Band Fundraiser Ideas

Band Fundraiser Ideas

Make band fundraising more profitable

We offer unique band fundraiser ideas. Give your students a great product to sell and an effective incentive plan. Our programs even inspire them to show their school pride as well.

Offer customized programs that improve participation. Motivate your students to sell using embroidered sportswear, customized with your school name and colors.

Suggested Products

Suggested Prize Programs

Band Fundraiser Ideas

Whether you’re raising money for more instruments, equipment, uniforms, or travel, we has a program for you. With our band fundraising options, you can provide both an exceptional product for the buyers and an appealing incentive for the band members to reach their financial goals.

Fundraising Products Bands Love to Sell

Our personal favorite fundraising product for a band fundraiser is popcorn. With the Variety Pack Popcorn option you can offer a snack to people on the spot. Selling along the sidelines or in the bleachers during a game will be a breeze, especially that jalapeño cheddar flavor… yum!

Consider placing “This Popcorn Supports the Middlebury Marching Band” on the popcorn bags for a little additional marketing. Another good option for a fundraiser is the Discount Card, because they can be customized with the band’s group photo on the front and options for food to grab after the game on the back.

You can increase your sales by selling individually packaged goodies at events where the band is playing, like the homecoming football game or other school events. Folks will be able to see exactly what their money is supporting at a time when they’ll enjoy a tasty snack. If you have questions about the perfect band fundraising product, feel free to contact us. Learn why music education in schools is important

Prizes Tailored to Band Groups

For starters, identify the appropriate incentive for the age range of your band members. Traditional prizes, like headphones and scooters may be better for younger band members, whereas cash prizes would probably motivate older ones. The apparel prizes would work well for both!

Before committing, consider polling your group to determine what type of prize would be most appealing for them. For smaller groups, like band fundraisers, traditional prize programs are likely more feasible than a Big Event. However, if you’re counting on big fundraising success, an event may be a highly engaging option.

The Custom School Prizes package offers two separate age brackets, elementary and middle/high school. The elementary package features items like a light-up ring, a Frisbee, and a teddy bear. The middle/high school package offers things like a customized LED tumbler or a Bluetooth speaker.

The prizes are free of charge, and the group retains a 40% profit on items sold. Students will benefit both by having to invest less in their musical passion and by receiving prizes for their additional hard work. You’ll also be able to raise awareness throughout the sales process about the benefits of a band program.

The cash prizes come in two ladder-like incentive structures. ‘Cash Master’ offers up to $132 in cash prizes but retains a higher profit on products for the group. ‘Master Blaster’, however, offers up to $200 in cash prizes but has a lower profit. Individual band members will be motivated by the opportunity to score some serious case for themselves, but while also helping their group reach a big overall goal. It’s a win-win for school bands and their musical members!