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Why Schools Love Gift Wrap Fundraisers

By Clay Boggess on Oct 18, 2013
Why Schools Love Gift Wrap Fundraisers

Why your school should consider selling wrapping paper

Although gift bags and gift cards are very common in today's society, wrapping presents is a long-standing tradition that continues to be popular. People use it for many occasions, including birthdays, holidays and various other celebrations.

It’s no secret that many elementary schools choose gift wrap fundraisers year after year. Organizations raise millions of dollars selling roll wrap which has become an annual tradition during the fall season.

Here are just a few reasons why groups love it as a money maker.

It’s Fundraising Time Again?

Here comes the neighborhood child with the fall shopper. Many schools have their sale around the same time every year. As a result, supporters in the community plan their gift wrap buying around it. Since roll wrap is disposable, many depend on replenishing their supply from the previous year. Plus, deliveries usually go smoothly since wrapping paper isn’t breakable and there are no temperature concerns.

Better Quality Gift Wrap

Nothing is more frustrating than buying cheap roll wrap that tears easily. The quality of wrapping paper is mostly determined by its weight and thickness. Most people prefer thicker wrap because it’s less apt to tear. If you visit a retail store, you’ll discover that they use a 38 pound lightweight paper. On the other hand, the wrap found in most fall shoppers is 60 pound paper which is much heavier. The look and design quality is also better.

Greater Wrapping Paper Selection

People love to give gifts to their friends and loved ones. So it’s important that they are able to pick out the desired style and color. Customers purchase gift wrap for many reasons such as Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. It’s important to have a wide selection of designs like traditional, youth, holidays, up-scale and every day which most fundraising shoppers have. People can buy it without leaving their home and they don’t have to pay for shipping. Best of all, they are supporting their local school.

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