on the energy and input of students, parents and volunteers to be successful. That energy tends to be higher earlier in the school year as students enter a new grade with renewed vigor and personal goals to succeed. Your fundraiser can benefit from this added excitement and freshness by starting earlier in the year.

Consider also that—despite busy schedules and adjusting to a new routine—teachers and students tend to have time to do more during these earlier months of the school year. That’s because fall fundraising avoids mandatory conflicts like standardized testing and final exams. Students are able to focus on earning prizes and educators and parents are able to focus on raising money without the worry of it interfering with key academic requirements.

Fall Fundraising Leaves Time to Earn More

Our mission is to assist every school in meeting their fundraising goals, and we hope you can accomplish annually through a single successful fundraising program.

Throughout the year, however, schools may uncover new needs, set new goals, or simply need a little bit more than expected. Sponsoring a fundraising program during the fall allows fundraising volunteers to evaluate the success and determine if anything else needs to be done. If funding gaps still remain, a fall fundraising affords ample time to reach out to corporate donors or try some other grassroots strategies for fundraising.

Fall Fundraising Positions Your School for Success

The most important reason to host a fall fundraiser is that it positions your school for success throughout the academic year. With nearly all public schools facing persistent funding gaps, getting funds secured for teachers and students early in the year opens your school up to pursue educational opportunities it might otherwise miss.

An early fundraiser helps your school plan more effectively and prioritize needs based on the money earned. If new books are a necessity, for example, your school can get those into the hands of students sooner, improving the quality of education and student readiness. Other things, like new playground mulch, might be able to wait a little longer.

If you’re ready to dive into fall fundraising, we’ve got dozens of turnkey solutions for your school to make fundraising easier and more profitable than ever. Get in touch today, and let’s make a difference in your school.

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